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273203  antipatterns: This dude definitely has a Pantera tape in there

273213  Urn BooUrn: Helps straighten your. Be warned it's hard and may be uncomfortable at first.

273212  antipatterns: I like eyehorn.

273214  Urn BooUrn: This porn is weird.

273217  Urn BooUrn: Get a tattoo of your loved ones, wearing their favorite outfit.

273221  Prostata: met his girlfriend on

273220  Starry Lemon: 1 800 EAT SHIU? I don't see how that applies. Who even is Shiu?

273219  Peter Pantsless: If you go by AG you'd think that all cats have either dichromatism or only one eye

273227  ignatz: @Peter Pantsless Chicken butt!

273214  fanny: There's a Chuck Tingle title that goes with this I bet...

273201  Butcherboy: Like you and me dont both know@Mr. Butt

273227  sparename: Phwoar.. Look at that bird's arse!

273213  Prostata: lol dongs

273227  Peter Pantsless: Guess what

273218  Sadbot: British chefs always crack me up. Your cultural cooking background is boiling things and putting jam in rolls. All the best food in the UK came from France or India


273215  well duh: African cooking; my wife works with several Sudanese people, she's brought me home stew that looks like this. Quite tasty, but the eggs do take on an interesting (very firm) texture.

273115  a robot: Your 7 year old says "fuck?"

273211  FabricMan: Doesn't compare well with #273213

273211  Dr Awkward: I had to do a double take on this dildo

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The top ten most commented-on images today:

273123 DrNinjaman: Gesundheit!

272991 E. HONDA: "The Irritating Gentleman" -- Berthold Woltze, 1874

273043 UltraBeverly: I don't think it would be much of a leap to think his daughter was also his girlfriend.

272816 Air Biscuit: @Knice @dangerkeith3000 @Off Topic @Bob @Sadbot @Sage @John Blender anyone want to take a boat ride?

272892 Littlecraftywolf: tip your waiters regardless of who you are and who your waiter is. even if you get bad service at least leave something.

272918 hajjpodge: Y'all need to stop all this kidding around.

273017 drtofu: A capacitor, on the other hand, would weigh more when charged than not because of the electrons.

272950 some guy : Snail Down.

272993 wolfpk: A light snack for Joey Chestnut!

272968 Side Boob: you could go full goon and be all, "Well, ACTUALLY..." :goonsay:

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10. Remp Wulgus: 1792 points
11. Never AFK: 1756 points
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13. parrotsnest: 1709 points
14. Mexico: 1670 points
15. Shay: 1647 points
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 Micro Jackson: Fresh charges
 FabricMan: @ChubbyBuddy Don't kinkshame!
 a sedated moose: ...Kinkier.
 franktank: "Her buns are the best!" - Sir Patrick Stewart
 dangerkeith3000: This puts the Hard in Hardees.
 cj22: With a light dusting of ciabatta
 ChubbyBuddy: uuh no mayo please
 tib gubb: suggestive
 hajjpodge: They knew what they were doing.
Image 268056   09-18-18   Uploaded by    BoiledEggs
 dangerkeith3000: @Felicity That style was the bee's knees. Can ya dig it? That hep cat is flying on those bongos, baby.
 dangerkeith3000: @Science Oh I love the Apple Boat song!
 Science: Hey Mr. Tallyman, tally me apple
 Never AFK: New Gotan Project video looking like it's in limbo
 clueful: @dangerkeith3000 The Ahmadinejad looking guy is part of what makes me uncertain. Did people do their hair like that and wear blazers with no tie back then?
 dangerkeith3000: @Felicity I'm thinking 1950s.
 phil: This looks very early 1960s, and yet if you told me I was wrong and the photo was taken recently, I could believe that too
 lecj07: Invisible limbo stick
Image 268055   09-18-18   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 Theimposter: The wrong fitting pauldrons hurt my brain...
 Dresdenkeogh: Paul Drons, and Cora Set
 Big Beagler: Smugness squared
 Bluetocracy: Plate mail is always a good fashion accessory. Her's would be better if it was real scale mail and silk/kevlar/carbon-fiber.
 dangerkeith3000: #robotlivesmatter
 a robot: Stop appropriating robot fashion!
Image 268054   09-18-18   Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 Mr Bleak: I preferred the "before" picture
 tib gubb: looking handsome
Image 268053   09-18-18   Uploaded by    SpamSpamSpamSpam
Tell us what you thought of this.
Image 268052   09-18-18   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 dangerkeith3000: BoJack Horseman season 5 looking great.
 Dr Awkward: I actually wrote Zoinks! But my phone autocorrected it and I let it roll
 Dr Awkward: Zionism!
 square44: "AAAAAAA"? no no no, you have it all wrong!
Image 268051   09-18-18   Uploaded by    whipwing
 Mr Bleak: Fuck! I remember reading that issue at work ...
 apoxia: You know that's a pretty good guess. The tiny keyboard is asinine. The floppy is an SD card.
 snekeyes: Aw, that diskette is so cute!
 tib gubb: GO BACK, GO BACK
Image 268050   09-18-18   Uploaded by    MrBoffo
 Amy Housewine: The world's first three-eyed boy was persecuted terribly. Some people even fired a bow & arrow at him.
 apoxia: What optometrists don't want you to know...
 dangerkeith3000: You are such a nerd, SIX EYES!
 bug: Thanks, arrow.
Image 268049   09-18-18   Uploaded by    Zaxxoff
Image 268048 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by wwwdotcom. You have brought shame on us, wwwdotcom.
 Side Boob: Pfft. All the cool kids are Hoplites.
 tib gubb: didn't your mother ever teach you to not bring your pilum in the house
 Not A Bot: Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky, little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same. There's a green one and a pink one, and a blue one and a yellow one, and they're all made out of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same.
 Sadbot: Aren't you a little plus-sized for a legionary?
 barfolomew: Protecting against incursions from Panda Express.
Image 268047   09-18-18   Uploaded by    Alpha Trion
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