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268620  tib gubb: well, she's not exactly a glider

268625  tib gubb: that is highly unsafe

268633  tib gubb: stupid sexy velma

268634  tib gubb: oh jeez i need to watch that movie again (the three amigos)

268647  Spazstatic: Same.

268633  mwoody: The current DC comics Scooby Doo is actually pretty dark, and very much in this vein.

268641  Butcherboy: Ahhh! Very good. I was thinking about the inverse. As in why would the white freeze, paint etc@Yam

268660  Spazstatic: I mastered it then moved on. I haven't touched a piano since I was fifteen!

268653  ChubbyBuddy: @Mr. Whiskers Gay's Arsecade: Erected Eighteen Titty-Five

268651  AstoriaBum: Bele or Lokai?

268657  tib gubb: kid knows what's up

268661  Mr. Butt: Honey, you mean HUNK-ules!

268662  ignatz: What? It's all Marvel..

268670  ignatz: Point three nine cents is pretty cheap tbh..

268657  Not A Bot: Repent now - avoid the rush on Judgement day

268644  FabricMan: Something something yer mom

268660  FabricMan: Just put splints your hands and TELL the board they're broken. Then quietly start looking for a new job

268644  Mr. Whiskers: Floaties with wings

268658  SunWukong: I am ambivalent about the ring.

268659  Darmstadtium: I wish none of this had happened.

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268539 Mr. Whiskers: Im going to stop beating jokes to death in online comments

268477 Felicity: I remember this level of Space Harrier

268265 barfolomew: @AlexDeLarge word of mouth, I suppose.

268624 a robot: Based on the comments I think I am glad I missed this one

268323 alex: this made me vote rad @fanny

268282 copunter: DDT is safe! Democracy works!

268386 Teechur: Maybe Saturn has gone vegan

268405 Felicity: Beautiful dress. And with gloves! Rad

268497 Scoo: murica.jpg


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 MC Delta T: Or start every sentence with "So..."
 smusher: ... ? ...
 smusher: ... ...
 Robespierre: (pretentious dildos detected)
 addend: @Robespierre and...?
 jochenau: I find myself using ", orrr...?" quite a bit. As in, "Do you want me to put the preserved head collection in the living room, orrr...?"
 KingTrebek: I think the easiest way is probably the phallic shape
 Mr Bleak: How did I not know that ...
 San DoDo: ...
 Amy Housewine: The fact tht they both spend the entire third frame having to think about this obvious bait and punchline suggests that they both might be the teensiest bit slow. (...)
 Robespierre: In other words, one of the traits of pretentious dildos is the inability to finish a sentence.
 wolfpk: I... do... not... agree...
 Sadbot: I'm not dinner, I was just drawn that way
 Peter Pantsless: Well I guess that explains the term "stuck up"
 Greifer: meh...
Image 262806   08-17-18   Uploaded by    chelseachels
 poetrysucks: @Zarathustra RONNIE DOBBS RONNIE DOBBS
 Scoo: American Curls are so weeeeird
 Zarathustra: Puscifer
 Robespierre: Rad for matador hat
Image 262805   08-17-18   Uploaded by    HighCactus
 Mr Bleak: I have been ... and always shall be ... your friend. Live long ... and prosper.
 wolfpk: Hi kitty. Hi food.
 Amy Housewine: @Not A Bot Strangely relevant to the picture. But incorrect nevertheless.
 Not A Bot: Human children are better, just sayin
Image 262804   08-17-18   Uploaded by    Morpen Lungus
 BavidDowie: I'm sure she can scam men of any race
 Scoo: @Hyphae Can't just go scanning randomly. Gotta plan that shit!
 Robespierre: Lupita Screams - great song
 Hyphae: Plan the scans?
Image 262803   08-17-18   Uploaded by    Korrok
 Greifer: frech press mothafuckas
 VeeKay: When pre-schoolers attack
Image 262802   08-17-18   Uploaded by    obama
 fanny: @Spazstatic when i was about 7, I crouched down to pet my cat and I felt a splatter all over my butt, I thought I sharted, but when I stood up I realized I had knelt on a caterpillar and it exploded all down my backside. and i think of that everytime i hear the word shart.
 Spazstatic: Can't tell if sharted, or just ass sweat.
 jochenau: Is "both" a possibility also?
 Mr Bleak: @fanny Don't period shame him!
 fanny: probably peed seeing as you are a boy
Image 262801   08-17-18   Uploaded by    Colty Brumb
 ignatz: Lovelock came up with the idea while he was working for NASA as a way to remotely determine if there was life on a distant planet, using spectroanalysis. He proposed that if a planet was any way off chemical or thermal equilibrium, it was likely to be as a result of biological systems..
 ignatz: ..until us obvs :(
 ignatz: @tib gubb You mean pre- Homo Sapiens? Nah.. Anyway, if biological systems are indeed responsible for climate stability, you have to follow the money: 80% of global biomass is plant-based, 15% bacteria, so all animals- including any hominids- will have made a small contribution
 tib gubb: @ignatz photosynthesis, yes - there isn't a zero-gain equation here; meaning that plant life is converting sunlight into 'terrestrial energy'. i'm more interested in the cause of the fluctuation, which i think is the much more volatile fauna population. i also think that ancient fallen human civilizations could very well be a thing, so take that as you will.
 ignatz: @tib gubb vvv
 ignatz: Geologically speaking we are now in an inter-glacial period, so there is obviously a range of temperatures but compared to the increased energy coming from the sun, temperatures have remained relatively stable. In the 4 billion odd years of life on earth the sun has become around 30% brighter- way more variation than we see in the geological record..
 tib gubb: @ignatz but temperature on earth hasn't remained constant. for example the (geologically) recent ice age, as well as more recent cool spots that caused widespread famine in (at least) europe. i think the cycle of hot/cold is a normal part of any life-bearing world, at least a carbon-based one.
 ignatz: @antipatterns @tib gubb @Hyphae Lovelock pointed out that the energy hitting the earth from the sun has steadily increased over time, while the temperature on the ground has remained constant. His explanation for this is biological systems sequestering carbon in carbon sinks removes vast amounts of energy from the global system. No surprise then what happens when we release that carbon..
 antipatterns: @Hyphae @ignatz Weird how the "science enthusiasts" became pretty unscientific dilettantes so quickly. Chalk it up to meme culture I guess.
 tib gubb: recycled... or MURDERED
 Hyphae: @ignatz but mostly plankton and algae
 ignatz: *sigh* recycled trees
Image 262800   08-17-18   Uploaded by    Shorts Leng
 Mister Beef: "Blue Oyster" theme plays
 tib gubb: nothing quite like the feeling of putting a fiver in your kid's homeroom teacher's g-string
 lecj07: @sparename The rehab facility/topless bar?
 sparename: Is this next to Cold Turkey?
Image 262799   08-17-18   Uploaded by    veryblue
 PenguinBartender: "Yes, you are a good dog. Next question."
Image 262798   08-17-18   Uploaded by    electrode
 Chest Rockwell: Finally moved out of that warehouse.
 Christina: They grow so fast.
Image 262797   08-17-18   Uploaded by    au bon pain
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