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262816  Felicity: @tib gubb Thanks!

263101  WTF: ...and 'Whacking Day' was born.

263103  WTF: With current changes by DeVos, education has been removed from schools in an effort to cut costs.

263081  sparename: "It's boiling in here"

263036  Theimposter: First of all, that dog looks metal af with a mane.

262916  Mr Bleak: @kimjongun OK, you Baron T. Feather?

263102  jochenau: De nada!

263107  ignatz: Still no miracle cure for Eminem's finger affliction

263109  ignatz: What's Thai for Blyat!

262929  Mr Bleak: Where is "Stranger Things"?

262934  Mr Bleak: @VeeKay And invading aliens. Or zombies. Hollywood doesn't mind which.

263102  ignatz: Say Thanks this autumn with a Cat

263085  Not A Bot: What the hell? We need Explain-o-matic in here

263098  Darmstadtium: They are eating Santa!

262874  Passive: Touretts Guy, third grade

262878  Passive: send that woman home for distracting the men

262891  Passive: Thaaaaaaats not a caaaaaake tray thats a poopoo platter

262896  Passive: Tide pods created the tide pods panic to sell more tide pods. No, really, look it up.

262965  Passive: Pardon me, sir. Are you planning on dying anytime soon?

262979  Passive: Your elected politicians

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263070 ThoughtlessGentleman: i love your wife too!!!

262756 weirduncle: @sparename rad for this

262806 Felicity: Or start every sentence with "So..."

263031 Not A Bot: I can attest that this guy still rides around also that sign is on the back of Dante's

263011 Fiveninety: you don't know me

262891 Passive: Thaaaaaaats not a caaaaaake tray thats a poopoo platter

262856 VeeKay: Always suspected this is what girls do when they go to the bathroom together.

262892 Felicity: The Arch Non Deluxe

262811 Felicity: @Felicity 20 plus plus, I meant

262885 Felicity: You'll have to speak up, I have a b@n@n@ in my nose

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 Bolt Vanderhuge: I came back to this one again because damn is it cool as fuck
 Tom Nob: they sikh him herica, they sikh him thereica. they sikh him, captain america.
 majorchamp: See, not everyone is against drone terrorism and breathtaking arrogance.
 kraven: Cap does say "There is only one God" in Avengers. This guy just took it to its logical conclusion.
 VoR: "Captain Sikh" sounds slight wrong. Just saying there might be confusion
 Nooice: @a robot @Mexico SAID MEXICO... Am I right? Wait... I might not be in the right place. *Trumps off
 a robot: @willowsprite Nobody here, but you know some Trumper will see this image and complain about Muslim terrorists trying to destory our country, because 'MURICA
 duckfarts: that. jacket. is. sharp. as. FUCK
 Mexico: @willowsprite Someone, somewhere is complaining about this guy.
 willowsprite: @Mexico who said he didn't have the right?
 Retromancer: FUCKING S J Ws! *froths at mouth*
 Xeno: Captain Amritsar
 a robot: I like this. Those shoes are especially rad.
 Blimpet: Sikh cosplay, Bro!
 Mexico: He's got as much right to be Captain America as any other American.
Image 103035   05-03-16   Uploaded by    reply
 Alaskan: @Kool Aid Man i never understood why a diet soda was considered more manly...if anything making it diet would be less manly?
 EvilOtter: Trigglypuff will eat that sexist candy bar to SMASH THE PATRIARCHY! (and her diet)
 duckfarts: Yorkie: the official candy bar of Our Gang
 Minx: Please, acting like girls won't eat that is like saying girls don't sht or fart or wear those too big video game themed shirts from the guys department...
 willowsprite: Where's the feminazis screaming about equal candy bar consumption rights?
 cenecia: *fine print* No, seriously, it causes birth defects even if you're not pregnant yet.
 Kool Aid Man: Dr Pepper 10. Because fuck women.
 Warrax: What? Why not?
 Mexico: Then I'll eat it in women's clothes!
 danny: Here's our marketing strategy: we turn away 50% of potential customers.
Image 103034   05-03-16   Uploaded by    night shift
 Science: He loves crack, whores. (They forgot the comma.)
 Korrok: There's too much shit on the back of your truck.
 Nooice: @Warrax Men can be whores too Warrax, this person cares beyond gender. We just need to help him update his stereotypes.
 XLY: I hear the crack whores are especially bountiful this season
 Frank herbert: Fucking fucks! Me too!
 AdamBomb286: I have been to Tulsa and I can confirm that crack whores are all it has going for it.
 Warrax: It's not what you think. This person spends all their free time working for a charity that helps drug-addicted women get off the street.
 suckit: Ohhhhhh-klahoma where crack whores come sweeping down the plain
Image 103033   05-03-16   Uploaded by    Mark As Read
 willowsprite: I feel pretty oh so pretty
 duckfarts: sssssstreet walker
 fanny: I'm fabuloussssssss
Image 103032   05-03-16   Uploaded by    yawgmoth
 willowsprite: @redmonkey3 maybe if you did a bit of research you would find scientific studies that prove otherwise.
 redmonkey3: @willowsprite - not according to any reproducable science, but propaganda requires neither proof nor tolerates dissent, eh?
 funny in the wall: Just googled Rachel True, still hot as hell at 49
 PooFlinger: @Warrax True story, I knew a guy who sucked dick for weed, but he was super-broken, super-gay, and a super-whore.
 Frank herbert: Why I don't do it : it stinks. Horribly in my opinion.
 willowsprite: @redmonkey3 decreased cognitive function...
 redmonkey3: But it IS a gateway drug... leading to arts & crafts, health & well being, animation & graphic novels, snacks & cooking, fun & adventure, laughter & mirth... All Those Baaad Things...
 a robot: Junk food is good, but honestly I think the best thing to eat while stoned is fruit. A pear or a strawberry becomes literally the most delicious thing you've ever eaten. I say this as a fatty fatty fat fat who doesn't eat enough healthy foods.
 Larfles: I SEEN EM DO IT.
 shitshow: you ever seen a dollar bill.. ON WEED??
 doindabs: I'm rich, beyotch!
 Warrax: I used to suck dick for coke. You ever suck dick for weed?
Image 103031   05-03-16   Uploaded by    sergeant
 Minx: Yes, i have arrived. Bow to show me respect and i may grace you with a slight head nod and then make my way to the other large nasty flavored pool...
 willowsprite: You get the award. Most Adorable Shark Ever.
Image 103030   05-03-16   Uploaded by    breadtoaster
 melted plastic: @Bolt Vanderhuge Agreed...
 a robot: Soulmates: #103091
 jonz: perfect @jochenau
 Minx: Well, i guess they were right. You can't teach your girlfriend to stop chewing up paper when she's upset...
 Bolt Vanderhuge: nailed it
 LogicKitty: Money well spent
 Semaphore: Dog sez, "Try using a classier typeface next time. Maybe Gill Sans or Georgia."
 duckfarts: fuck you I won't do what you tell me
 Warrax: He was acting on orders.
 a robot: Good dog.
Image 103029   05-03-16   Uploaded by    Jalamunch Totorito
Image 103028 is unbelievably bad (score -3) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by duckybox. We'll pray for you, duckybox.
Image 103027 is unbelievably bad (score -10) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by eurotrash. We'll pray for you, eurotrash.
 Nooice: Proud of her for standing with Michael Jordan in trying to take that mustache stereotype back! Chaplin had it first!
 VoR: #103073 He catches it.
 Minx: Is this a threat? If so, i feel afraid....
Image 103026   05-03-16   Uploaded by    cran vodka
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