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228367  sparename: @jochenau Reminded me of CCTV footage of some dickheads in Swansea who're out looking to fight 'easy targets', they try to hassle some guys in drag, not knowing that they're cage-fighters on a night out... video not too clear but fun (first minute is the dickheads hassling others) search " 'Drag queen' cage fighters defend themselves against thugs"

228347  dangerkeith3000: This is a cute picture but the next one is the money shot.

228318  wolfpk: How Number One became captain

228319  wolfpk: Third pic in a theater and says how I.... ok I'll stop there.

228365  Not A Bot: I will fight you for that pup!

228389  glenalec: The uric acid gives it that extra 'kick'

228340  wolfpk: Kitty wants seafood for dinner.

228346  wolfpk: @wolfpk WTF!!!! I SAID WATER-MELON, NOT CROISSANT!!!!

228247  inthrees: @Sadbot I lolled irl at this

228282  glenalec: The problem, as far as I am concerned, is swearing for well-considered effect (good) and swearing mindlessly (stupid).

228346  wolfpk: With croissants #228345

228389  Scoo: It's soggy, and hard to re-light

228357  wolfpk: @Robespierre Why don't you jump into that pile of "leaves" and fund out what happens!

228388  GoGo Robotto: err meauw gerrd!

228311  glenalec: "Kill me, Pete."

228363  wolfpk: This is blatant pandering..... but I still couldn't resist rading.

228321  glenalec: When I said 'I wanna rock' I probably should have been more specific.

228388  Scoo: We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the catnip began to take hold

228367  wolfpk: I am glad Marvel rejected this concept.

228380  Scoo: Steve Smells Great

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228183 Felicity: This is a reference to Tide? I thought it was the Pepsi logo!

228312 Spazstatic: JPP, just plain Pete

228348 Darmstadtium: @Hyphae ... and yet we keep coming back... over and over and over and over again...

228339 Prostata: just look up from the damned thing every now and then. Nothing on the internet is *that* interesting.

228190 Felicity: @Aufziehvogel Wait until tomorrow and ask @UltraBeverly

228301 charlemagne: I made the radiohead logo on my mario kart ds

228347 Ulillillia: When purples get married.

228321 glenalec: When I said 'I wanna rock' I probably should have been more specific.

228313 Donut: Comic Sans doesn't make this quote any lighter.

228218 El Barto: Sweaty stompers.

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 mcnugglesworth: Oh, this brings back memories of my childhood and those "childrens" cartoons I probably shouldn't have been watching
 Science: He's TOAST-A-RIFIC!
 eider: Quick, man! Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!
 hosehorse: Powdered Toast Man!!! "Will evil never rest? I hope not!"
Image 57421   10-06-15   Uploaded by    tib gubb
 Grep Jelly: @Gaple Horpomple thanks for making me google cherubism. The goat man is nothing compared to that shit.
 Greyfeathers: Live action LEGO movie, incoming!
 NoOneImportant: i'm sure she has a great personality
 Robespierre: Grimmest selfie ever
 Noremak: The Crimson Chin's daughter, Crimson Jaw.
 mcnugglesworth: My opinion is unwanted.
 Gaple Horpomple: It's called cherubism.
 Ulillillia: looks*
 smarkles: She kind of looks like #57421
 Korrok: No amount of prayer is going to fix that (or anything else for that matter) and that just fine with me!
 Poop van Pants: @bigusdickus .. and how does that song from Lonely Island go ???
 NoRagrets: At least if she's a lego she can easily swap out accessories and hair styles.
Image 57420   10-06-15   Uploaded by    god666
 Minx: The reason people think red heads have no soul is because of THESE red heads... Christ, ruining it for the rest of them, gawd.
 Minx: he's just expressing his hate for everyone who said redheads have no soul
 youshall: I bet you can't do that with your crotch
 Noremak: My mom would slap the fuck out of me if she knew all the times I played with fire.
 duckybox: Johnny Dangerous, hot redhead, searching on tinder ...
 ch: Anarchy, Tad. Anarchy.
 duckfarts: kid's got skills
Image 57419   10-06-15   Uploaded by    edgarallendoh
 twenty4: haha @Red im dying well played
 Red: plenty of dudes love women without ever having touched one
 wampastompa: idiot boy
Image 57418   10-06-15   Uploaded by    Borp Mento
 eider: He's dead now.
Image 57417   10-06-15   Uploaded by    wheels
 XLY: Impressive cosplay
 Musician: The single m's were the orginals. Real street, y'know? Not like those Hollywood rip-off poseurs the M&Ms. And strung out...always.
 Butcherboy: the 7up spot in the witness protection program
 NoRagrets: most celebrities don't put on makeup for paparazzi, these guys are no exception
Image 57416   10-06-15   Uploaded by    Borp Mento
 effzeeceekay: fucking smug ass baby
 p-niiice: jaden trump prepares for another day of losers at the daycare
 duckfarts: baby jim breuer
 NoRagrets: he's got sinatra hair
 tib gubb: oh man that baby looks totally blazed
 Jorp Lulter: Stoned
Image 57415   10-05-15   Uploaded by    Lobster666
 chelseachels: real doll owners convention. In the basement during a furry convention.
 Advice Person: Hashtag redpill.
 Korrok: Oh good, more erection-enduing nightmare fuel.
 bug: Is he giving a powerpoint presentation to his real dolls?
 duckfarts: look out! there's a tornado brewing down south!
 kate shutupton: Dude, you look like you permanently emotionally traumatized your sex doll. Real smooth.
Image 57414   10-05-15   Uploaded by    cody
 Frank herbert: nice melon
 mcnugglesworth: Kim Davis: The Early Years
 ping: @Musician you're talking about the melon, right?
 pisspig: what an asshole
 Musician: She is going to have one normal kid, right there. Extra normal.
 drhenry: Try to take my melon, liberals! Just try it!
 drilldo: I love the NRA. I enjoy shooting melons. I might be pregnant ... again. I love a man that votes for Romney. Message me if you think we have something in common.
 duckfarts: melony griffith
Image 57413   10-05-15   Uploaded by    Borp Mento
 Rent A Dog: First, i'd do it. Then, i'd tell her that, next time she wants to do something like that, she should talk about it first with the dude, because springing it suddenly could get most people outta the zone.
 WaffleIron: 10/10 would watch this porno again.
 Korrok: *To answer... stupid keyboard.
 Korrok: Yo answer your question... yes.
 NoRagrets: on the bright side, at least you have control of your rival's name for the rest of his life
 duckfarts: you two-timing hussy!
 a robot: Pokemon is annoying
 Skinr: worth the read, trust me
 Bro Bro: Anime dork fishing for sexual validation. How sad.
 Thyming: I have never been so happy to read something this long to the end.
Image 57412   10-05-15   Uploaded by    jenniwithani
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