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254024  addend: Not featuring the singular feature of the swan, the elegantly curved neck.

254025  addend: *bad-ass.

253956  m o l e m a n: @Mr. Shine Lolz

254027  addend: "Heyyy, buuuddy."

254031  addend: (Silence at the equator.)

253931  a sedated moose: @Mr. Shine srsly

253994  raditzu: There is nothing ugly spoiling the general beauty of the surrounding.

253996  raditzu: Zatoichi's samurai dog.

254006  raditzu: abbreviation from POp coRN

254008  raditzu: a dick place to live, trust me

254023  raditzu: check mate!

254010  well duh: Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll sit in a boat and drink beer.

253953  raditzu: Their stepmom was a real bitch...

253321  Mr Bleak: Family pets tend to look the same: #253332

254030  a robot: @OldKentuckyShark Cuppa (G.I.) Joe

254039  kimjongun: Beauty of North Korea.

254023  Spazstatic: Where are the Americas though?

254008  BavidDowie: Peeninsula

254026  Spazstatic: Clean your camera lense.

254028  Spazstatic: Snaggletooth!

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253710 trelyate: well that's one way to prevent theft

253732 raditzu: What the hell do you want a virgin for? Have to teach her everything!

253826 AlexDeLarge: Longcat's owner

253709 FranzTrashka: Needs more coke

253831 Mad Collager: @a robot As others have said, protest. It may not seem like much, but it really can make a difference. Also, a fellow protestor told me to write letters to whatever shithead department is doing what angers you most. Not e-mails, but real, paper letters. She said they HAVE to respond to letters, and it slows them down, so they don't have as much time to do their shitty stuff.

253899 White Rice: @AlexDeLarge well, that's what the clickbait sites kept trying to "report" for a while (and diamonds, styrofoam cups, and a bunch of other random things)

253747 IKEA Lady: Improper handling aid

253751 redmonkey3: @dangerkeith3000 @DrNinjaman - yes! befuddle much much better... natures own pedo snuff film; great

253792 Dick Inspector: Thanks for the dream candy

253842 Spazstatic: @Mad Collager faker

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 Telkwa: Cristo Redentor
 Scoo: Jesus Saves!
 A duck: The King of Food Kings
 Not A Bot: "Hey honey, let's display a toast to my infidelity. LOL"
 tib gubb: nice shirt, jackass
 GoGo Robotto: I'm an atheist, was just trying to be silly... no offence!
 jochenau: @Side Boob @GoGo Robotto It's silly but it doesn't strike me as particularly blasphemous. Jesus probably would have used coupons if they existed at the time.
 Warrax: This explains that fish and loaves thing.
 Side Boob: It's not blasphemy if you don't believe!
 GoGo Robotto: Good old blasphemy, it's always fun
Image 249218   05-24-18   Uploaded by    bigjim
 Springbok: Sniff check
Image 249217   05-24-18   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 DrinkMixMan: Dangerously cheesy
 Thyming: "Hey," whispers the child, "you want some of the hot stuff?"
Image 249216   05-24-18   Uploaded by    neutron
 Mr Bleak: Princess Fiona was reluctant, but Shrek insisted.
 Prostata: they make an ointment for that now
 raditzu: I am groot.
 trelyate: this is someone's fetish
 tehghost: Must be retaining water
 addend: Ortho pharma + Ortho lawn care can solve this.
 Mad Collager: My, what a prickly pair!
 Mad Collager: She has a spine-tingling effect on people.
 BaconCake: You can touch... At your own risk.
 WTF: "Each time you shave it grows back thicker and more luxurious than before."
Image 249215   05-24-18   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 snipdawg: @Shay same!!!
 addend: *garde.
 Shay: 3004
 Dresdenkeogh: Ceci n'est pas un ouaf
 9inchfails: Change my mind
Image 249214   05-24-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Science: On the losing end of the wishbone, and I won't pretend I don't mind
 Springbok: It's the small improvements that add up
Image 249213   05-24-18   Uploaded by    whaleshark
 VeeKay: To gun down the whole fucking pack of you scum
 raditzu: 6 bullets, where is the problem?
 tib gubb: "if you didn't shower for this like last year, you're out of the family!"
 Big Beagler: By the way, we didn't even set a place for you because we don't give a fuck!
 WTF: "Actually, I was looking at German Scheisse porn."
 Thyming: I feel like this is something my grandma would tag me in thinking she understood "gamers."
 Dresdenkeogh: That feeling When all your friends and family have already internalized the teachings of Plato .
Image 249212   05-24-18   Uploaded by    qazwsx
 apoxia: My three year old would love this. He has a 2.5 metre long snake that he adores.
 well duh: Cribthulu
 Big Bong Theory: Sleep tight. TIGHT IN THE TENTACLES OF THE GOD OF DEATH. I mean, sweet dreams!
 Warrax: Good way to start, gotta raise 'em right.
 Musician: OMG, this is so creative! Wait, where's junior?
Image 249211   05-24-18   Uploaded by    fanny
 SuedeOxford: Dayman uses KarateAndFriendship! No, Antonio! It's super effective!
 Minnesotan: Nightman has evolved into Dayman!
Image 249210   05-24-18   Uploaded by    pleasing
 Starky15: Drove straight through Fuckthatistan.
 apoxia: I refuse to believe this is real.
 Air Biscuit: Welp, you've traded your civic. Did they give you the meaning of stonehenge?
 wolfpk: Cars have pretty good flame resistance, so it should survive my flame thrower!
 filthylaw: This can't be real, right? Because I'll lose my shit if it is.
 Not A Bot: Mom, stop follingme to work, you'll embarass me in front of my water-cooler friends
 raditzu: Welcome to Australia, have a nice death!
 sparename: I've heard of web-based taxis but..
 dobbiesdoogs: welp, looks like i'll have to burn my car
Image 249209   05-24-18   Uploaded by    WannaBee
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