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273203  Joseph: That's funny because my wife is my copilot and we're driving to church.

273215  Joseph: @Sadbot The pancakes are called injera, but are really difficult to make. It's more or less the same food as Eritrea and Somalia. Eritrean people are fantastic, they will be the best friends you'll ever have. They are better than family actually.

273224  Joseph: In the rural area of the United States and the United States of America is a very popular place to live and to be able to do that in the world of the world of South America and the world of South America (I'll stop now, it doesn't work on my phone)

273256  Knice: Sensing danger, the Hermit Ice Cream abandons its current home in search of a more secure abode. [splorping sounds]

273258  Knice: His Majesty has spoken.

273223  uncannie: your doctor is kind of young, yeah?

273253  Knice: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the mew.

273247  Joseph: This is bullshit, babies sleep a lot you just need to change your schedule a bit.

273241  DrNinjaman: Mother...

273252  DrNinjaman: Shai-hulud comes!

273212  addend: Hand me the reins. We're going for a ride.

273213  addend: Is it a massage chair? Asking for a friend.

273222  addend: "You're crushing my hand!" / "You're crushing /my/ hand!"

273223  addend: "I'm 40 percent British steel."

273245  addend: *smooch*

273247  addend: No worries. We all sleep eventually.

273224  Spazstatic: In the beginning of the year and I have a few questions about the red one is a little more than I can say is that you are not feeling well and will be back in the office tomorrow and will be back in the office tomorrow

273250  addend: Pupper doing well after head transplant.

273249  addend: (Orders whatever food or beverage doesn't involve water.)

273249  a robot: Classic Managesmant

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272918 hajjpodge: Y'all need to stop all this kidding around.

273123 DrNinjaman: Gesundheit!

273043 UltraBeverly: I don't think it would be much of a leap to think his daughter was also his girlfriend.

272950 some guy : Snail Down.

272975 WannaBee: This episode was brought to you by the letters F and U and the number 12.

272993 wolfpk: A light snack for Joey Chestnut!

272991 E. HONDA: "The Irritating Gentleman" -- Berthold Woltze, 1874

273017 drtofu: A capacitor, on the other hand, would weigh more when charged than not because of the electrons.

272968 Side Boob: you could go full goon and be all, "Well, ACTUALLY..." :goonsay:

272892 Littlecraftywolf: tip your waiters regardless of who you are and who your waiter is. even if you get bad service at least leave something.

