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243947  some guy : That birb is a high ranking user!

243904  a sedated moose: HACKERMAN

243944  ChubbyBuddy: @sparename next stop, everywhere

243912  a sedated moose: I think I came to the right neighborhood!

243946  ChubbyBuddy: @Butcherboy which hole?

243946  Side Boob: Let me out, or I will sing the song of my people.

243946  Butcherboy: Put in your 3-D glasses now

243934  itskando: @Sadbot That's why they don't have a mom!

243892  Side Boob: What have you done, Jerry?!

243899  Side Boob: You're eggs!

243902  Side Boob: I've never seen the end of Titanic. I assume they all live happy and productive lives.

243930  Demon Universe: Puppies are only cute because they help us forget that life is a series of electrical stimuli that gives us the false impression of existing.

243907  Side Boob: Why do bad things happen to dumb people?

243944  sparename: Come on, Cactus is our friend, He'll point out the way

243916  Side Boob: @dangerkeith3000 It doesn't say how many calories he consumed :P

243917  Side Boob: I think this kitten wants to box

243936  Demon Universe: @john dough Id wear less masks.

243920  Side Boob: Kylo Ren's lightsaber training took a turn for the weird.

243937  sparename: Going by the 3rd finger being longer that the 1st, (and maybe the 'dark' upper lip) I sort of assume this is a guy in a dress - no problem atall with that but I would need to check for straight/curved calf bone to be slighlty more sure... Anyway barefoot in public toilet? Eeeuuugh!

243927  Side Boob: Cockpit held together!

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243783 BavidDowie: Avogodno

243847 some guy : That's nutty!

243805 Kaviri: And that was a short play by the cast members of the friendly spaceship. I hope you all have enjoyed tonight's entertainment and have a safe journey home. Goodnight!

243797 glenalec: They lead to a big shed.

243787 VeeKay: Fingerbanged in the ass by my own finger

243792 BavidDowie: I know where this is

243886 apoxia: @Coolguy My only advice is don't do a PhD. That is legit crazy.

243786 Christina: For that, he needs cream:….

243841 White Rice: @fanny heh, I guess I was seeing it more as an arrival than a departure (also, someone mentioned it was the curved/angled apostrophes/quotation marks that stopped working, and that purely verticle ones work fine (which I found on my phone when holding over the regular ones, then selecting " ' " instead of the standard ones)). Note sure how to specify quotation mark/apostrophe types on a desktop, but at least I've got my mobile ones down.

243778 Kaviri: CtllHAVlX is opening for Amon Amarth this weekend. I'm painting my face early so it will look extra distressed for the concert!

