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244219  itskando: @itskando Thank god for bike route sign

244219  itskando: Bike route sign knows where it is

244212  Warrax: @Scoo There's this particular brand kind of expensive-ish fruit preserves I really like. They come in these 13oz jars that are just perfect for having a drink of water. I think I have close to 20 of them in the cabinet already, and four more in the fridge that aren't empty yet.

244194  Felicity: @Donald So?

244227  WotGives: Soon, you'll be sleeping with the fish - er...

244220  White Rice: @Prostata that's assuming the box is 20kg, but the 20N leads me to believe shes put forth 20 joules of work to move that box 5m (so a 4kg box). Either way, I'm more impressed by her height than her power (though she's doing it with little effort, so maybe I should be impressed)

244198  Not A Bot: I'm a terrible person for putting that price sticker there.

244222  White Rice: @Annoying Vegan He's a YouTube "celebrity" who is known for being a horrible human. His biggest snafu was making a video in Japan (multiple offensive videos, really) one of which focused on going to "the suicide forest" and making fun of the hanging corpse of someone who had killed them self. His response to the internets outrage (save for his fans, who I can only hope will mature one day) was effectively "it was just a joke, bro". Basically, he's a sociopath with an inflated self ego & an audience who only inflated that ego further (and fund his bullshit)

244232  Nope: Money spent on whimsy is not wasted. Well... Less wasted, I guess it could buy some sandwiches for the poor or something...

244099  Mumbles: yes @Yurishiro

244226  WannaBee: These are amazing! Is that a Christopher Walken pillow?

244212  Annoying Vegan : My husband keeps the same box in the garage. Ive written Evil Box of Cords on it.

244210  Felicity: GIANT DOG

244184  a robot: Doggo has just unlocked the secrets of the universe

244202  a robot: @Scoo The Sims call it "woohoo"

244221  Butcherboy: Ok, hold that and well get those tonsils out

244222  Annoying Vegan : Should I know who this is?

244218  Mr. Shine: I wanna hug that lil cat.

244217  Felicity: @Not A Bot Bubbe ate it

244225  Mr. Shine: I remember when I posted this.

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244005 savvoy: Suddenly, Mummenschanz

243983 KingTrebek: What is a boody and?

244170 Mad Collager: I'm reminded of a classic cartoon showing a woman belly dancing in a harem. She has removed everything but the veil, and all the men are chanting, "Take it off! Take it off!".

244030 Prostata: @Felicity LOL who says I don't?

244105 square44: @Yurishiro fair enough

244141 glenalec: @Yurishiro - don't say any of these - ever - and you will be fine!

244104 Dr Awkward: @SpaceCow Would you rather your tax money go into the pockets of big Bench?

244150 Skaalar: Peter Gabriel is still looking for this woman.

244054 Dreforian: Beeee excellent to each other!

243993 cahuatijo: Death costs more than the phone - even a cheap-o cremation will be more expensive than the damn phone.

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Image 244205 is unbelievably bad (score -3) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Crim Tender. Boo, Crim Tender.
 WannaBee: Bow ties are cool
 Telkwa: Trick or Treat!
 Scoo: Happy Easter!
Image 244204   04-24-18   Uploaded by    beckybecky
Tell us what you thought of this.
Image 244203   04-24-18   Uploaded by    hexxx
 a robot: @Scoo The Sims call it "woohoo"
 WannaBee: @Scoo you put them in a pool and delete the ladders. Oh wait, that'll kill them. Close enough.
 fanny: @WTF hey! that's an insult to assholes!
 Scoo: How do you tell a Sim to go fuck themselves?
 Mad Collager: @funny in the wall In his case, they're hate handles. Just sayin'.
 funny in the wall: He can only eat through a straw for he was born with no human teeth or lips. What passes for lips were grafted from his love handles and he has limited control of them @WTF
 WTF: Is that asshole's mouth ever closed?
 ignatz: Funny caption for a change
Image 244202   04-24-18   Uploaded by    pawsies
 Yurishiro: Why in fucking hell do they do this.
 ignatz: 360 frontside pop shuvit to meatball. And barefoot to boot..
Image 244201   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Skaalar: FINLAND!
 piranharama: This is smashing!
 WannaBee: Smashing!
 Telkwa: So the royal baby is a male. Long live the new Prince!
 Yurishiro: Gloppety glop!
Image 244200   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Drump Porbs
 Christina: Does not work.
 Mad Collager: Also World's best flipper-offer.
 Mad Collager: World's worst piano player/typist/nose picker.
 WannaBee: @FabricMan perhaps with a rag on a stick?
 FabricMan: How does she wipe?
 Teechur: Whom do you pay to take care of your personal hygiene?
 WTF: No long toenails? Pfft, amateur...
 Yurishiro: No and also no.
 ignatz: I'll scratch your back if y.. Actually forget it.
Image 244199   04-24-18   Uploaded by    soccer
 Not A Bot: I'm a terrible person for putting that price sticker there.
 wolfpk: Hamime
Image 244198   04-24-18   Uploaded by    champeen
 WannaBee: @E. HONDA if it's this guy's, no problem #244201
 Mad Collager: He was picking up his gun, with his finger and his thumb, in shape of an "L" on his forehead...
 E. HONDA: whoa don't touch that guy's spaghett'
 WTF: He turnd out to be the chicken nugget thief as well.
Image 244197   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Messed Up Dog
 2Berries: They could have made one from the tp before handing it through the door
 Darmstadtium: @funny in the wall Frank Constanza's Lawyer
 jochenau: @funny in the wall Depends on what/who you consider heroic but it looks like some Roman military officers wore capes, as did some medieval knights...
 funny in the wall: Vigilante* @funny in the wall
 funny in the wall: Name one fucking hero who wears a cape. They all have to be a real person, not some made up vigelante
 charlemagne: both these guys are though
 glenalec: Some wear TP?
Image 244196   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Life Whacker
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