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273436  drhenry: I wish you had video of the dog tucking herself in.

273417  Science: I would like to believe that this guy's luggage was lost and he had to make do with what he was wearing when he flew in.

273421  Science: Oh, Kramer...

273025  Mr Bleak: @Joseph Yes, but "hope my fuck* can drown" changes the whole meaning really.

273026  Mr Bleak: Well, she won't do *that* again!

273427  gulpeg: Freudian office chair.

273399  Shay: For shame Buddy Holly.

273399  mwoody: Bad news, miss: one of your gay friends is lying.

273418  WTF: Is your girlfriend really a duck?

273422  mwoody: Woot, I guess my untreated sleep apnea is a VIP pass, then, 'cause I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

25663  jljocque: Cat lies on top of baby for warmth. Baby can't inhale due to weight on chest.

273394  addend: # yeah, you know me #

25643  jljocque: More room for presents!

273422  Borp Mento: That fish ain't gonna fillet itself!

25633  jljocque: You can't solve a system of two variables with only one equation. Duh.

273354  Knice: This just made my day. :-)

273421  addend: Forks and knives still get washed in the sink. Learned that the hard way.

273413  ThoughtlessGentleman: the furblonger.

273395  revtom: Their fast food breakfast is second only to Hardee's. And their market fresh Turkey wrap, drowned in three pepper sauce is pretty good too.

273424  addend: How does it know? :(

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273017 grizzly: @drtofu E=mc2

273215 Sadbot: @Air Biscuit I've only had it by asking for it, it's never on the menu

273043 Mr Bleak: When my wife's sister died, I got her flowers. When they showed signs of being past their best, I got her replacements. over two years now, and I still get new ones when the old are tired ...

273346 Christina: Thank you, captain obvious.

273224 FormerLurker: @BumScag something about the stars calling in sick made me audibly chuckle.

273399 Shay: For shame Buddy Holly.

273352 Sadbot: @SuedeOxford A search string that does not disappoint

273265 Terrh: I hope it's good. Please don't have me executed by canon...

273408 whiplash: I wonder how much E. coli is on people's phones...

273123 DrNinjaman: Gesundheit!

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 Spazstatic: @Science @Side Boob thank you both.
 Micro Jackson: That's too bad
 weirduncle: That s an enviably feminine figure
 redmonkey3: So beautiful... THIS is cartooning!
 Science: @Side Boob: *Magic helmet...* (Get a load of this guy)
 Side Boob: This is the cartoon if anyone doesn't know…
 Side Boob: @Science MAGIC HELMET!
 Science: @Side Boob: Magic helmet?
 Science: @Side Boob: Your spear and magic helmet?
 FabricMan: @jochenau All I hear from that particular opera is helicopters
 Side Boob: With my spear and MAGIC HELMET!
 jochenau: And if you do ever go see the actual opera, all you'll be able to hear is KILL DA WABBIT, KILL DA WAAAABBIT
 wolfpk: What's Opera Doc?
 a robot: "......Neither did I. I was just asking."
 tib gubb: that lusty look though... yikes.
Image 248937   05-23-18   Uploaded by    Borm Pumpies
 Zukero: Looks like you haven't started Firefox in a while. Looking for a fresh-as-new experience? ...
 San DoDo: Your Firefox gave up, please restart
 tib gubb: i think your tanuki is busted
 a robot: Alright, who turned up the gravity in the red panda enclosure?
Image 248936   05-23-18   Uploaded by    The Man
 glenalec: @savvoy - Genuine LOL. Nice one!
 Mad Collager: @Robespierre Flattery will get you nowhere!
 savvoy: Rapunzel. Rapunzel, let down your stairs
 Robespierre: @Mad Collager Not THAT kind of shag, you wicked creature, you!
 E. HONDA: ok. now let's see the drapes
 Mad Collager: @Robespierre Sir, please help me up the stairs. Oh yes! Oh Yes!!
 Robespierre: Now THAT's shag carpeting
 Annoying Vegan : Cousin Its stepsister
 Volwen: StHairs
 LurkedMoar: Haircase
 glenalec: @WannaBee - Okay, NOW I'm grossed out!
 glenalec: @jochenau - I'm not grossed out, but am shaking at the potential slip-hazard!
 macrocosm: @jochenau me too. Just imagine taking a shower with all of that hair and it getting stuck to your fingers.
 jochenau: Am I the only one super grossed out by this?
 glenalec: Do not give the bison psychoactive substances
 glenalec: Stairs lead to a big shed.
Image 248935   05-23-18   Uploaded by    MC Delta T
 Borp Mento: Se dice Bisonte, no Buffalo.
 Greifer: but he payed for it
 augustus: I agree, if your son is bi, you should just accept it.
 glenalec: @a robot - depends how much you bought.
 a robot: Does this refer to all the bison, or just the one?
Image 248934   05-23-18   Uploaded by    booger
 chelseachels: Is suddenly aware that he is a cat
 Peter Pantsless: Do not give the cat psychoactive substances
 addend: "Was that my eighth life? or just a dream?"
Image 248933   05-23-18   Uploaded by    fisto
 San DoDo: @WannaBee Helen was, of course, a doctor
 JollyWell: This is why Helen left him.
Image 248932   05-23-18   Uploaded by    skylark
 eradicator: Pro tip: if you run out of toilet paper, do not use newspapers. It will not flush.
 jochenau: Vacuuming poop is already a terrible job, and seeing all the weird stuff people flush is the icing on the poocake.
 tib gubb: i think that actually counts as a hazardous material
 Dr Awkward: So, flushing things doesn't make them simply disappear? Even if it's criminal evidence? Asking for a friend.
Image 248931   05-23-18   Uploaded by    nclaw
 dangerkeith3000: Do not give the bison psychoactive substances.
 Korrok: Korrok approves....
 Air Biscuit: @addend the count is my favourite sesame street character.
 addend: Whatever it is, there's about 7 of them. Counting things is fun.
Image 248930   05-23-18   Uploaded by    whaleshark
 eurotrash: The older generation had such nice handwriting
 Mr. Shine: @Prostata *crush his nut, etc
 Prostata: he only had one ball
 hexxx: dat ol' 7 years itch
 jochenau: Did they not teach you about meter in English class?
 Dr Awkward: There's something to be said about the comfort of being united against the bad guy. Honestly, who the fuck knows who that really is anymore.
 glenalec: If I wanted to read cursive, I'd go back to high school!
Image 248929   05-22-18   Uploaded by    SurfNTurf
 redmonkey3: Everybody needs a stuffi guardian
 San DoDo: A pig in a blanket, how scrumptious!
 Mad Collager: @Dr Awkward I thought Dolly was a llama!
 Side Boob: An investment in bacon futures.
 donhomero: Great. Officers sleeping on the job. What else is new?
 Amy Housewine: Pair o' pink porkers.
 Dr Awkward: @glenalec Dolly was a sheep. #clonewars
 glenalec: It has a dolly.
Image 248928   05-22-18   Uploaded by    Janston
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