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156711  Fancy Clown: I'm more of a pepperoni dog fart sort of guy

156719  Amy Housewine: The Way Of The Ninten.

156698  SkidSolo: The Nordschleife, my favourite place on Earth.

156650  Lestrange: @KingTrebek It's a former Portuguese colony (rather than British) and still is strongly Christian. It's a beautiful place and the hippies of the world go there to smoke the herb.

156700  SkidSolo: Jinkies, Grizzly, it's Velma!

156651  Amy Housewine: RAISE THA ROOF

156707  SkidSolo: I always wanted to be a giraffe.

12484  Lestrange: Welcome @Phillee, you did good.

156700  Skaalar: It's probably Shaggy having night terrors again.

156708  Scoo: Das scheint gruselig, auch nach deutschen Massstaeben

156651  Peter Pantsless: @Phillee hahaha look at the image you accidentally linked to!

156708  Lestrange: "You're not Father Christmas, you dirty old bastard".

156716  Peter Pantsless: "D'awwww!" *chomp*

156708  Peach: Gerber Baby

156692  Peach: Say salmon!

156617  Peter Pantsless: That place is full of jackasses

156707  Peach: Squeeze the hand-pump for a quick and hassle-free death.

156707  Peter Pantsless: That chic Kayan look, without the wait!

156711  sparename: "Clearly Mintless"

156698  Musician: @SomeCanadian Chris Amon

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156632 Hosebag: Is that Beck?

156651 Amy Housewine: RAISE THA ROOF

156637 SpaceCow: Teacher tested, parent approved.

156657 LaeMi: A horse is intelligent enough to know it has done something rather silly, and laid back enough to not care.

156596 Kim: "Can I get that in a veggie burger?"

156682 Scoo: I got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE MASTURBATION!

156626 Snake Jesus: Well, if he needs to wade through some knee-high mud, I guess he's prepared.

156650 Lestrange: @KingTrebek It's a former Portuguese colony (rather than British) and still is strongly Christian. It's a beautiful place and the hippies of the world go there to smoke the herb.

156608 Kim: This is art.

156665 LKoroton: Vincent's oreilles de mer

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 Scoo: Don't satanically bless me or my son ever again
 Fancy Clown: Count Dogula
 SoyUnPerdedor: Where do I sign up to join this religion?
Image 156689   01-16-17   Uploaded by    Chinese Buffet
 Derp Herpigan: Couple of rotten apples.
 Butcherboy: Don't feel bad. I bought two pumpkins to carve for Halloween and the uncarved one still hasn't made its way to the trash@Teechur
 Teechur: I remember making those! I was so mad when my Mom threw it away, like 3 months later....
Image 156688   01-16-17   Uploaded by    Jaunty Shrimp
 Prostata: he hasnt taken them off all month...
 Fancy Clown: * should he ever manage to...
 copunter: *if. if he sleeps or bathes
Image 156687   01-16-17   Uploaded by    sparename
 ThatGuy: Raw power is important, but a good hug is like 85% technique
 Scoo: Prison Hugs technically qualify, I guess
 Snake Jesus: Hug Life
Image 156686   01-16-17   Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 SomeCanadian: K... k... kill meeeee....
 Skaalar: Kinda.. Kinda creepy.
 SoyUnPerdedor: Timely
 jazzjunkie: Haters gonna hate
Image 156685   01-16-17   Uploaded by    agger gater
 hat thrab: @Peter Pantsless It's mostly pokemon and how to pronounce "Buscemi."
 SomeCanadian: EROTIC.
 LKoroton: Trashcanhorn
 Scoo: STOMP: After Dark
 a robot: The internet truly is a magical place filled with amazing new things.
 San DoDo: Is this white trash?
 grizzly: Nice cans.
 SunWukong: Rubbish.
 fanny: omg i want a poster sized print of this!!!
 sparename: ANOTHER insurance advert..
 Peter Pantsless: @hat thrab I want a printout of your search history
Image 156684   01-16-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Scoo: Totally understandable reaction to looking at that mirror
 SoyUnPerdedor: How Lisa Frank punishes the infidels
 copunter: Annie is trapped in the Black Lodge. Write it in your trapperkeeper.
Image 156683   01-16-17   Uploaded by    Michael Tripe
 Scoo: I got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE MASTURBATION!
 Lestrange: I put it to the court that Dr Tissot is not merely incorrect regarding L'Onanisme, but also that he is a big fat doody head.
 Teechur: @Peach That's what started the session in the first place.
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny haha gross!
 Fancy Clown: Tissot backwards is "Toss it" which is English slang for just that deed
 fanny: @Knice oh sweet jesus, get a waffle would ya?!
 dobbiesdoogs: pictured: the disease where you need a nap afterward
 sparename: He needs a wet-dream catcher
 Peach: Uh oh, you experienced pleasure? Better start flagellating.
 Peter Pantsless: @Knice haha gross
 sparename: I have to squint to read this...
 Knice: Well, every time I do it, my dick has a sneezing fit.
Image 156682   01-16-17   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 DrinkMixMan: Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
 RetrogradeRun: That was my best "Roy: A Life Well Lived" I've ever gotten.
Image 156681   01-16-17   Uploaded by    professional
 Lestrange: I wish there was a hallucinogen you could use like poppers. That shit would be mega.
 Snake Jesus: Better living through chemistry!
Image 156680   01-16-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
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