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258096  Knice: People-floof is much less adorable than kitty-floof.

258101  Knice: "I'm Catman."

258103  Knice: Oh no, Gene, HE'S GOT A CHAIR!!

258079  dangerkeith3000: I don't clap when the plane lands, and I don't facetime, but I've been guilty of the others at least once.

258084  dangerkeith3000: Evolution?

258090  tib gubb: everyone, please; this is a place of business!

257719  Mr Bleak: @Kaviri The kind that definitely won't claw your hand off if you tickle it's tummy. Go on - give it a try, such soft fur!

258090  skillet: Tweeters in training

258094  skillet: Explain this bullshit

258095  dangerkeith3000: Lucy's been at it again!

258095  raditzu: stay frosty sparky!

258095  Theta Zero: Evidence against global warming!

258071  tib gubb: ice creams

258102  confession: Did someone just tell her she was bad??

258076  tib gubb: chilla, do you even chin?

258037  Mr. Butt: @grizzly It just means you know how to have a good time.

258044  Mr. Butt: Been playing a lot of Monster Hunter lately. I really like how it allows me to neurotically hoard herbs and mushrooms instead of getting good at the combat.

258087  raditzu: (f)art*

258070  charlemagne: your mother sniffs crotch in hell

258079  charlemagne: @Dr Awkward I haved lived amongst white people most my life, I have never seen this phenomena

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257824 DrNinjaman: Damn it Spock, I'm a doc!

258044 Mr. Butt: Been playing a lot of Monster Hunter lately. I really like how it allows me to neurotically hoard herbs and mushrooms instead of getting good at the combat.

258041 WannaBee: @grizzly Party!! Let's do it

257995 Passive: The pain is real

257947 VeeKay: Now we're going to places in my neighborhood

257966 Mr. Shine: This is an oddly specific fetish.

257890 VeeKay: I knew that the millionth facebook like would do it.

258006 tib gubb: he can powerwalk as fast or slow as he wants; he's already won.