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 CrustyDusty: This never would have happened if they had unleashed the AGGRO-GATOR instead.
 SomeCanadian: Credit the author. Perry Bible Fellowship rocks.
 Coolguy: Good dog
Image 84210   02-17-16   Uploaded by    tib gubb
 Retromancer: Brains are quite rich in cholesterol.
 a sedated moose: Cut the head in half using a bandsaw, and scoop the brain out. Blast the brain out with water or air. Suck the brain out through a hole in the head.
 harpooneer: Enjoy those prions
 CrustyDusty: It took 6 months of fluconazole and keflex to get rid of my brain mold. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
 JackSkellington: @Air Biscuit as well they should... Hot spinach and Fatal familial insomnia anybody?
 Air Biscuit: As much as i like trying different foods, i would skip this one because prions scare me.
 funny in the wall: this sounds good. i would eat it.
 drhenry: This looks like way to much work just to gain the lamb's intelligence. But if you made a double batch you could get smart twice as fast
 Picklepuss: taken from the zombie cookbook The Walking Fed
 eurotrash: Seems legit.
 fanny: brains and anchovies! what's for dinner is solved.
 Knice: The hard part is making sure the calf/ lamb is thinking about something tasty when you kill it. Also, blech.
Image 84209   02-17-16   Uploaded by    Warrax
 vincenzo: i saw this as Enigma's sadennes played....
 hnnngh: @PooFlinger Majestic.
 zoso: @Johnny Almost every weekend. But I'm a cyclist and hiker, not a climber.
 Unbathed: And the abyss runs away, and the astrophysicists discover Dark Energy.
 CrustyDusty: Needs more sriracha. Squirt that shit everywhere.
 Borkf: He shouts everything. Does he not realise he's mic'd up?
 ratwa: Watch him eat. He places the food in the back of his mouth with his fingers.
 Johnny: @Robespierre You ever go to Red Rock Canyon?
 hnnngh: @Warrax @Knice Have my rads.
 hnnngh: Flavortown is located in the abyss.
 Sadbot: Someday I hope he comes into my kitchen to handle all my food with pudgy fingers covered in rings, and then bestows upon me a silk bowling shirt.
 Colbo Mundus: My rational dislike for this dude stems from the fact that he is a typical Las Vegas asshole who has spread his Sin City (yawn) assholishness across the planet for all to experience. I swear from my experience of many year now, there is no place more uncool than Las Vegas.
 Knice: I have irrational dislike for this dude, and reassert my previously stated opinion that he is like a Voltron made of Hot Pockets.
 Warrax: And then God took a barbequed rib bone from Guy Fieri, and he did fashion a second Guy Fieri from it, and they did tongue kiss, and it was money.
Image 84208   02-17-16   Uploaded by    hnnngh
 Mumbles: @CrustyDusty The short story is, I had a cat that loved to jump into things like boxes. She jumped into a paint bucket full of used motor oil. Luckily she didn't swallow any of it. Oil is hard to clean off of a cat.
 CrustyDusty: @Yttermayn: Was your girlfriend a Horse? She was probably trying to get at the gems you hid in the lotion bottle. @PooFlinger: care to share the oily details? :p
 carpwoman: That'll teach you.
 Blitheryn: Never a good idea to be naked around an angry cat.
 Fiasco: @Pooflinger haha I can only imagine..
 Yttermayn : Also, hes not screaming about the front paws, oh no...
 Yttermayn : @PooFlinger @Fiasco Totally. I had a dipshit for a girlfriend once who pumped out too much hand lotion and, thinking it would be cute, used my cat as a fucking paper towel.
 Fiasco: @Willowsprite You make a fair argument. I've never had to endure such a thing, it didn't come to mind...
 CrustyDusty: @PenguinBartender: that... is... wow, deep man, you need to write and let it all out.
 CrustyDusty: This, surprisingly, is less effective than a lufa sponge.
 willowsprite: @Fiasco and when they have fleas?
 prius: @Fiasco Spoken like someone who has never had a cat covered in motor oil....long story.
 PenguinBartender: I screamed, crying, tears rolling down my cheeks to join the bath water. I plead, "please let me out," but Mr. Scruffles just tightened his grip on my shoulder and whispered back "first wash behind the other ear."
 Fiasco: Seriously, this insults me on a level I can't define. One of the leading benefits of cats is their built-in self cleaning mechanisms. Stop this!
 Fiasco: "Maybe it'll be easier if I get in with him." You simple, gentle fool.
 Knice: Dude, you can be many things, but 'surprised' ain't one of 'em.
Image 84207   02-17-16   Uploaded by    p nut
 betamax: Looks like a triop. Relative of the Horseshoe crab and unchanged since before the dinosaurs.
 savvoy: I've been wondering if isopods taste like shrimp.
 morakdais: I cough these up all the time
 CrustyDusty: That is one dandy bug... I've got just the butter for it, too.
 willowsprite: Please don't eat me!
 Throb: Nooo! What have you done to that poor tidepooler? He was harmless!
 funny in the wall: Horseshoe crab? now i'm hungry
 HermwoodLitmajor: Anything's a dinner if you're brave enough
Image 84206   02-17-16   Uploaded by    ZekeTheKamikaze
 DerMantis: This porn is weird
 carpwoman: Thank goodness for word swap.
 XLY: gangster cat pays ur rent
 Agamemnon Triforce: Fucking AUTOCORRECT.
 Agamemnon Triforce: Shoot, you said if we threw money you'd show us your beautiful people. Maaaan, fuck you.
 a robot: It's like the more money we come across, the more kittens we see
 Borkf: Fornicate beautiful people and acquire currency
 Science: That's it - train them to shred your money.
 hnnngh: Cats Rule Everything Around Me
 Weedheart: We're too fluffy to be drawn into your capitalist trap!
 PenguinBartender: First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the catnip.
 hosehorse: Money is useful. Cats can exchange it for goods and services.
Image 84205   02-17-16   Uploaded by    carpwoman
 Mr. Angry: @Throb: What?!? We have to wait until the END to praise Jesus?!? No thank you!
 indolentia: name same as password.
 E. HONDA: Shouldn't they have typed "st*p*d" and "d*mb"?
 This is obviously: @Danger close, exactly. Such dual moral. How can she expect her son to work for satan later if he can't even learn these 'obscene words'?
 lionstrong: happy birthday
 morakdais: Isaac and his mother lived alone...
 a robot: "Well, he used to watch Davey and Goliath, but he thought the idea of a talking dog was blasphemous."
 willowsprite: This seems like a real review.
 PornoPedler: I've got news for you lady, if your 15 year old is watching Dora the Explorer, then he's already discovered weed.
 Sadbot: This is How to Raise and Homeschool a Serial Killer 101
 A Post Office: @Throb Loved that one.
 Throb: Part three: the shepards go home and praise Jesus with their family. Then they accuse their neighbor of being a witch and burn her at the stake while praying to Jesus. The end
 Throb: Sequel: another shepard comes and they both praise Jesus and then sit down for bible study.
 Throb: I have a show for you: there's a lamb in a field. It grazes happily. Then a Sheppard comes and praises jesus. The end.
Image 84204   02-17-16   Uploaded by    runny999
 John Singapore: You meet one of these, punch it in the nose. Real hard. Go ahead.
 Yttermayn : Allergic to cats, actually.
 HermwoodLitmajor: Yeah, I heard Jack Nicholson made a werewolf movie
 Warrax: Did you just say "good boy?" I'll show you who's the "boy" here.
 Poop van Pants: I'm getting real tired of all these cat pictures ..
 PenguinBartender: Gotta sneeze, gotta sneeze, gotta...
Image 84203   02-17-16   Uploaded by    Darth Bater
 carpwoman: @Fiasco - Love that song! Glad to know someone else knows it, too.
 Fiasco: @carpwoman Classic loling at this: V
 carpwoman: @Turts - Are you always making plans for him?
 Turts: @carpwoman Thanks! His full name is Nigel Zebedee Friddles, aka Mr. Friddles.
 carpwoman: @Turts - Nigel is a great name for a cat!
 Turts: That's Nigel, he's laying on his Tart n Tiny's pillow :)
 Borkf: Is that cat being shot in the back by a tiny (unfriendly) spaceship?
 Annoying Vegan : That's acute kitteh.
Image 84202   02-17-16   Uploaded by    Turts
 carpwoman: Squee!
 Micro Jackson: I can has pronz?
 a robot: @Flarmie Netflix and purr
 CrustyDusty: They've done it again! :) You guys are the best.
 deadwombat: Dumb but funny
 Knice: @Flarmie Petflix...
 Knice: Is this a selfie?
 Flarmie: Is this that Netflix & Chill thing? Also poster user name matches the image.
Image 84201   02-17-16   Uploaded by    Catcat
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