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268444  VeeKay: Extendo pup

268462  Micro Jackson: Also a little stale-ish

268463  Micro Jackson: @VeeKay Doesn't look very fresh to me

268464  Micro Jackson: Welcome to Canada

268452  VeeKay: True loves kiss

268456  VeeKay: Plan A

268460  VeeKay: Africa's deadliest animal (after the mosquito obviously).

268463  VeeKay: What fresh hell is this?

268438  Not A Bot: That was a strange episode of archer

268402  redmonkey3: @lolnotrly - Go Mom!

268405  redmonkey3: Better than alternative

268459  copunter: vvv also, loops on the door handle so's you could hang yer onion there while driving, such as was the style at that time

268454  Mr. Butt: @Annoying Vegan My Neighbor Contortoro

268459  copunter: those keyless entry pads on cars in the Eighties would have two numbers on each button so they could issue more different access codes even though the series of keys pressed would be the same

268120  Mr Bleak: They are little sods, really - dunno why we love 'em.

268422  redmonkey3: Love.

268427  redmonkey3: Go Back To Brazzers, Please... Thanks.

268440  VeeKay: *wiggle wiggle*

268431  redmonkey3: "Private Read - Do Not Sign" (gets out sharpie)

268444  Otterman: I must have this elongated pup

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268282 copunter: DDT is safe! Democracy works!

268224 Eleftheros: @Mexico ohhhh sweet I loved Paprika, I'll hafta see his other movies

267978 ChubbyBuddy: fair

268264 ignatz: Apples scaling walls.

268110 apoxia: This is someone's fetish. Maybe Earnie's.


268265 barfolomew: @AlexDeLarge well, this guy appears to be a plumber.

268156 Science: I call it... Derelicte!

268242 grizzly: @Dr Awkward sort of! I have never considered myself very good.

268233 Spazstatic: Hah, her shirt says "aero"

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 Otterman: Filthy! But genuinely arousing.
 grizzly: Okay. This is great.
 Scoo: Slurp
 Spazstatic: I think that dot on the "readers" head is hair that got cut off the edge of the picture but it looks like a crazy eye. Probably because of what that "book" is doing...
 blue shoes: My kids just can't grasp this.
 Albo Grungus: Shhh..
Image 253679   06-21-18   Uploaded by    Borm Pumpies
 sporky: Voted rad for butthole
 dangerkeith3000: Butthole is the best cuss and funniest word. I love it.
 Scoo: Classic Butthole
 Spazstatic: Also, you kind of deserved it for parking it in a tree. It was probably the city that took it.
 Spazstatic: Dropping f-bombs but self censoring ass hole?
Image 253678   06-21-18   Uploaded by    Vanna
 brian greene: and americans will have a dipshit for president
 Robespierre: @Shay Fat-shaming is one of the top tools of trickle-down Trumper trolls.
 sporky: Did he also predict he would be replaced by an unfunny chode? :(
 penguinslovebananas: Im all about a positive body image but when it starts to impact society as a whole maybe we need a little fat shaming.
 jochenau: There's no money to be made in contentment. Sell the problem, sell the solution.
 Knice: In the right now, I will badvote this.
 Not A Bot: And I said HEYYEYAAEYAAEY!!!
 Shay: Well, fat shaming is un-PC according to the media, so he nailed it on the head.
Image 253677   06-21-18   Uploaded by    Janston
 Yam: If you go home with someone, and they don't have bricks, don't fuck em!
 skittles: Encyclopedia Bricktannica
 DrNinjaman: Take a lick, it's in a brick, a Reading Rainbow!
Image 253676   06-21-18   Uploaded by    skylark
 Otterman: Please give me this pup.
 Shay: You expect me to climb up that shit? Carry me slave.
Image 253675   06-21-18   Uploaded by    Brain Thoughts
 tib gubb: would make a good tee shirt
 Laree: When I have a crush on someone.
Image 253674   06-21-18   Uploaded by    xylophone
 sporky: Don't look d.... too late
 charlemagne: ever notice how every major city has one pointy building roughly in the centre now?
 Spazstatic: Beauty of UAE
 Spazstatic: The Burj Khalifa, known as the Burj Dubai before its inauguration in 2010, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft) and a roof height (excluding antenna) of 828 m (2,717 ft), the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure in the world since its topping out in late 2008.
 Spazstatic: Where and how tall?
 Sandor: Not only will this kill you...
 Butcherboy: Those are speed holes. They make the building go faster
 WTF: (Anus clenching intensifies)
 Side Boob: RAD for engineering
 wolfpk: World's highest diving board!
Image 253673   06-21-18   Uploaded by    morakdais
 BavidDowie: 8-J
 lecj07: He got David Bowie eyes
Image 253672   06-21-18   Uploaded by    weed poop
 Passive: Ellllllllliiiiiooooot
 Shay: @ignatz I got 10 chances.
 Shorts Leng: Are you CRAZY? How many fingers do you want to lose!?
Image 253671   06-21-18   Uploaded by    dirtstick
Have a good caption for this one?
Image 253670   06-21-18   Uploaded by    donhomero
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