257969 WannaBee: The before picture #258041

258009 tib gubb: scare them crap out of them - chicks love that

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 nlx27: @ping i know i'll sleep better tonight knowing this
 hexxx: The correct version went to the upload queue and the mistake was rejected. I'm sure you're all feeling much better as this source of anxiety has been removed.
 ITS TAPE: I made a mistake in an image I uploaded this morning. I spotted it while the image was in pending so I corrected it and uploaded it again. I think image-bot will be clever enough to remove one of them but which one... the excitement is palpable. Or not.
 gumble: I don't believe in vaccinations
 nlx27: don't have this problem with my 10 year old nokia
 NoRagrets: I purge any and all red. Red is dead.
 A Post Office: I got an actual android but she only speaks Chinese so she can't read me my emails :/
 Dobly: I dont know about the red dots, but my gmail has 3,279 unread emails. Ive tried using Mailstrom to clean it, but I think it broke Mailstrom
 CrustyDusty: So what is Red Dot, anyway? That an iPhone thing? (my phone-is-just-a-phone is an early Chinese android :p)
 topcity: @Nope how do you think they afford to keep this thing running? Coins in the park!
 Nope: Aggrogator has a favourite metal detector?
 redrex: There's only one red dot, but it only lights up when the phone is ringing.
 CrustyDusty: My phone is just a phone. No fancy red dots, no ferceberk, just dial stuff. If you try to text me, I report you to the Great Leader as an enemy of the state.
 Janston: Only some many FWD FWD FWD chain messages from my dad a bird can carry.
 Borkf: Android, so no red dots here. Still, I manage my inboxes, so no unread anything.
 Donut: THAT'S worth a thousand. Good going.
 Shay: One of those messages says "Hitler is a stinker",
 fanny: know your red dots. mine are either missed calls from my mom or student loan company. I don't wanna talk to either.
 Magma Safe: Red dots PISS me off irrationally
 balloon: i run them shits up to 9999+
 guest: i am a collector of unread messages
 daisy picker: You've got quail!
 Bert Bertbert: 600!??!??
 chhumphrey: More likely 3 messages in the outbox.
 Firm Buttocks: The next day, that man died face-down in a freezing pool of mud
Image 101802   04-29-16   Uploaded by    Jotun
 gumble: Here's the stor..., of a creepy lady... who was raising a brood all alone.
 Nope: @CrustyDusty Force of habit with association of my brand
 Amy Housewine: "Good work, my minions" says the little girl.
 Fancy Clown: Rough night
 Religion X: honk
 CrustyDusty: NOPE NOPE NOPE oh damn, why did I hit the RAD button?
 Merlins beard: I stopped watching Penny Dreadful, but it looks like I missed quite the scene!
 Science: So that girl now has terrible nightmares every night because of this photoshoot?
 PooFlinger: Mommy wake up. You need to make my hot breakfast.
 Warrax: I fucking knew it. All along.
 ur mom: hate it when that happens
 Christina: David Lynch's buggy work.
 chhumphrey: I could have done without seeing that one
 ch: This is nice. I like it here.
 Mr. Lizard: *click*
 Yam: Neat.
 fumbduck: This is fine.
 NoRagrets: My opinion is unwanted.
 Firm Buttocks: Yet another metal album cover
Image 101801   04-29-16   Uploaded by    fanny
 Minx: Im just gonna smile and nod.....
 crudites: Still oppressive
 CrustyDusty: Dad's new set of art markers.
 tib gubb: true story
 chhumphrey: @Knice Looks like she's hopping out of frame
 Knice: She has an interesting gait.
 ModelTRex: Fluffy knows what's up.
Image 101800   04-29-16   Uploaded by    skatermario
 crudites: Man has no need for laws, values, folklores, principles, mores, or boundaries. He needs beer. Keep your schools courts libraries churches and penal institutions. Bring me beer. Take your bible lawbook code of conduct and your constitution. Bring me beer. The soul of man has been fed indigestables. Yea. The soul could make use of beer.
 CrustyDusty: I've done this before.
 entropy: Ehhhh... funny enough......
 chhumphrey: I've done something like this...
 Bluetocracy: midwestern beer fridge
Image 101799   04-29-16   Uploaded by    Grandmas Ghost
 neutron: @SomeCanadian dang
 TFChicken: Seems reasonable...
 RileyMix: When do we want? Now!! Where do we want it? Mouth!!
 crudites: See above #101799
 chhumphrey: Here you go... #101799
 SomeCanadian: It's above you, guys. Just look up.
 Fiasco: This was a crazy time in american history
Image 101798   04-29-16   Uploaded by    Jotun
 Dick Inspector: Good start to a good party.
 RileyMix: Copy Right 'R Kelly'
 duckfarts: nothing's happening, the fireworks are just kinda wet
 Science: Showers of Sexy Sparks, you mean...
 Knice: "Light fuse and get away" = solid life advice.
 SomeCanadian: You may need to see a doctor about those sparks.
 fanny: "sparks"
Image 101797   04-29-16   Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Warezlock: Jinkies!...oh wait
 Micro Jackson: Daphne been hitting Shaggy's bong again
 XLY: Good Daphne, you look kind of cool!
 Shorts Leng: Daphne Worl
 chhumphrey: Just got the joke in #101797
 waynelord: Well on her way to becoming a Picasso.
 Nugster: Derphne
Image 101796   04-29-16   Uploaded by    Chile Quornwrap
 Minx: yes.
 RileyMix: Chased with a Scotch Neat
 huskyboy: This is probably my favorite B&J. But that's because I like butterscotch!
 Merlins beard: wait, no actual Scotch?
 Stanley Pain: Scotch! Scotchy Time!
 Albatross: Don't act like you're not impressed
 MaronaPossessed: DAWG.
Image 101795   04-29-16   Uploaded by    arctic fox
 chhumphrey: @Slowpoke that was such a bass joke you alto join him
 gumble: This one time at band camp
 DrinkMixMan: *Sensible chuckle*
 PooFlinger: He's actually under a quarter rest.
 Slowpoke: If you dont stop with these puns, there will be treble.
 chhumphrey: He can't stop, he's formata town.
 Firm Buttocks: Music students have a right to their own stupid puns, I guess
 SomeCanadian: Such puns. Very double meaning. Wow.
 Fiasco: Stormfront/r/bandnerds
 VoR: Phoar! take me now stickman
Image 101794   04-29-16   Uploaded by    discodisco
 carpwoman: @crudites - Yeah, sounds about right.
 crudites: Here is the funny par. They are associate degrees and I'm 35.
 MaronaPossessed: @crudites: Congrats on your two degrees from college!
 crudites: @MaronaPossessed me too. All I paid for was room and board. I got two degrees and I'm only just now above poverty level.
 cenecia: The hardest part of paying off your student loans is coming to terms with being over 30.
 WTF: Clearly a photoshop. No has ever paid off their student loans.
 MaronaPossessed: I got grants. *Nelson's HAHA*
 Knice: Happy 87th, AkaSillyGirl.
Image 101793   04-29-16   Uploaded by    sundragon
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