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258321  well duh: Who the hell is 2wicked?

258357  well duh: Horse sneezes in 3...2...1...

258380  Solemn: Hey, baby

258378  Lantry: and you can't take that away

258378  Lantry: cause the flag still stands for misogyny

258378  Lantry: amd defend her still today

258378  Lantry: so I'll gladly stand up, next to you

258378  Lantry: who gave that right to me

258378  Lantry: and i won't forget the men (and women) who died

258378  Lantry: where at least i know I'm free

258378  Lantry: and I'm proud to be an American

258337  Joseph: Resistance Is Futile.

258381  Knice: Do you get to say that you're a published writer if you do this? Otherwise, why?

258386  Knice: Yeah, no.

258387  Knice: "Is it me? It tastes like me."

258388  Knice: Just high-quality sticks, my friendf.

258304  dangerkeith3000: HA

258313  dangerkeith3000: This is how it should be.

258373  Solemn: Engage in coital relations with members of the female persuasion, collect currency specific to the country of residence.

258327  dangerkeith3000: I don't like this photograph.

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3. Robespierre
4. Scoo
5. tib gubb
6. Side Boob
7. Knice
8. Shay
9. Solemn
10. VeeKay

The top ten most commented-on images today:

258337 Joseph: Resistance Is Futile.

258248 Mr. Shine: @Side Boob Sorry about the sick family, but when you do visit, how about a quick meetup for a handshake and a double selfie for The Friendly Spaceship? I think that would be an AG first?

258106 RiderFan: @Scoo Says you.

258111 Annoying Vegan : This is wasteful.

258143 E. HONDA: there's a lot to unpack here

258129 tib gubb: @Wooden Spoon women thinking things, that's hilarious

258190 antipatterns: The question is not do they reason, but can they suffer?

258178 Robespierre: @copunter Nah, gave that up for Lent 30 years ago and forgot to take it up again.

258177 Robespierre: They hate mooses to pooses

258103 Jaunty Shrimp: Your arms r 2 big

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Warrax uploaded 257963 (760 points)
my wheelhouse uploaded 258155 (756 points)
salmiakki uploaded 257890 (754 points)
Salvador Molly uploaded 257943 (744 points)

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 1. Supermansbrother: 5107 points
 2. Warrax: 3256 points
 3. Side Boob: 2775 points
 4. Mr. Shine: 2377 points
 5. E. HONDA: 2291 points
 6. NotHuman: 2193 points
 7. god666: 2117 points
 8. DerMantis: 1807 points
 9. bromide: 1795 points
10. burritos: 1736 points
11. cran vodka: 1684 points
12. Drunk Orc: 1644 points
13. Solemn: 1640 points
14. logan: 1627 points
15. trumpet: 1621 points
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 savvoy: Somebody's about to get a coupon for a free ice cream!
 ThoughtlessGentleman: dudes bro fuckin sportsballs!!! i love em in my face th most yarrrghhhhh!!!
 Warrax: The only thing worse than getting hit in the face with a baseball is having to watch an entire game of baseball.
 WTF: I've been training to be a seal. Watch me balance this ball on my nose.
 Knice: He got sported.
Image 256576   07-09-18   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Mr Bleak: Welcome to the internet, where men are men; women are men; and girls under twelve are ... covered in pancake?
 addend: "Allo, I am Suzette."
 2Berries: When she is fully grown i will be ready for this spaceballs remake
 dangerkeith3000: "I'm a crepe...I'm a weirdo..."
 BavidDowie: Scared the crepe outta me!
Image 256575   07-09-18   Uploaded by    caitelyn
 Dresdenkeogh: Uncle Monika I hate you
 Science: Do you need a stepmom?
 Off Topic: @White Rice So... Username/Upload Combo?
 White Rice: @square44 nothing, just someone playing with "photoshop" (ms paint) and making something they think some portion of the internet will appreciate.
 Not A Bot: In not and.
 square44: idgi what do these have to do with each other
 SuedeOxford: Your waifu a shit.
 jochenau: UGUU.
Image 256574   07-09-18   Uploaded by    Troll
 E. HONDA: The plant icon means your car was partly made with GMO ingredients
 Spazstatic: Looks like the bulb test was passed. Now wait for them to go away... Oh look, routine oil change. Thanks for letting me know! I'll take care of it this weekend. Yes, it can wait a few more days. No, the light doesn't mean it has to be changed RIGHT NOW. ... Yes, I'll take out the garbage....
 WannaBee: @jochenau No it means Wall-E and Eve found plant life and humans can return to Earth.
 jochenau: Does the leaf icon mean your car is photosynthesizing?
Image 256573   07-09-18   Uploaded by    Tacorleone
 Springbok: When there's people arguing in hushed tones at the next table over and you're mildly concerned about shit breaking loose but the drama is too good to not snoop in on
 BavidDowie: tnomb...but still curious
 Scoo: Same
Image 256572   07-09-18   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 dangerkeith3000: eat it
 Yam: @smusher Man, I have trinidad moruga scorpion peppers growing in the yard, something ate a half of one today including all the seeds. Hopefully a bird...
 smusher: @Yam don't fret. They'll also chomp down all your bean and sunflower seed lings... Adorable bastards
 Yam: ... great, now I cant pull my dandelions because I'm gonna be worried this guy will go hungry.
Image 256571   07-09-18   Uploaded by    DeeeeeeeezNutz
 addend: "No, that would be wasteful. I just did a print preview, and took a picture of the screen."
 Knice: Illumination confirmed.
Image 256570   07-09-18   Uploaded by    BabyVaccine
 Felicity: Overcooked Muppet version of the Master at the beginning of "The Keeper of Traken."
 raditzu: @hajjpodge that was low, even for an friendly spaceship :)
 hajjpodge: Aunt Beru at the pool.
 WTF: She's got that charred black glow.
 Bill Rye: burnt to a crisp
 wolfpk: The end to Hotel Transylvania 3
 Scoo: Where will you be when armageddon strikes?
 dobbiesdoogs: sunny side of the pyramid
 TurkeyVulture: Same.
 Butcherboy: SPF not enough
Image 256569   07-09-18   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Not A Bot: Look at them damn sexy nails!
Image 256568   07-09-18   Uploaded by    suckit
 a sedated moose: "I quit."
 Munkybut: #metoo
 Bill Rye: "'be a marine biologist', they said..."
 Laree: I bet it smells great in there.
 Yam: "C'mere honey, lemme give you a kish"
Image 256567   07-09-18   Uploaded by    Bagels
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