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272309  tib gubb: uh... thanks?

272309  Prostata: my favorite place to eat

272110  AdaMan: Desk pop

272308  tib gubb: u sly dog

272301  Scoo: Craft Beerkf

272309  Dr Awkward: Uh, Wendy, sweetie.... I know you recently had a divorce, but I think ever Tinder is preferable to these signs on your front door.

272305  Scoo: HULK SPLASH

272279  Dr Awkward: Whos the first guy? Some random dude touching his crotch, or someone of notoriety?

272275  Astanapan: Need initial octopus speed, angle of throw, elevation of fan over ice and angle of collision.

272242  toolbag: Don't do this

272295  propro: he had hair on his knob?

272315  MikeWhiskey: Wanna squeeze those lil toe beans :3

272315  superfudge: This is mine. I'm taking this with me.

272315  nimbus: You bring your kitty, I bring mine.

272238  Zukero: His face saves the joke.

272300  Astanapan: Pictured is the witch Hazel as she infuses the face wash.

272314  miller: Hi Parker

272252  FabricMan: 55% of this fruit is grapefruit, and 45% is orange

272279  copunter: six degrees of staphylococcus

272303  Side Boob: Why do these things always lose air?

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9. copunter
10. dangerkeith3000

The top ten most commented-on images today:

272122 White Rice: @Warrax I don't know how I forgot about birbs...I feel quite silly now.

272155 Mr Bleak: I've looked closely over many years, and I'm still yet to find the coin slot.

272089 Sage: @Mad Collager That sounds amazing!

272159 Mr Bleak: Mistakes were made, judge. Lessons will be learned.


272205 Terrh: Classy...

272195 Air Biscuit: @Knice also happy birthday.

272261 Side Boob: I wasn't expecting The Mikado.

272189 Warrax: This goddamned shit is motherfucking KEEN I tell you.

271958 revtom: As if we wouldn't use those Atlas droids to fight. See that 'atlas parkour' video on youtube? We'll be remotely piloting those things in the next war.

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 tib gubb: props to whoever made this
 tib gubb: but grandma, the time gem goes on the first knuckle and the space gem goes on the third knuckle. god!
 White Rice: Shouldn't it be for the left hand?
 Peach: I don't know, this looks like the work of a millennial to me.
Image 251826   06-09-18   Uploaded by    rockkstar
 Mr Bleak: Shouldn't that be "slide through"?
 Bluetocracy: psst, pizza tacos still count.
 wolfpk: *your odds are slightly better
 DrinkMixMan: I like to imagine the apostrophe fell off from "taco's"
 ughjeez: Taqueria across town: Come tacos real, puto.
 Knice: Laundromat: *whistles innocently*
Image 251825   06-09-18   Uploaded by    weirduncle
 xylophone: why? @Side Boob
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 Vinochet: skritches are the best
 Side Boob: The good boy is you!
Image 251824   06-09-18   Uploaded by    falling
 White Rice: Went from a cute kitten to a rather photogenic cat (still cute, too)
Image 251823   06-09-18   Uploaded by    flatluigi
 Mr Bleak: Why can I only RAD this once?
 addend: "...and the children turned to stone!"
 a robot: That's a really ugly statue. Kitty is cute though
 Mad Collager: Oh sure, a nice, sweet kitty. It's all fun and games, until she bites your stony little hand off!
Image 251822   06-09-18   Uploaded by    boozer
 Wooden Spoon: The suitcase in the left is definitely going to fall out.
 Peach: Rear bumpers, the original Twitter.
Image 251821   06-09-18   Uploaded by    stunt nuts
 Robespierre: @Knice Something something meddling kids something
 Bluetocracy: Of course it was old man McCreedy all along!
 Dreforian: @FabricMan now I'm imagining Shaggy rolling an enormous joint made entirely out of pizza.
 Amy Housewine: Ree-hee-hee-hee
 FabricMan: Of course Shaggy hangs out at a pizza joint
 Wooden Spoon: Captain Lammers!
 Knice: *starts to form Scooby-Doo joke, scrolls, reads* Sigh
Image 251820   06-09-18   Uploaded by    pirate
 necronomicon: Thanos, why?!
Image 251819   06-09-18   Uploaded by    flowers
 Yam: @Teechur YOU RUINS IT
 Teechur: @Yam You mean like those nasssty little Hobbitses?
 Lantry: wind was strong, but pupper was stronger
 Yam: @Ihminen Not in a racist way, but I like to imagine a world where humans diverged in similar ways to what happened with dogs, and some people are just tiny and fluffy and adorable
 Nope: @Ihminen You can do a lot of fucked up shit with enough time
 Ihminen: i sometimes wonder how wolves turned into these after some intense selective breeding
Image 251818   06-09-18   Uploaded by    greg
 VoR: Buy two packs
 Amy Housewine: The struggle is real.
 Greifer: NO!
 Ihminen: finally someone who understands what's going on
Image 251817   06-09-18   Uploaded by    effzeeceekay
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