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262397  Mr Bleak: I've seen enough porn to know how this is going to go...

262399  Mr Bleak: I hate that font: I misread it as "Petting Poo" and totally dissed the idea.

262402  Mr Bleak: That she takes a cat shopping for wine is a good sign of incipient Crazy Cat Ladyhood.

262404  Mr Bleak: Did you keep the receipt on the two kids in case they are defective?

262590  dobbiesdoogs: such warm

262599  georgerino: What do the teachers do with these cuties?

262598  sparename: So does an "069" mean that you have a large spectator?

262596  sparename: I thought it was a bit too polite for Alf Garnett

262597  glowstick: Derek looks fairly stern no parties tonight.

262586  Joseph: Mlemlem.

262405  Mr Bleak: Do you never knock?

262414  Mr Bleak: UPS deliver cats now?

262596  boomboomboom: I feel like Stan Lee might come out as the Creator some day in a Marvel Movie.

262594  dobbiesdoogs: you should see what they spent on candles

262595  youshall: "Clerics are forbidden by their religious codes from using edged weapons. Thus, a mace or a sling could be used by a cleric, but a sword or bow could not."

262595  steve: they work like the healing staffs from RPGs

262430  Mr Bleak: @kimjongun Ah! OK - Treaty of Rouen B

262580  Felicity: @Duld Grunongus But he can't start on Monday

262584  tib gubb: beer is gross, but also delicious

262494  Felicity: As long as it works, I don't mind

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262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262430 Mr Bleak: @kimjongun Ah! OK - Treaty of Rouen B

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

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 Vart Grunuble: @Scoo Says you.
 Deld Morpumbies: Worst. Font. Ever.
 Dulm Flumuble: @SuedeOxford you get em
 Vuft Horpungus: I would settle for just free.
 Mirm Horpopert: My wife didn't meet any of those criteria and I couldn't be happier.
 Meng Morpombies: @VeeKay: I was gonna say "fist bump," but then I realized the juxtaposition with your comment. Then I laughed. So I'll go ahead and say it anyway. *Fist bump*
 Molm Drumongus: women prefer men to stfu
 Frompo Morpoble: Fortunately, some men are debtfree virgins without tattoos...we need to get these two groups together!
 Frang Brongus: #NotAllMen
 Frold Grumbies: I like a woman who enjoys a good fisting. Don't care much for debt, but willing to haggle.
 Craft Dampoble: Some men also prefer winning the lottery and meeting unicorns, but that doesn't mean it'll happen.
 Rild Plemongus: what incels actually believe
 Frirbo Plumbies: @Scoo Robin Williams had a great joke: "Why would you want 40 virgins when you get to heaven? Anybody who's been with one virgin knows that's a bad deal."
 Jempo Cremungus: Debt free is a bonus
 Juple Grungus: I prefer women that don't vomit when they see me :P
 Rorm Plemungo: who gives a shit
 Creld Horpongus: Your dating preferences sound boring
 Duwn Flumongus: Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
 Trurm Rempumbies: Honestly, the virgin part is unimportant
Image 258106   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Flerb Plemongus
 Vimpo Grombies: Is that a shadow, or did the kitten barf on him?
Image 258105   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Pild Drumupert
 Horbo Plumbies: This has been tested many time; just not on mosquitos.
 Fring Morpungo: Using the 'Spring Break' method, I see.
 Relm Morpumple: Colour me dubious (which is a variation on puce). WikiSimple solutions are questionable at best.
Image 258104   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Liple Cremongo
 Harbo Bromple: @UnknownSample + for the word bemusing :)
 Birm Horpumple: @Jaunty Shrimp funny thing is, he's more of a thigh man. Okay.. not funny per say.. but.. bemusing?
 Vuple Dampongus: Your arms r 2 big
 Hong Dampombies: @Felicity on Rusev Day, you can be whoever you want.
 Hople Grungus: Take a seat
 Crongo Brongus: Is that a Cactus Jack shirt? I didn't know you could wear another wrestler's costume
 Piwn Rempongus: Wanted dead. Please.
 Craple Rempongo: @Knice HE'S CLIMBIN' THE BUCKLAH!
 Dumpo Horpungo: @Knice OH MY!
 Thiple Brombies: Bring back the Grand Wizard of Wrestling! Lou Albano too!
 Flimp Flumomple: @Knice BAH GAWD!! HE DUZZ!!
 Freng Flomple: Oh no, Gene, HE'S GOT A CHAIR!!
Image 258103   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Frolm Grongus
 Fliwn Rempopert: Y ur legs so smol
 Viple Plumple: Wy yoo brang me hear, hyoomin? I smells fear.
Image 258102   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Hart Grunombies
 Rorm Flumongus: The child of Batman and Catwoman.
 Left Brumple: Batcat.
 Dald Flumple: Cat pun aside, that paper mouth is really well shaded.
 Mawn Plemongus: "I'm Catman."
Image 258101   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Trirm Albongus
 Frilm Flongo: What about the album called "Bedroom windows I can see with my telephoto lens from my back garden"?
 Rown Horpombies: You do you.
 Lort Brupert: Estate living at its finest
 Hawn Grunongus: Ah. You like what you.
Image 258100   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Cruple Flupert
 Birt Rempungus: @WannaBee and a hummingbird
 Deft Horpoble: It needs a bunny and a mouse added on top.
 Froft Grupert: I accidentally asked for no trimmings on my burger and this is what I got
 Flumpo Ploble: You people are giving me a heart attack with all this cute.
 Romp Horpupert: I would play this Jenga.
Image 258099   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Jorb Flumumbies
 Rampo Morpoble: @Felicity I looked it up - it's "Fontius Pilate"
 Thart Flumopert: @Felicity SEGA
 Creft Plongo: The font absolutely makes the cover
 Frert Albongus: He has #258037 in his butt.
 Gurbo Plemuble: @Solemn He was embalmed, yes. And after the burial it was the mourners turn to get embalmed as well - they cooked up a cow, three pigs, and two goats, and chased them down with 16 cases of Ginebra and an inestimable quantity of Red Horse. Our twins went, and said it was quite a scene.
 Trango Albumbies: @Robespierre That's incredibly interesting. I'd assume that the coroner embalmed him first, though, since at 15 days, you'd see noticeable decay.
 Gungo Flomple: @Solemn One of my wife's uncles passed away a couple of weeks ago. As is the wont in their culture, he was placed on display in a glass-covered coffin in his salon for 15 DAYS before he was planted. I got to see the dead Uncle Eugene on video calls several times before his burial.
 Vawn Gropert: Geez, I hope this isn't Sarah Conner's living room.
 Duld Albopert: Hey, that's a great idea: put a dead relative in the 'living room'. They'll perk right up!
 Frirbo Flumoble: This porno is really disturbing.
Image 258098   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Lald Grunupert
 Beple Cremumbies: Felix here is in it to secure endpoints
 Hempo Gruble: Handsome lad, get off the counter!
 Freple Rempupert: *deep breath* "A-duhhhhhhhh. . . . ."
 Fleng Dampopert: driving to Pallet Town
Image 258097   07-19-18   Uploaded by    Bomp Morpopert
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