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273711  Air Biscuit: *Furiosas handwork intensifies

273689  skittles: be white

273693  dangerkeith3000: Salvadore Dalila

273693  addend: "I plucked his nose hairs while he slept and made him cry."

273703  Mad Collager: @addend Why bother tail-gating when you can aggro-gate?

273695  addend: @addend *will.

273695  addend: My tummy wilk reassemble it.

273713  Mad Collager: Oh sure, but do you realize he hails from Caerbannog?

273695  Eleftheros: Pigsaw puzzle

273720  TaintJuice: You must have uploaded the wrong picture I just see a good boy

273707  addend: (Slays and eats giraffe.)

273711  addend: "Quick, take the wheel!" / "Okey-dokey."

273702  WannaBee: I am the night!!

273700  dangerkeith3000: Damn ninjas are after has baby back ribs again.

273663  Kikari: Those are some spectacularly striking eyes.

273690  Kikari: I want to pick them up and nuzzle them SO BADLY.

273706  Mr. Butt: I can still see the sun you fucken midget

273694  Munkybut: So many fingers

273656  tib gubb: like this?

273657  tib gubb: behind bars - where it should be

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1. tib gubb
2. addend
3. Not A Bot
4. dangerkeith3000
5. Dr Awkward
6. ignatz
7. a robot
8. Sadbot
9. Kikari
10. Shay

The top ten most commented-on images today:

273444 Micro Jackson: Burninate this

273352 Sadbot: @SuedeOxford A search string that does not disappoint

273336 Side Boob: @Mr. Butt Hahaha! That was the best laugh Ive had in weeks.

273474 trelyate: ojom rof

273441 Knice: @Annoying Vegan I am going to use this.

273408 Dr Awkward: @DrNinjaman @Bob #201031 #262668 #180815 is a start. I actually mentioned goat yoga in one of those pictures. I need to post more goat pictures

273365 Littlecraftywolf: @isosceleswaffle i am a furry i know that my point is going through security is the nightmare

273399 Shay: For shame Buddy Holly.

273505 Spazstatic: I don't use an insulated lunch box or the fridge. I keep my lunch in my backpack by my desk. Also means it takes less time in the microwave to warm up.

273555 tib gubb: I do love me some hot wheelz

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I Hate The Beatles uploaded 273545 (919 points)
ChubbyBuddy uploaded 273424 (918 points)
BoiledEggs uploaded 273447 (887 points)
flowers uploaded 273486 (841 points)
MamboNumber6 uploaded 273554 (815 points)
kittylitter uploaded 273596 (808 points)
dad uploaded 273565 (806 points)
chelseachels uploaded 273263 (801 points)
cran vodka uploaded 273236 (798 points)
E. HONDA uploaded 273435 (757 points)
nclaw uploaded 273369 (757 points)
psyops uploaded 273490 (756 points)
reagan uploaded 273276 (736 points)