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 Mustyrats: @grandmasghost you're thinking of Utah... 80% of ohio's population lives in cities of 2 million or more :)
 Noremak: @VoR Aww. She'll be praising the sun in no time.
 PissedOff: @Noremak No Darksouls for her.
 celebgate: @Noremak My baby turned one today too...celebrating tomorrow though..
 Noremak: @Air Biscuit @VoR @iwash Thank you! Playing Dark Souls 3 at 5:30am. I'm good.
 iwash: @Noremak I hope you have/had/are having a great ol' day
 SpamSpamSpamSpam: @Noremak Bappy Hirthday
 Air Biscuit: @Noremak happy birthday
 Noremak: (Today is my birthday. Interesting picture for it.)
 Noremak: The S in LDS is for "sexual."
 Grandmas Ghost: SexEdInOhio.jpg
 habbekratz: I have discovered my new kink
 a robot: More of this sort of thing
 Kohapi: Ooh, and the "Front to Back Pull and Peel"
 Kohapi: Wow, they even included the "Chattanooga Side-Saddle Deep Dish". Very comprehensive
 Fiasco: Is this that hushed up final golden plate that Joseph Smith found
 White Rice: Technically they're all...Missionary Position.
Image 101615   04-28-16   Uploaded by    courtney
Image 101614 is unbelievably bad (score -26) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by myrealname. You have brought shame on us, myrealname.
 Poop van Pants: I tried posting the goatse version of this and Nancy In Facilities shut me down
 Air Biscuit: Ide love to see this thing in a wind tunnel.
 Skaalar: Somebody watches a lot of Gundam....
 grizzly: Meeeeee hhhy
Image 101613   04-28-16   Uploaded by    Nooice
 Merlins beard: He's tough but also insecure, such a dream guy
 KL1NGON: All bodybuilders have it, son.
 MaronaPossessed: I need an adult.
Image 101612   04-28-16   Uploaded by    Sum Gye
 Teechur: That's not how this works. That's not how ANY of this works!
 KL1NGON: The sad part is you can still be charged with a DUI when operating it.
 Fiasco: @White Rice they rolled in like Violet Beauregarde
 White Rice: But if the mobility scooter is outside, how did they get inside?
Image 101611   04-28-16   Uploaded by    InfiniteZero
 Yttermayn : Whatever happened to dropping a cantelope into the toilet and dumping a bucket of water out into the next stall over?
 Nugster: @Shay Yup, just put on some dubstep WUB WUB WUB WUB!
 Shay: Finally, my constipation problems are over!
 Fid: @White Rice wide stance and porn music.
 chhumphrey: Speaker's pointing the wrong way, should be pointing into the bowl.
 Firm Buttocks: Nope, fuck this cubicle
 MaronaPossessed: want to amplify my shit? OO
 White Rice: I really hope there are some tiny motors in the legs/feet that move them in time with the various grunts & moans that thing would be playing. I also hope someone messes up the audio file, and halfway through it starts playing wildly inappropriate sounds (either music,or porn sounds, either would work)
Image 101610   04-28-16   Uploaded by    Nugster
 luxuslurch: Angry frog is angry.
 Fugative: @Merlins beard looks more like a tiny turtle face to me
 Merlins beard: the more you stare at it, the more human the face becomes. Also, there's a tiny frog face in the center of the frog's face! Frogfaception!
 chhumphrey: Trying to do his business next to #101610
 Firm Buttocks: I would like to splice this image at random into pornographic movies
 MaronaPossessed: How many pimples can you pop in a minute?
 Nugster: Breviceps breviceps breviceps
 Musician: I think she makes a great running mate for Cruz
Image 101609   04-28-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 pewdiepie: Keep Santa Cruz weird.
 5 Headed Snake God: My family has a saying: "There's no such thing as too much garlic." I think this picture just proved us wrong.
 Cory Trevor: hahahahahahahahaha
 fanny: @chhumphrey if they were giving samples, why not? not sure about spending money on it though...
 Fiasco: "I told you kids to goddamn SETTLE DOWN back there, or I swear to God you're both getting ice cream when we get home."
 chhumphrey: My wife would probably try this... once
 Firm Buttocks: Chocolate flavoured garlic is just confusing the issue
 Nugster: Great for antisocial people
 Musician: On a hot summer's day try a taste of "fuck you, that''s why"
Image 101608   04-28-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 TFChicken: I went to their rival: Barelyacceptable University.
 chhumphrey: The tuition's not that bad either
 MaronaPossessed: ...Close enough.
Image 101607   04-28-16   Uploaded by    matos
 Beef Supreme: They look to nice to disturb, so I'll just wipe with my socks.
 Yttermayn : Crapness Everclean?
 Kraken: someone was hogging the stsll
 Teechur: Anal floss. Hmmm.... I think I'm gonna call the Shark Tank.
 indolentia: is that a space heater or a call box plugged into the wall?
 fanny: brought to you by the makers of Shittin' Mittens
 Merlins beard: @Picklepuss Let down your... shit, never mind
 chhumphrey: Wait, what's the device on the wall that's plugged in? Another version of #101610 maybe?
 Picklepuss: is this Rapunzel's toilet?
 cromerstu: Patented Viking wench trap sucks in another victim.
 Firm Buttocks: Oh. Look who thinks he's Clever Dan.
Image 101606   04-28-16   Uploaded by    Nugster
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