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234028  Teechur: Bathrooms are more like Petri dishes than Erlenmeyer flasks

234030  Teechur: The Menchies by us has different toppings

234047  ignatz: That's quite enough of that thank you..

234026  grizzly: I'm so bored I'm drinking bleach.

234022  Robespierre: @redmonkey3 Ibiza's gone downscale since the Yanks arrived

234035  bug: *Datum

234022  redmonkey3: GOT IT! - last word in unobstructed sunset viewing (did i get it?)

233989  Robespierre: Pulling out all the stops

234038  Ihminen: kinda grossed out but intriqued at the same time

233991  Robespierre: Borzois were a Thing in my Mum's family

233992  Robespierre: No apology necessary

234038  a sedated moose: Whut?

234038  Dr Awkward: "I cum in pies"

233998  Robespierre: No joy in Mudville

234030  when so: *proceeds to touch all produce*

234004  Robespierre: Toads Of the Short Forest

234011  Robespierre: @addend Yyyyyyyyup ... statistically a 3, I'd say.

234038  when so: This is it. This is the Promised End.

234012  Robespierre: Jeans like those cost $1.99 at Farm 'n' Fleet in 1976.

233937  redmonkey3: the Offal office

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233924 Yurishiro: 10

233867 glenalec: 14 hours With Out Oxygen.

233941 redmonkey3: @Dr Awkward - most excellent twist, i thought!

233922 Felicity: *(shlorp)*

233910 addend: "Go ahead, pick, then eat."

233901 Jabberwikket: @fanny, Dancing with Himself (Myself)

233978 redmonkey3: Mahasamatman

233925 Fiveninety: @Teechur yeah i have 200A service so not much dims the lights.. though that monitor does cause a slight flicker when i first turn it on, now that you mention it.. it's also got bad vertical hold until it warms up

233930 brian greene: i would

233823 Beef Supreme: @dangerkeith3000 that's when you swing a leg over the back of a chair when sitting down. The sculpture is clearly airing out his wedding tackle on a warm day.

