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269027  Kaviri: Rules agree, bishops abuse sex - got it.

269016  Spazstatic: Catorce!

269023  Spazstatic: @GTA VII looks like it's a child's booster seat or something similar. They often have that mesh on them.

268990  PenguinBartender: IDGI?

269040  courtney: Just based on the beer selection, I'm going with "hipster faux dive bar".

268953  Felicity: And yet the 75 dollar car looks happier

268954  Felicity: The Hidden 3

269011  grizzly: A JELLY DOUGHNUT?!

268972  Side Boob: While you were working a shitty job to support your family, I studied the blade.

268976  Side Boob: Bob Ross painted with more feeling AND had a squirrel in his pocket that one time.

269016  PenguinBartender: ...Tres?

269011  Side Boob: "Private Pyle you had best square your ass away and start shitting me Tiffany cufflinks or I will definitely fuck you up!"

269025  FormerLurker: @Nope EXACTLY!!! Did you go there too?!

268974  Felicity: Hashtag resistance

268978  Felicity: If you see someone drowning, IOI

268985  Felicity: Everyone agrees with DFENS up to a certain point and then he loses them. The question each of us must ask ourselves is where does he lose you? Also, one of my friends did a hilarious impression of when the old lady barfs while he's having his fast food meltdown

269005  Not A Bot: Damn, you can buy ANYTHING on J-List.

269024  Side Boob: Pupper is on house arrest.

269000  Felicity: @Bluetocracy Wasn't that a flavour of Kool Aid?

269011  Felicity: Thanks, Sgt. Reacharound

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268710 antipatterns: Other cops include: judges, army guys, teachers, hr people, and your mom and dad

268611 fanny: yeah the content outweighs the upload/username combo for me too... bad @Felicity

268707 Side Boob: Can I leave the girl in the shelter, or do I have to adopt them together?

268730 Not A Bot: don't look at me, I'm irrelevant

268687 raditzu: Party Hard

268713 WannaBee: Nice buns, hun.

268624 Shay: @Dr. Bathroom Oh damn, I remember watching that abortion special with Charlton Heston on late night TV and gave me the hibbie jibbies.

268903 Felicity: @dangerkeith3000 It won't live up to all the buzz?

268972 Side Boob: While you were working a shitty job to support your family, I studied the blade.

268610 snipdawg: @WannaBee hug

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 Science: @Side Boob: Gotcha. Normally I'd say that short hair is a godsend, since it is so easy to maintain, but his looks like it does take a while to perfect in the morning.
 Side Boob: @Science Nothing, unless hipsters do it, then I get all "Back in my day..." :P
 Science: @Side Boob: Hey now, what's wrong with having short hair?
 Side Boob: @Felicity I was distracted by the terrible hipster haircut at first, then I saw the writing.
 agger gater: @Side Boob @a robot I'm glad you said that. I thought it was the tiny little sausage in his ear
 a robot: @Side Boob ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh
 Annoying Vegan : No U
 Side Boob: @a robot The pin striping on the suit :P
 a robot: idea what I'm supposed to be looking at here
Image 267145   09-13-18   Uploaded by    nightmarez
 VeeKay: Strong kitten game here
 MrBoffo: (Insert Bill the Cat sound here)
Image 267144   09-13-18   Uploaded by    iCEy
 Mr Bleak: Bill the Cat? Bill. Now there's a name I've not heard in a long, long time. A long time. I haven't gone by the name Bill since, oh, before you were born.
 MrBoffo: This is how Khalil Gibran actually envisioned The Prophet
 Eleftheros: Give in to your cute aggression.
Image 267143   09-13-18   Uploaded by    WannaBee
 tib gubb: we need a new plague
 VeeKay: Them Duke boys loved the ocean
 Lunimeow: @WannaBee Well, how would you know what to read?
 WannaBee: ...but why is it tilted?
 Donut: Ocean is overrated. Go for gulfs.
Image 267142   09-13-18   Uploaded by    Unstableton
 Chocolate Pain: Why did the world need a turtle emoji? And why did this sentence need a turtle emoji when a few words prior this millenial managed to string the letters for the actual word together?
 On Spec: Derple
 HairyNips: It's not quite the same, but at least they're more quiet.
Image 267141   09-13-18   Uploaded by    twisty
Image 267140   09-13-18   Uploaded by    TheTakeDown
 Throwbot: press 'x' to punch the taxman
 Donut: Sometimes, debt sharks have to accept the fact they're never gonna get that payday loan back.
 a robot: I guess that's all it takes
Image 267139   09-13-18   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Mad Collager: Pardon me, but I must now hurry to my Homer Simpson audition.
 Zaxxoff: ogilitiv
 Lavos: That's what happens when you toss a Giant's salad.
 WTF: The look of satisfaction.
Image 267138   09-13-18   Uploaded by    Vorm Gongo
 tears as lube: @PenguinBartender "Baby in Car" plus "AK 47" maybe? Not sure
 MrBoffo: @Prostata Burnt out brake light.
 PenguinBartender: IDGI
 Shay: Awww, c'mon dude. Show me your license plate. It's not like I'm gonna call in a false report of a missing child...
 Prostata: the only known photo of a bmw driver using a turn signal
Image 267137   09-13-18   Uploaded by    fidelcastro
 San DoDo: @Teechur @Mr. Butt Learning is fun :)
 Hokie333: @Teechur TRIGGERED. I worked as a computer lab assistant in college, helping people use Word to type their papers (early '90s, when it wasn't yet mandatory for students to have computers or computer skills). The bane of my existence was people who'd manually hit Enter between lines (twice to do double-spacing) and then wondered why everything went wonky after they changed margins or font size.
 Teechur: @Mr. Butt @San DoDo A stoodint turned in a research paper that was triple-spaced Arial 14 and 2" margins. Hitting enter between paragraphs made it so ridiculous that I didn't bother grading it. I based the grade on square inches of text.
 VeeKay: @Donut Makes it easy for organ donation after he's shot dead in class
 Donut: This raises a disturbing question. Which teachers in Greg's school required him to list his blood type and birthdate in his header?
 Mr. Butt: @San DoDo Most teachers ask for Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced. Despite being ugly as hell, it makes it easy to leave notes/comments between lines.
 San DoDo: That line spacing :O is that legit for an essay in the US?
 Shay: Type O Negative was an awesome band.
 Mr. Butt: teasing, wrestling, yelling...and presumably gladiator movies.
Image 267136   09-13-18   Uploaded by    why the long face
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