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258062  Amy Housewine: Whyatt puts his name on this cartoon three times, whereas many would not want to own up to it at all.

258057  Amy Housewine: The strain of trying to remember this gave me a heart attack.

258070  Messed Up Dog: K9's in Satan's service! KISS!

258070  Chile Quornwrap: I would adopt this doggo and name it Violator

258070  mrmrmr: that's not what i meant when i said give me a kiss

258018  DrinkMixMan: Hydrox it is

258039  DrinkMixMan: North North North North North North Korea

258060  Sadpygmy: F'n happiness

258069  Disclosure: I don't see the problem, free honey.

258058  Solemn: @a robot No, it's a container! Put gunpowder in it first, THEN light it!

258019  Skinr: Jack Frost: With a Vengeance

258035  Skinr: Downward Dog?

258039  Skinr: Beauty of Upper Atmosphere.

258044  Skinr: And that's how Ald'ruhn was founded, my child.

258051  Skinr: I AM PEWTER PERSON

258053  Skinr: Hey now, you're a Morning Star / Get your Mass on, go pray

258064  Peter Pantsless: Even if you can't spell for shit

258057  addend: So... I /didn't/ survive a heart attack?

258055  Yam: Honestly, if the big four of thrash, Slayer was probably always my least favourite, which is saying something because I reeeally dont like Metallica

258058  a robot: LIGHT IT

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The top ten most commented-on images today:

257966 Mr. Shine: This is an oddly specific fetish.

257947 VeeKay: Now we're going to places in my neighborhood

257772 DrNinjaman: There's a survey on the back. If you fill it out you get $10 your next dress rental

258009 tib gubb: scare them crap out of them - chicks love that

257855 UltraBeverly: Aw, I remember the Insane Clown Posse bus parked in front right before it was torn down. Sniff...

258006 tib gubb: he can powerwalk as fast or slow as he wants; he's already won.

257969 WannaBee: The before picture #258041

257824 DrNinjaman: Damn it Spock, I'm a doc!

257787 some guy : This image is upside-down.

257890 VeeKay: I knew that the millionth facebook like would do it.

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 VeeKay: Happy borkfday Murca
 Yam: And then, the Bostons had a tea party
 Robespierre: Patriotic as fuck
 trelyate: Happy borkf of July!
Image 255734   07-04-18   Uploaded by    WannaBee
 LurkedMoar: Thanks axolotl
 Bluetocracy: Hai! catch u later
 lecj07: lol i herd u liek mudkipz
Image 255733   07-04-18   Uploaded by    tomatosaws
 Korrok: Korrok approves...
 ignatz: Discarded laundry would get my vote any day
 Solemn: Hey, I didn't know Trump took selfies!
 Shay: hup pee fur er joo lie
Image 255732   07-04-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Joseph: This is how models get thin?
 WannaBee: Female Bane.
 Bluetocracy: The NFLs innovative new way to deal with concussions.
 Solemn: Well, this is a new spin on 'caged beauty'.
Image 255731   07-04-18   Uploaded by    Avant Garde
 Felicity: I'm more interested in whitegoatee Martin Sheen in the centre
 VeeKay: Take that fucking camera outa my face you mothafucka
 AdaMan: Hello darkness my old friend...
 Solemn: Mr. Clean's cousin stares into your soul...
 Mr. Shine: Bald guy is dead inside, unable to feel joy.
Image 255730   07-04-18   Uploaded by    maura
 Not A Bot: It's a fine line between cosplay and black face...
 ThoughtlessGentleman: no is ok you right.
 Christina: This meme is stale. Change my mind.
 Shay: Maybe Mr. Murphy can change your mind...oh I'm sorry, this will refresh your memory who Murphy is *Robocop whoops Forman's ass*
 Skinr: This is RED
 Solemn: My donkey has a Ph.D. That makes him a 'smart ass'.
 Side Boob: RAD for Red Foreman
Image 255729   07-04-18   Uploaded by    PlzPlzMe
 lecj07: @VeeKay Plant implies nature had a hand in this. Such a thing is clearly a slap in the face to God and Mother nature both.
 VeeKay: Autorad for obvious plant.
 Bluetocracy: Booty
 Fiveninety: trillion island
 lecj07: Mystery sauce worries me.
 Robespierre: Raunch!
 Hokie333: Floor wax! Denture adhesive! Chainsaw oil!
 grizzly: !!!!!
Image 255728   07-04-18   Uploaded by    Laree
 BavidDowie: What is this, some sort of protest? -Some Pope, probably
 VeeKay: Religion is the opiate of the people church.
 Ironass: Well, who's church is it then?
 Robespierre: Simon's
 Skinr: When the Saints Were the Aints
 Micro Jackson: Peter's into FSM now
Image 255727   07-04-18   Uploaded by    drilldo
 Not A Bot: Gimme all your heart disease / All your salt and processed meat too
 Micro Jackson: You will shortly discover that I have soiled your mattress.
 Ironass: I'm trying to nap here.
Image 255726   07-04-18   Uploaded by    shadebane
 WannaBee: The floor is lava!
 Micro Jackson: My own private island!
 Ironass: Is the cat trying to nap?
Image 255725   07-04-18   Uploaded by    sir toke a lot
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