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268457  redmonkey3: Never. EVER. make eye contact with the goose - he has many other stops to make & no time for yr human flirtations

268451  Air Biscuit: But you wont know till after im gone anyway...

268452  Air Biscuit: Never trust people walking on water.

268455  Air Biscuit: Hungry for worrrrds?

268447  Ihminen: i like how the grey smear that is just censoring the letter I is also shaped like a letter I

268448  MrBoffo: Imagine a whole "Guernica" using faces like these - chilling.

268445  MrBoffo: You DID. I SEEN it.

268447  MrBoffo: Thank you, Grey Smear, from saving me from having to confess that I sinned by reading ... uh ... an "obscenity" ... or something.

268466  Bernie 2016: Aww sweet Zappa! I used to follow him on Instagram. RIP bud.

268449  MrBoffo: They make bathtime ... lots of fun...

268453  MrBoffo: Something something criminal intent

268454  Annoying Vegan : Which Ghibli movie is this from?

268435  Lunimeow: Nice Quackulator.

268453  WTF: That Moons Over MyHammy isn't going to pay for itself.

268451  mammal883: By the way, that eggtimer right above the sign for 2.99, they are wonderful for making hardboiled eggs.

268447  Eleftheros: @WannaBee I'd watch Jack Preacher

268451  mammal883: I used to do this all of the time at World Market, True Value, Target, et cetera. I was so immature back when I was 44.

268444  redmonkey3: There could be a recall notice on yr doggo...

268421  Mad Collager: All it needs when it's done is some toe cheese.

268423  Mad Collager: Borkfupine

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268323 alex: this made me vote rad @fanny

268233 Spazstatic: Hah, her shirt says "aero"

268108 Felicity: The knight and the demon are impressed that the wizard conjured forth a maiden!

267978 ChubbyBuddy: fair

268282 copunter: DDT is safe! Democracy works!

268264 ignatz: Apples scaling walls.

268299 Side Boob: @sparenamelaptopdied Frasier has already left the building :P

268265 barfolomew: @AlexDeLarge well, this guy appears to be a plumber.


268224 Eleftheros: @Mexico ohhhh sweet I loved Paprika, I'll hafta see his other movies

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 Mr. Shine: :-D
Image 252742   06-15-18   Uploaded by    carlin
 VeeKay: Goddam tree rat
Image 252741   06-15-18   Uploaded by    Stom Premben
 charlemagne: 'aye, you'll be a breeder my boy, like your mother and father, and our mothers and fathers before you'
 Not A Bot: installations were followed to the letter: "place one stop sign at main and one at liberty"
 Knice: Gaybies, if you will.
Image 252740   06-15-18   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Aspirin: Why Im not single: Alright looking, Not picky, X Dick is big, but not uncomfortably so.
 Shay: As single as Kraft American cheese singles.
 Teechur: Spiderman's had enough of your shit.
 SuedeOxford: Mine killed someone. She couldn't stop laughing and had a stroke. It was the only stroking to be had that night.
 tib gubb: same
 Mr. Butt: $5 or under footling
 Zaxxoff: it's not all bad, break a leg and you won't need crutches
Image 252739   06-15-18   Uploaded by    jeffrey
 Butcherboy: What object held together with only 8 screws needs two people to construct
 tib gubb: two vietnamese midgets? well that's kind of ridiculous
 BavidDowie: and they're SOLD SEPARATELY, of COURSE
 a robot: @barfolomew Nah, you're on your own
 Scoo: I don't even know one Vietnamese person, let alone two! :(
 barfolomew: REQUIRED ROBOTS
Image 252738   06-15-18   Uploaded by    caitelyn
 Borb Prembus: Sick burn
 Robespierre: 11 of 10: Clickbait junkies make terrible parents
 Mad Collager: I was a MUCH better parent before I had children.
 Teechur: And the poster made it slide 10
 Mr. Butt: As someone who doesn't have children, let me tell you how to raise your children.
 barfolomew: I don't get the issue here. Parenting advice is not like a medical diagnosis... you hear something, you mull it over, if it seems like a good idea you can at least try it.
 DeeeeeeeezNutz: Should be looking at parenting slideshows.
 Alaskan: My kids were born in the '90's, so no, not me.
 ineedhepl: If it's your first kid, sometimes you just get that fucking deseprate
Image 252737   06-15-18   Uploaded by    artfulcodger
 Mr Bleak: FFS: swap top left and bottom right!
 FabricMan: SOON
 Mr. Shine: I see you!
 Not A Bot: I should have listened to Jokey Smurf about Smurfette. I wish this village had a doctor.
Image 252736   06-15-18   Uploaded by    twitter
 Zukero: Ebola.
 Shay: He saw the face of God.
 Teechur: Shouldn't have looked at me nekkid.
 Dick Inspector: Good.
 dangerkeith3000: His DeLorian reached 88 mph.
 Knice: That dude has seen some serious shit.
Image 252735   06-15-18   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Robespierre: @drtofu The heroes we DESERVE
 drtofu: The heroes we need
 dangerkeith3000: Which one is me?
Image 252734   06-15-18   Uploaded by    FunkyDrunk
 snipdawg: Everybody lies. He knows why.
 Micro Jackson: Lupus. Plus, he forgot he pants
 Robespierre: Cuz he ded
 dangerkeith3000: Dollars to donuts his favorite band is Massive Attack.
 Side Boob: @hajjpodge it's never Lupus
 hajjpodge: Maybe it's lupus.
Image 252733   06-15-18   Uploaded by    snekeyes
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