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262241  ThoughtlessGentleman: sentient rice.

262247  ThoughtlessGentleman: whoa! how im here again?!

262264  TurkeyVultureTed: Sooo happy.

262273  eevee: Looks stoned af lol

261897  Mr Bleak: @square44 Only if it's before 5:30PM #261898

261899  Mr Bleak: When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit. Because the toilet will fall out all over the road.

261900  Mr Bleak: @apoxia We do it all the time: teachers get annoyed if you refer to what they do as "lies to children" but that is exacty what it is: each year they tell you "We told you last year that ... but it's more complicated than that, it's really ...". For example "matter is made of atoms", "ah, atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons", "ah, they are made of quarks", "ah, no, they don't really orbit ...", and then you end up with lectures on "the effective mass of a hole" and it all gets really weird ... We need to lie to children in small ways, because the world is too complicated for them to understand straight away. Sorry, should have found a way to make that funny. Um ... (insert fart gag here)

261908  Mr Bleak: Black Panther sequel looking good!

261922  Mr Bleak: @dangerkeith3000 That's why it's made of wood - it'll burn to indicate a fire is present.

262177  Bohab: Context is important, you're very unlikely to be killed by a cow in the ocean

262225  Bohab: I feel less insane knowing it's not just me

261925  Mr Bleak: @Butcherboy It was snoozing.

261934  Mr Bleak: And I see the cats as "cute floof", "cute floof", "cute floof", "cute floof", "cute floof", "cute floof", "cute floof", "cute floof", and "cute floof".

262272  Fuzzpot: Young Michael Bay directs his first TMNT movie.

262272  berlin: GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!

262272  rockkstar: This porn has a young director.

262272  brown tony: "HEY YOU, DO NOT MAKE CUCUMBER!!"

261935  Mr Bleak: @Zarathustra Probably an iFruit.

261939  Mr Bleak: Has anyone seen my car? I left it here someplace ... #261940

262258  Warrax: Googly eyes make everything better?

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262107 Felicity: No heartbeat, you fork

262172 Teechur: It's like I'm looking into my own soul.

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262084 Felicity: @VeeKay Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

262103 Felicity: The border on the National Geographic cover gets thicker every year

261976 antipatterns: isn't even better than Polar fercrissakes

262235 UltraBeverly: I'm just glad it has a USB connection?!?

261949 Felicity: Pigloaf

262160 Felicity: @Prostata It's like Kinski from Nightbreed

261978 Amy Housewine: No I'm fairly sure 'aligator' means 'crocodile'.

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 Felicity: Sometimes cats are so cute you just want to chew on their ears, but that would be wrong
 redmonkey3: Hairy if true
 dangerkeith3000: racial stereotype!
 tib gubb: aggro gator getting spicy
Image 261249   08-07-18   Uploaded by    Uncle Larry
 Mr Bleak: Focus kitty, focus!
Image 261248   08-07-18   Uploaded by    Kevin II
 Teechur: @thatchetguy Does this make my Husky look like an ass (donkey)?
 thatchetguy: Does this make my ass look husky?
Image 261247   08-07-18   Uploaded by    midgetcastle
 Mr Bleak: BMW drivers are Human? Who knew?
 VeeKay: @Scoo Take half a straightened out coat hanger, sharpen one end then poke it through the offending vehicle's radiator (a bike spoke works well too!) and repeat until they get the fucking message. Oh, unfortunately people who drive German cars can get cancer too. Anyhoo... Good luck. Hope you beat the fucker.
 redmonkey3: Get out the space key!
 Joseph: @Scoo I hope you get well, you're rad.
 Scoo: @Teechur Exactly
 Teechur: @Scoo Wait.... 4 spots, one machine, procedure takes 15 minutes, and 20 minute max parking? Something doesn't compute.
 Scoo: At the place I get cancer treatment, there's 4 spots up front labeled "Short term parking for radiation patients only - 20 min max". Radiation appointments are only 15 minutes and there's only one machine. And yet, there's inevitably 3-4 BMWs, Mercedes, etc. parked in those spots.
 Mr. Shine: I like how they're all BMWs.
 Fiveninety: oh look it's those cars that always seem to pass me and then slow down to 10 under the speed limit
Image 261246   08-07-18   Uploaded by    eykei
Image 261245   08-07-18   Uploaded by    Bro Bro
 Air Biscuit: Meanwhile, at the institute for oral ergonomics...
 BavidDowie: Not agood one, but yes
 WTF: This is a sandwich. Change my mind.
 ignatz: Haha I used to weird out a friend of mine by eating things in unusual ways (eg banana- peel one strip then eat it with a spoon) this one's def going on the list
Image 261244   08-07-18   Uploaded by    Kevin II
 Robespierre: Meth lips tell the whole story
 Shay: Is this a sandwich? Please discuss.
 Felicity: Times must be tough for Red Green
 WannaBee: We're no longer the Wet Bandits, we're the Sticky Bandits!
 ignatz: @sparename Ha! You win
 ignatz: Stickier than when Sticky the stick insect got stuck in a sticky bun..
 sparename: Of course, he should've used masking tape
Image 261243   08-07-18   Uploaded by    badger
 VeeKay: Got one on my phone. I play it over a wireless speaker in my car and it's fucken AWESOME!
 Not A Bot: Possibly in Michigan
 Fiveninety: @Entertainmentalist yeah but isn't that what capitalism is all about?
 Entertainmentalist: @Fiveninety That just makes it an even bigger scam!
 Fiveninety: @Entertainmentalist i'll admit, in my previous comment, i forgot about that aspect of those cheap nonsense dispensers.. but with what i found in mind, no way those are $8 MP3 players.. see: ebay item no. 282956847867
 Fiveninety: @Scoo that's possible, but if you dig around the net, you can find little microSD card players that look a lot like what's in the picture for about $1/ea.. i bet they cost a whole lot less if you buy 100-1000 of them, and selling them for 75 cents a pop might make a decent profit
 Entertainmentalist: @Scoo Oh, there are probably a couple of real MP3 players in the machine, but most of the toys are stupid plastic things. Probably have to buy 20-30 crappy $0.03 toys at $0.75 each to maybe get an $8 MP3 player, and it's all but guaranteed, when they restock, that the more valuable things are moved to the top.
 Scoo: I think these are just hollow plastic toys, but yeah
 Mr. Whiskers: Also that sad face on the lever
 Mr. Whiskers: Me too @Fiveninety
 Fiveninety: i had one of those before Apple "invented" them
 Robespierre: Just high-quality mp3 players, my friend.
 Nope: now i feel old
Image 261242   08-07-18   Uploaded by    fidelcastro
 WTF: "Plagiarize Maya Angelou will you!"
 Mr. Whiskers: Take a look's *narrator voice* ONLY IN THEATERS
Image 261241   08-07-18   Uploaded by    anonimos
 Not A Bot: I'd love to vote for him, uh, really, I would but... um... AQUA BUDDAH, man, I'd hate to leave the Church of Aqua Buddah without its main guy, know what I'm saying?
 Mr. Whiskers: Ugh our kid was 42 weeks and almost .05 Ashton Kutchers
Image 261240   08-07-18   Uploaded by    Drump Porbs
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