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169328  piranharama: @CastleBravo Needs more dakka! Glad someone knew what I meant.

169415  sparename: This ain't rock and roll

169418  sparename: The terrible conundrum - lie in, breakfast or shit?

169366  Beef Supreme: As long as the container was purchased there on the same visit, game on. Enjoy losing a leg by the age of 45.

169425  sparename: Gibbs drinks out of jars

169434  ignatz: This is horrible but probably happens all the time. Answer must be 15 yr old: two lives at stake

169426  Knice: You get better reception this way.

169418  ThatGuy: When you gotta go, you gotta go.

169425  ThatGuy: Stay something, people.

169430  fanny: i decided to jump on our spaghetti bandwagon

169425  ThatGuy: The 1,306,763,922th most interesting man in the world

169425  Gomi Day: this is now what the creator of DA MUTHA FUCKIN SHARE Z0NE looks like in my head

169405  Beef Supreme: I liked how he was Karloff's sidekick in The Invisible Ray.

169415  Beef Supreme: Genocide shop? You have to sugar-coat that shit a little. Open up under the guise of a "Women's Health Clinic", say you're non-profit but take huge salaries. Maybe you can secure government funding for helping out the poor, like the leading national chain of genocide shops does.

169415  funny in the wall: genocide by diabetus

169291  Hokie333: Evil spirits hate clowns as much as the rest of us.

169420  Dresdenkeogh: *in my best bandicoot impression * "WOAH" OOGA OOGA

169330  Hokie333: Later, shitlord.

169389  Dreforian: Swamp Thing's day job

169415  Dr Awkward: "Time to make the genocides!"

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169249 SomeCanadian: Well I just got the name for my future cat. @Teechur

169322 KingTrebek: needs Long John Silvers

169241 apoxia: That is fucking gross.

169229 Theimposter: Why are there tentacles?

169276 iCEy: came here to post that @a robot

169266 carpwoman: @SomeCanadian - Exactly!

169370 Scoo: Hey, Booboo!

169236 wolfpk: A horn toad.

169300 redmonkey3: @Peter Pantsless - ;)

169255 Zukero: This porn is not gluten-free

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 zupobaloop: Working with some of those Apple Store clerks must really get on your nerves...
 Bob: Six year old me really could have used this.
 annterland: God, now I want to wipe my buggers on that wall...
 yev: hr are the worst. i can tell by the curvature of their wall bugging!
 Amy Housewine: Bugger 'em, bugger it, millenium hand and shrimp.
 VoR: Some will always bugger about..
 sparename sparephone: Bouger on down
Image 169404   03-24-17   Uploaded by    ethernet
 Robespierre: Red cup = beer. Or big-ass Margarita.
 VoR: Even Sally had a montage
Image 169403   03-24-17   Uploaded by    skittles
Image 169402 is unbelievably bad (score -19) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Big Beagler. Your image was bad, Big Beagler.
 gary: Infinity squared
 VoR: Good caption for this one: maybe.
Image 169401   03-24-17   Uploaded by    tea
 VoR: Now is my chase to escape. I was born for this snow day. Drat! A force field!
 Scoo: There's snow place like home
 sparename: Chinchillin' and Windowsillin'
Image 169400   03-24-17   Uploaded by    jadensmith
 zupobaloop: Becky you crazy $%#$!!
 Robespierre: That's SO Becky!
 VoR: Getting handsy with the dog
 Scoo: Classic Becky
Image 169399   03-24-17   Uploaded by    TheFrogMan
 Robespierre: Princess Wanaleiya, eh?
 Wet farts: My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun.
 Bob: Close enough.
 VoR: Nerf herder?
 Bast Relief: Goddammit Deb, I put those out for our visitors from the other branch.
 enfanta: Princess Laid Up With Knee Trouble.
 WTF: Too soon...
Image 169398   03-24-17   Uploaded by    dad
 Dan Tagonistic: Strafe! Strafe!
 Sadbot: Clearly not a player who presses the attack...or the W key.
 WTF: Let's see "A", "Swan", "Iceberg", "F"...
 grizzly: Not an ambi-turner.
Image 169397   03-24-17   Uploaded by    agger gater
 wolfpk: The secret behind Californias happy cows.
 t48: I'm lactose intolerant but I'd risk it.
 Mr. Butt: Take that, vegans!
 VoR: Drugs cow are bad
 Scoo: @ThatGuy Nor the stakes!
 ThatGuy: The steaks have never been yadda yadaa
 WotGives: Buzzfeed
 ignatz: Two pints of Gold-Top please..
Image 169396   03-24-17   Uploaded by    claphands
 zupobaloop: If a kitten falls asleep on your shoulder, you will die in your sleep.
 enfanta: Yeah, it's cute now. Wait til he's 15 pounds of damned determined to keep doing it.
 tib gubb: dis is da best sleepin' place
Image 169395   03-24-17   Uploaded by    grandma
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