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257752  Sadbot: Probably would pay off student debt quicker, don't shame sex work

257657  Jaunty Shrimp: Catkuzzi

257760  originaluser: not a springboard into the glamorous career of naked girl sushi plate

257664  Jaunty Shrimp: "Just move to San Diego where the weather is always perfect...but you're so broke from paying your rent that you can't afford gas money to get to the beach on your day off."-Debbie Downer

257760  Religion X: What really makes this for me is the dichotomy between her two facial expressions.

257760  electrode: Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish hazing from kink.

257665  Jaunty Shrimp: Break me off a piece

257701  Jaunty Shrimp: By ducks definitely being "shady af"

257701  Jaunty Shrimp: Google The Horrible Thing You Never Knew About Ducks...I was on a walk by a lake one time and was traumatized

257709  Jaunty Shrimp: I hereby rename this site doggo-gator

257714  Jaunty Shrimp: Neener neener neener

257759  flowers: All in all its just another dog in a wall.

257723  Jaunty Shrimp: It must really suck to be famous.

257749  Sadbot: Ha ha, congress doesn't get the online, and since I'm a binary-thought lackwit I'm going to side with the billionaire who sells everyone out.

257731  Jaunty Shrimp: I haven't drank in 2 whole weeks, longest I've gone in 15 years.

257733  Jaunty Shrimp: Love it I super love this!

257725  addend: "Gimme coke & jazz or STFU."

257750  Jaunty Shrimp: Wastin' away again in cheeseburgerville

257750  Solemn: All that fast food can really go to your head.

257731  Solemn: @addend (000) 283-8681.

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257476 Spazstatic: @Shay Lemmy as in Motorhead? And God as in Godsmack, Lamb of God, Gojira, or Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult?

257634 barfolomew: "Name us after friends and we will swallow their souls!"

257468 FireBreathingMarmot: ...didn't even make it across the Jordan river

257622 UltraBeverly: @dangerkeith3000 New Coke is PEOPLE! It's PEOPLE!

257686 tib gubb: heck yes

257595 Robespierre: @dangerkeith3000 It's got a good beat and I can dance to it. I'll give it an 8.

257558 Robespierre: Shit seen

257626 smusher: We all do the dew down here. You'll do the dew too.