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 indolentia: "ha ha fooled you!"
 Bumbo Lungys: Nailed it
 Korrok: I like to think the first thing the dude said after bustin' outta his tomb was "What'd I miss?"
 werterland: @Catcat Maybe they're ancient hipsters. "Yeah, man, that's cool, but, like, I've already been to two or three Hell-gates. They're not new, you're just now hearing about them, that's all."
 Catcat: Those guys seem wildly disinterested people for someone standing beside what seems to be a gate to Hell that popped off a heavy stone lid and is sending out both zombies and snaking tendrils of smoke
 gary: A difficult birth astride a grave.
 SoyUnPerdedor: "Hello madda! Hello fadda!"
 Janston: "Bros, it's a little hot but the water feels great once you get used to it. Pop the robes off, come on in."
 hnnngh: Rad for Gustave Dore.
 Warrax: That wasn't the necronomicon, it was the nakenomicon! We've summoned a lesser spirit of crotch cleavage!
Image 93688   03-28-16   Uploaded by    mwoody
 Borkf: Note to self: Favour portrait next time, this does not do their stupid faces justice.
 ping: My god... it's full of potoo...
 Catcat: @Bolt Vanderhuge bravo, bravo!
 StuporFly: Nightjars is the cwaziest peoples.
 willowsprite: @Bolt Vanderhuge good job!
 doop: These are types of frogmouth called the potoo. They're like living muppets.
 Bolt Vanderhuge: from top left, going across: MMMP; JERRRORCH; WERRORK; EMMP; BAAAHHH; ...hmmf; EMMUMMM? WHULTT; HAHH-; BARHHHH; HMN; RRRNT; MORE BARHHH; GEHHSSTSSS; MNEN; mmmmmmmmm?; unavailable; hmmhmmhmm; tiny tiny screams x4; indifferent silence; HEHHHH; BAHHHH; HREAAAAAHHHH; meme; HEH!Mmmm.
 hat thrab: MORE.
Image 93687   03-28-16   Uploaded by    Borkf
Image 93686 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by phailsauce. Boo, phailsauce.
 ch: Non-Orthogonal Drinking Methodology: A Consideration Of Varietels
 Slowpoke: @Mexico I can't remember the english title. It was a book about various sciency experiments kids could do. That two-bottle thing was demonstrating how water flows from one container to another from gravity. I can't remember what the blowing-bubbles thing was.
 Zukero: @J. Random Bozo Made by kids, for kids !
 Gomi Day: i'm mr bucket, put your herbs in my top - i'm mr bucket, what the fucks going on
 Mexico: @Slowpoke What is it?
 Slowpoke: Holy crap... I remember this book... and that stupid potted plant.
 jochenau: "Steady, Chanda, we mustn't ruin this batch of SlimFast! If we come under quota again they'll feed all our clothes to the moths."
 willowsprite: Do not pipette with your mouth
 doop: Breaking Bangladesh
 Janston: What flavors does the Thomas the Tank Engine spice add?
 TFChicken: Mmm... homemade Pepto Bismol
 a robot: Perhaps you would like to try an experimental flavor of my own concoction. A delicious Chutney Squishee. You can really taste the chutney!
 drtofu: C'mon, that's obviously rose water pista
 Mexico: Damn it, Anong, didn't you listen to the Dopeman? Don't get high off our own supply.
 J. Random Bozo: Curry flavored vape juice, kids love it
 100000: Ok that didn't work out exactly as planned...
 100000: Potted plant is all like "ओह तस्वीर"
Image 93685   03-28-16   Uploaded by    AstoriaBum
 Ratty: Elvis caught picking a pocket
 duckfarts: nice hat
 100000: The old one had ducks in it.
 Bolt Vanderhuge: also LOL ELVIS AH HUU HUUUUUU
 Bolt Vanderhuge: the one time the cadillac logo actually looked awesome
Image 93684   03-28-16   Uploaded by    Warrax
 Skam: Release the tensions!
 cran vodka: Kiwi Humour. Just dont ask why they named the town Christ Church
 killerjunglist: Is it raining or not?
 Coolguy: Pacific Rim problems
 100000: I care :(
Image 93683   03-28-16   Uploaded by    blue shoes
 indolentia: i'd watch this movie.
 Mr. Yawn McBoring: This Xmen pic is weird.
 Korrok: I never get tired of this one.
 werterland: I am way behind on those Miss Peregrine books.
 big h: father,mother,uncle,aunt,grandfather,grandmother all in one couple
 XLY: Whore door
 eyg: Hodor.
Image 93682   03-28-16   Uploaded by    flommmm
 Robespierre: A Murdoch rag, right?
 Kefas: @StuporFly spiders can walk on walls
 StuporFly: Who could we get to build us a wall to keep out the giant Muslim spiders?
 gary: What, no free DVD inside? It's all gone to hell.
 Alastair: I enjoy the ironic juxtaposition of the Paedophile-scum and All grown up articles. it's the little details that really bring this fake newspaper together.
 epitasis: shit is not funny
 Slowpoke: Wow. Daily mail has really outdone itself this time!
 Ulillillia: Thanks, Cameron
 Knice: OH NO!!! *runs around in circles with arms flailing above head.*
 Theta Zero: Fearmongering Daily
Image 93681   03-28-16   Uploaded by    desertfox
 nclaw: We coming anyway.
 Mr. Yawn McBoring: Way overdressed for this
 big h: Hail, Santa
 UseYourName: tbf, this is pretty usual for Taranaki.
 LKoroton: This newlyweds have nothing to fear
Image 93680   03-28-16   Uploaded by    AutoDisaster
 Skam: Crazy Fantatic Genius
 uncannie: @CrustyDusty: please do
 big h: actual, true, bona fide mad scientist
 doop: It was never enough for Nikola to just shuffle across the carpet and touch somebody.
 H.Dresden: "...Excuse me but could you turn on a light? It is ever so hard to paint in this erratic lighting"
 Bolt Vanderhuge: "hmm? what? oh yes, this, all very interesting, I know. but this ETCHING i'm perusing... THIS is exciting!"
 duckfarts: just having a cracking good time reading this book over here
 LKoroton: "this is your brain on drugs"
 CrustyDusty: This is high-voltage rad. I actually have a small notebook cobbled together from a 1890's Western Electric ledger book containing hand-drawn schematics of various dynamo and generator configurations. I've often wondered who drew them, indeed if they are by the hand of Tesla himself? If you'll excuse me, I'm off to the closets to locate and photograph it for y'all.
Image 93679   03-28-16   Uploaded by    Falstaff
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