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258441  Ironass: @Scoo ... that way you can cum and go at the same time.

258442  Ironass: Was this playing at the time? #258448

258449  grizzly: @grizzly oh. I was talking about my wife. I forgot I left that part out of the story...

258448  Ironass: The closing theme to "Jaws"?

258449  grizzly: @VoR not open enough sometimes, but I try!

258450  Ironass: Try and get me now, cat!

258456  FabricMan: Better than "Contains: Chicken"

258463  Ironass: I think that ball gag is a little big for him.

258314  Knice: Return flight: #258466

258451  XLY: lucky dog

258466  Knice: This post gave me mesothelioma. #258314

258457  XLY: @a robot this is stupid

258469  Ironass: That's a shitty joke.

258404  raditzu: 100% Australia!

258450  raditzu: Skaven.

258434  Mr. Shine: @WTF No, no idea what that is.

258470  Sandor: Bun tired

258477  Ihminen: never had that happen but i have had it happen a million times where the cord of my earbuds get caught in the handle of a door i walk by and holy shit is it infuriating

258467  Warrax: @Spazstatic America was named after someone's child.

258434  WTF: @Mr. Shine Off topic, do you post on Wapo's mobile app. I saw someone with your handle on there.

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The top ten most commented-on images today:

258299 Bohab: I dunno,.maybe with some kind of belt or sash it might work

258182 dangerkeith3000: He's about to fight King Hippo.

258178 Robespierre: @copunter Nah, gave that up for Lent 30 years ago and forgot to take it up again.

258337 charlemagne: but I have no sister

258270 berlin: me too

258177 Robespierre: They hate mooses to pooses

258378 VeeKay: I'll get youse mutha duckas

258248 Mr. Shine: @Side Boob Sorry about the sick family, but when you do visit, how about a quick meetup for a handshake and a double selfie for The Friendly Spaceship? I think that would be an AG first?

258297 isosceleswaffle: Gradually becomes a disaster.

258190 antipatterns: The question is not do they reason, but can they suffer?

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15. nathan: 1639 points
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 redmonkey3: Can't be real; one of them would have moved or murdered
 Robespierre: Frenzy averted
 FireBreathingMarmot: We are from France.
 snekeyes: Cats love it!
 Tacorleone: Clawromon the White, Catagast the Brown, and Gandfluff the Grey
Image 249981   05-29-18   Uploaded by    FarmerWalk
 dangerkeith3000: The bus comes by every 15 minutes.
Image 249980   05-29-18   Uploaded by    jackthesmack
 tib gubb: you know what? there are people who make actual telescopes.
 Not A Bot: Hello satan, my old friend
 Mad Collager: Oh! So that's what all those women with cucumber slices over their eyes are looking at!
 Teechur: I thought it was nature's cat repellent.
 dangerkeith3000: I thought it was nature's dildo.
 Side Boob: I thought it was a big pickle.
 bug: Have you ever eaten a cucumber... on weed?
 Not A Bot: what da fuk did you just call me? step outside and Ill show you who's the pussy here
Image 249979   05-29-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Mr. Shine: @redmonkey3 it's one of those.
 redmonkey3: Hey! its a... ummmm... hey what is this?
 Mad Collager: Needs more duct tape.
 barfolomew: I can't quite parse what's going on here, but I just know it'll wind up with someone in the hospital and/or court.
Image 249978   05-29-18   Uploaded by    Black Jesus
 tib gubb: are they for eating? really if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't even bother.
 ignatz: Haha They don't know how to use the olives..
 redmonkey3: Worse than potpourri @ "snack or air freshener?"
 Mad Collager: Olive through this. Everything will come out okay.
 sparename: "Martini on the Ballcocks, please, shaken not sprayed"
 dangerkeith3000: "When You're Here, You're Family"
 bug: I'll pass on the dirty martini, thanks.
 Greifer: drop one pop one
 grizzly: These taste a little more briny than usual.
 chhumphrey: No, they said they wanted an olive green toilet, not green olives on it!
Image 249977   05-29-18   Uploaded by    entropy
 tib gubb: the clamps!
 redmonkey3: @dangerkeith3000 - i see it now & yes; groovy
 dangerkeith3000: I always think those look like faces.
 chhumphrey: That's one way to pull the plug
 sparename: Fired Earth
 WannaBee: Shocking!
Image 249976   05-29-18   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Dreforian: At least now we know where Bill Nye does his science these days.
 Dreforian: @dangerkeith3000 @chhumphrey I always thought there was both sky -to-ground and ground-to-sky lightning, never heard of it meeting in the middle before.
 chhumphrey: @dangerkeith3000 they do, then again we're getting very technical about a meme (and yes, I started it) maybe that's not so shocking.
 dangerkeith3000: @chhumphrey I always thought they met in the middle.
 bug: Zeus vs. Jesus - ROUND 1 - FIGHT
 Greifer: the good ol spicy hand of god
 chhumphrey: Since the visible part of lightning actually "flows" upward, this meme is inaccurate
 charlemagne: yes, yes, let your anger flow through you
Image 249975   05-29-18   Uploaded by    BaconCake
 charlemagne: I know a canadian lady with the same routine. her husband is living a life of quiet desperation
 Robespierre: The countdown to ecstasy commences.
 dangerkeith3000: @grizzly I've been looking for that book since the 90s and have had no luck.
 Greifer: @grizzly nada surf, perfect
 chhumphrey: Ashley seems to be planning things out
 Korrok: Fuck off! I do what I want.
 grizzly: Now's the time to tell him about your one-month limit. He won't mind, he'll apreciate your fresh look on dating, and once you've dated someone else you can date him again. I'm sure he'll like it. Everyone will appreciate it. You're so novel. What a good idea. You can keep you time to yourself. You don't need date insurance. You can go out with whoever you want to. Every boy, every boy, in the whole world could be yours If you'll just listen to my plan 'The Teenage Guide To Popularity'!
 Teechur: I'd like to say that Ashely is going places, but I hesitate to say where exactly....
Image 249974   05-29-18   Uploaded by    edvard
 Ironass: Well, there's no bucket for purple waste.
 tib gubb: all hugged out
 redmonkey3: @Micro Jackson - would explain costume... and a lot more
 Micro Jackson: I love you, you love me, I'm all fucked up on LSD
 Amy Housewine: Some kind of purple brontosaurus.
 chhumphrey: best place for him
 charlemagne: @petepuma or loved him a bit too much
 petepuma: someone didn't love him.
Image 249973   05-29-18   Uploaded by    NanananananananaCATMAN
 some guy : Located at 1843 Baby Farm Rd.
 theaquaman: Im a
 WTF: Pfft. Just a cheap knock off of the Ghost Baby franchise.
 barfolomew: Baby Ghost on Infinite Earths, Baby Ghost Vs. a Taking Cat, I'm excited for the whole Baby Ghost cinematic universe.
Image 249972   05-29-18   Uploaded by    canada
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