257545 VeeKay: Hole in the road huh? Get an officer out to look into it.

257513 grandma: @Knice wow

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 blablabla: @ur mom hahahahah
 duckfarts: Cela ne veut pas une fourche metallique
 Air Biscuit: The forks going to be really dissapointed if the tooth fairy doesent come.
 angry: FORK You, plastic fork
 Micro Jackson: Alchemy turns plastic into METAL!!!!
 carpwoman: Rock out with your tines out.
 trucker: Fork temporarily sausage skewer. Sorry for the convenience.
 WaffleIron: The fork this city needs, not the fork it deserves.
 willowsprite: This is what I use for dipping truffles. Srsly. It works.
 ur mom: fork trying to compensate for being plastic
 Le Lenny Face: All it wants for Christmas are its two front chompers.
 Knice: Rock on, fork!
 hajjpodge: Ironically not metal.
Image 89353   03-10-16   Uploaded by    boxboxbox
 CrustyDusty: This shish kebab tastes like makeup.
 Air Biscuit: @Le Lenny Face ts a handicap spot, they just have way more space.
 Agamemnon Triforce: That's stupid. How are you supposed to see those as you wander around looking for your car?
 ethernet: lady killer
 Catcat: Police open fire even if you comply
 jochenau: There's a button inside that makes the heads spin slowly and their eyes light up as they sing, ever so softly, "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world..."
 StuporFly: Must do this NOW!!!!!
 boomboomboom: This porn is weird
 WaffleIron: And that, Timmy, is how you recognize when it's not safe to get in a car with a stranger.
 hajjpodge: One way to make sure nobody fucks with your ride.
 Le Lenny Face: I can't blame the SUV next to him for parking way outside the lines.
 WTF: Each one is for a hooker that they've strangled.
Image 89352   03-10-16   Uploaded by    ITS TAPE
 Anus: "Authentic Italian Restaurant" is what you expect to see above a money laundering front.
 jochenau: Curses, now I want some tiramisu.
 steve: Dammit. Rick-rolled twice, now.
 Le Lenny Face: "tiramisu and so do I"
 SoyUnPerdedor: It's right about tiramisu
Image 89351   03-10-16   Uploaded by    Rent A Dog
 SomeCanadian: And make sure to send me Push notifications!
 indolentia: the "touch here" direction is even more provocative now.
 morakdais: Depends what kind of offense are we talking about?
 WaffleIron: Right swipe!
 Cami: Sigh..There is no being sure...*throws phone into wood stove*
 Le Lenny Face: "Touch here to buy the full version" #lelennyface
 SoyUnPerdedor: This guy probably #89268
 drhilljack: I heard the CIA had a new program..
 jochenau: Better pay for the full profiles too, you don't want to miss out on hot local single sex offenders!
 Borkf: Sure, I'll allow that.
Image 89350   03-10-16   Uploaded by    guccigucci
 Stonewyvvern: I am so alone...
 CrustyDusty: I can't even
 ottorongo: Amputee humor/porn?
 hajjpodge: this is me
 titular role: Does he tuck it? I don't get the mechanics of #1
 Knice: How wacky and unexpected.
Image 89349   03-10-16   Uploaded by    RimLickinGood
 ur mom: fucking lighthouses are fucking majestic
 Gargoyle: Unleash the Kraken!
 willowsprite: Poseidon just out for a stroll
 SoyUnPerdedor: "You've summoned Cthulhu?"
Image 89348   03-10-16   Uploaded by    guest
 rustman the mad: Done with his feeding and slumber in Valhalla.
 Air Biscuit: Kingom hearts prequel looking weird.
 CrustyDusty: @willowsprite; All hail the dark lord Darth Mickey
 indolentia: whenever someone says, "i miss the old days" i think of shit like this and am happy to be alive now.
 willowsprite: Why am I hearing the Imperial March in my head?
 Rhombo Dimple: I see rat people
 Cami: I'll eat your soul! Ho-ho!
 jochenau: I guess hadn't invented pants yet.
 Warrax: Tasers don't seem to be working! Probably on PCP, use the chokehold!
 SoyUnPerdedor: A nazi victory parade?
 Sharkface: It seems our time has come.
Image 89347   03-10-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Heroin Bob: That reminds me: Howard, I'm leaving you.
 indolentia: "i was about to slap his bitchass but mother nature's got my back."
 morakdais: He got some releaf
 WaffleIron: Blame Canada!
 hajjpodge: *MLG horns blaring*
 willowsprite: @jochenau I was trying to remember what this reminded me of! :D
 Punt Numbles: Canadian chick looks turned on by the favor maple has bestowed upon this man
 ur mom: aaww yisss
 Cami: @Shay One can also be maple blocked by a branch, log, cutting board, or dinette.
 Borkf: Getting his Autumn on.
 jochenau: Clara Oswald's parents!
 Warrax: Don't fuck with Canada.
 Anus: Leafgasm
 Porbo Mellus: Never mess with a dryad!
Image 89346   03-10-16   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 sundragon: Came here to post that
 Soy Peso: She has Drew Barrymore disease. That when you look hot one minute, then in the same conditions you look kind of fugly.
 Heroin Bob: She looks like she would be super fun to date.
 Air Biscuit: @Agamemnon Triforce never doubted you.
 Agamemnon Triforce: Remember that girl with the dancing goat? She just peed in that cup for me.
 Agamemnon Triforce: Remember that girl with the dancing goat? She just peed in that cup for me.
 CrustyDusty: I think something's wrong with my 3D glasses.
 morakdais: The beauty, the majesty of that folding chair
 alborland: Your camping is weird
 willowsprite: It's blue! No no, it's black!
 charmander: What natural hair color.
 forkbear: I think she thinks is silly...meh...rad!
 A duck: Uh, nice beer you've got there.
Image 89345   03-10-16   Uploaded by    jeffrey
 Beer 30: @MassDefect you got me
 maura: I am laughing, but not out loud LBNOL.
 Heroin Bob: No credit, no problem? It's a big fuckin' problem.
 MassDefect: vv Drat, I sausage-fingered the post button. I was basically done anyways.
 MassDefect: Not pictured: the near-infinitely long bar labelled "anything found on truth facts
 morakdais: I am a girl, jet can melt steel beams and Texas is real
 Rent A Dog: "Increase your manhood by 2 inches!"
 Knice: I had a site tell me that I was the user of the day once.
 Shay: LOL!
 jochenau: something something Trump something
Image 89344   03-10-16   Uploaded by    big butt bum
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