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 3. reagan: 2276 points
 4. cran vodka: 2224 points
 5. Side Boob: 2150 points
 6. skunkrocker: 1943 points
 7. norgu5: 1861 points
 8. Never AFK: 1845 points
 9. parrotsnest: 1838 points
10. BoiledEggs: 1746 points
11. Annoying Vegan : 1602 points
12. Mexico: 1590 points
13. MC Delta T: 1585 points
14. queezy farm: 1542 points
15. charmander: 1509 points
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 Dr. Bathroom: How do you know it works?
 sparename: Tested on specially infested under-privileged disabled orphans to ensure the well being of the pupper classes
 Frank herbert: Some things need to be tested on animals
 square44: did they test it on fleas and ticks at least?
 Derp Herpigan: "Take our word for it."
Image 113957   06-18-16   Uploaded by    whipwing
 HenryVIII: @Mr. Shine lolllll
 balloon: @EvilOtter this is why they hate us
 Mr. Shine: @EvilOtter statistically, women who find THIS romantic are least likely to fit into it correctly.
 EvilOtter: I prefer the rose they sell in the crack pipe because I attract a higher quality of women. Also, they probably wouldn't fit in that g-string.
 Mr. Shine: Yeah, it's a pair of g-string panties wadded up into a fake rose. They sell them at Spencer's and gas stations.
Image 113956   06-18-16   Uploaded by    tears as lube
 Korrok: Does anyone else get annoyed by the way this guy pronounced 'dinosaur'? "Dahnuhsaawrr"
 Salvador Molly: Lolllll @willowsprite
 WaffleIron: Where did you come from?!
 Frank herbert: Its THAT long.
 TFChicken: DINO DNA!!!
 Idontknowszz: always made me wonder if he had a really lame step brother named "Mr.RNA" that copied everything he did.
 Idontknowszz: Mr.DNA from Jurassic park
 willowsprite: I see you're getting a tattoo
Image 113955   06-18-16   Uploaded by    kristy
 Noremak: TLDR: We don't have moral obligations but we do have choice. Try moral nihilism.
 Noremak: @Mr. Shine This forces obligation onto others that they didn't choose. Mr. Top hat didn't look interested in the book from the very beginning and snapped out. In Fig. A, the person made the declaration and chose not to follow the police. The consequences are apparent but not a sufficeint argument against choice and obligation. As for saving the baby, risking one's own life presently doesn't necessitate the life of the baby in the future.
 Mr. Shine: The response in panel two is usually reserved for douchebags. I've only ever heard it spoken when it was A: patently false, or B: a douchebag. Fig A. "Sir, you have to come with us, you're under arrest."" I don't HAVE to do anyth-" *tasers, nightsticks* Fig. B Help! We have to save that baby!" "I don't HAVE to do anything." *baby maybe doesn't get saved.
 KyleisBobDole: This Planter's ad is weird.
Image 113954   06-18-16   Uploaded by    Hippitus Hoppitus
 imaginary gf: Roly loly @Mr. Whiskers
 Korrok: bed.
 Mr. Whiskers: She could def do better than whoever is holding that fortune with his toe
Image 113953   06-18-16   Uploaded by    imaginary gf
 Chef Says: Rad for Killer Instinct in the background.
 WaffleIron: Thats Stimpy or my name's not waffleiron
 a robot: The eyes are photoshopped in, that's what makes it extra creepy
 Jaunty Shrimp: Screepy
 Yttermayn : That is fucking terrifying.
 Peter Pantsless: Rad for Killer Instinct
 DOW: Labraderp
Image 113952   06-18-16   Uploaded by    ITS TAPE
 Bluetocracy: @Whatever I believe that's called a CAT-509 Tails
 Air Biscuit: Congratulations: you dominated the internet.
 Wet farts: Someone has far too much time.
 Jaunty Shrimp: Let's see the after photo. What kind of knots will they spontaneously form into?
 AdaMan: CAT o' nine connectors
 Whatever: Is it a CAT of nine tails or a CAT-5?
 KyleisBobDole: In the IT BDSM crowd they often have to turn you off and then on again.
 Dr. Bathroom: WHY?
Image 113951   06-18-16   Uploaded by    DOW
 dobbiesdoogs: @Butcherboy it took the starfleet corps of engineers ten months in space suits to tunnel out all this. what we did in there we did in a day
 Butcherboy: the Genesis project!
 willowsprite: Whoa...
Image 113950   06-18-16   Uploaded by    champeen
 werterland: Amok amok amok amok BLEH
 Eleftheros: Hocus poke-us
 Tom Nob: the grinch looks unwell.
 DonkeyPuncher: Oh great, preview shots from the next Star Wars film. Let the bashing of how Carrie Fisher aged begin.
 Jonananathan: Did you ever know that you're my hero
Image 113949   06-18-16   Uploaded by    virtualman
 Himesama: As expected of a women carrying three kids.
Image 113948   06-18-16   Uploaded by    Rembo Rompus
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