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253162  sparename: These Polo Fruits have been misprinted

253166  sparename: "THE MIGHTY CLOR (hammer)"

253150  AstoriaBum: Take it.

253164  Not A Bot: Pigeon is checking cat still want's the execution order carried throug.

253153  WTF: Kids today grow up so fast.

253159  tib gubb: australian man and florida man... separated at birth?

253131  Robespierre: Sounds like a threat to me

253149  sparename: "very little helps"

253148  Robespierre: Dubious shortcut - but my wife's Fiat might make it

253152  Robespierre: It's true - beards have no grasp of the logical

253155  Robespierre: "What are you doing?" ears

253157  Robespierre: The Legend Of a Wheelman

253155  Side Boob: My cat warps time and space.

252956  Robespierre: @Winterneuro As I said, PRACTICALLY everything.

253107  Korrok: You win this round, Friendly Spaceship...

252735  Zukero: Ebola.

252774  Zukero: Practical alternative to abortion

253153  Uncle Phil: I'm going to be wearing choo choo sweaters until I die.

253147  Passive: @metallica who cares

253153  charlemagne: jesus, it's like the past me and the future me had a child of their own

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1. Robespierre
2. tib gubb
3. dangerkeith3000
4. Not A Bot
5. Whatever
6. Mr Bleak
7. addend
8. Teechur
9. Air Biscuit
10. Side Boob

The top ten most commented-on images today:

252990 xylophone: lolz @Jabberwikket

252985 Dr Awkward: I have this same license plate on my horse

253065 FireBreathingMarmot: I worked hard so my kids could have just as bad or worse.

252973 Prostata: the trump plan to combat sea level rise

253037 FireBreathingMarmot: They spend their money on people - what a bunch of morons.

252895 hajjpodge: I've worked in retail since I graduated from High School, and I've been a dumpy supervisor and department manager. In my 7 years in this industry I can confidently state it is the Baby Boomers and affluent 40+ year olds who are the worst human beings I have to deal with on a regular basis. It is no surprise they've fucked the future of the country and the planet when they're so spiteful and selfish.

252894 Side Boob: Schroedinger's Pregnancy test

253018 Ironass: He's hogging the whole float!

253003 FireBreathingMarmot: While weighing these radical lifestyle choices, consider eating a normal f-ing diet.

252977 FireBreathingMarmot: I'm a bet on you when it comes to ag skills.

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Mad Collager uploaded 252641 (1602 points)
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shark uploaded 252908 (1116 points)
waynelord uploaded 252861 (1080 points)
Scoo uploaded 252646 (1054 points)
Mr Mumble uploaded 252801 (992 points)
Micro Jackson uploaded 252775 (909 points)
bigbison uploaded 252720 (896 points)
140bpm uploaded 252644 (893 points)
Coolguy uploaded 252667 (885 points)
Side Boob uploaded 252675 (860 points)
Shay uploaded 252704 (859 points)
lizzz uploaded 252859 (848 points)
burritos uploaded 252922 (843 points)
carlin uploaded 252742 (838 points)

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 3. Scoo: 5351 points
 4. Coolguy: 3341 points
 5. WannaBee: 3219 points
 6. dangerkeith3000: 2571 points
 7. Gazden: 2156 points
 8. Mr. Shine: 2092 points
 9. E. HONDA: 2002 points
10. Back Door Dan: 1923 points
11. Mr. Lizard: 1762 points
12. burritos: 1712 points
13. tess: 1708 points
14. redrex: 1707 points
15. Mr Mumble: 1669 points
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 Kaviri: Eloise at the Plaza.
 Air Biscuit: Die hard
 ignatz: Amarican Graffiti
 Greifer: the thing
 Greifer: I. T.
 2Berries: Breakin 2: Electric boogaloo
 WannaBee: Seven pounds.
 WannaBee: There will be blood.
 WannaBee: Big
 Robespierre: Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
 Mr. Whiskers: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
 Mad Collager: @Mr. Shine Touche'
 skillet: Blockers
 trelyate: Armageddon
 Mr. Shine: @Yurishiro But "a series of unfortunate events" already was.
 Mr. Shine: Much ado about nothing.
 eurotrash: @Mr. Shine eeeee! Deep impact is already on the board! Disqualified!
 Mr. Shine: Push
 Mr. Shine: Deep Impact
 snipdawg: Hope floats.
 jem: A series of unfortunate events.
 Osiris: Fire down below.
 Rachelina: Operation Dumbo drop.
 Skinr: Desperado.
Image 248291   05-19-18   Uploaded by    wolfpupy
 Kaviri: That's no parapet, that's a cowcatcher!
 Air Biscuit: Dracula has left the castle.
 ignatz: this pretty much perfectly describes my first acid trip.
 bug: @Mr. Shine The original was better.
 Mr. Shine: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust was ok.
 Mad Collager: Look, when I told you to design a cathedral that reaches for the heavens, I wasn't being literal!!
 Cami: This is what nihilists mistakenly believe.
Image 248290   05-19-18   Uploaded by    topcity
 sparenamelaptopdied: RepRap principle, I had a friend who, with a few others, did this - paid for one Reprap between them then printed the printable parts to each make their own. Haven't seen Paul for a while, must find out how they got on
 Mad Collager: Oh, if only it were that simple!
 King Polly: Mill Blue ray.
Image 248289   05-19-18   Uploaded by    goldman sachs
 Mr Bleak: Ok, which joker made the cones out of neutron star material?
 Air Biscuit: When you only have enough dough to make 11 muffins in a 12 muffin pan...
 Robespierre: Oolitic, or karst?
 Mad Collager: That cone was made in Hawaii.
 Alaskan: What's that orange spot in the middle of... well, the cars fucked
 petunias: I didn't remember VLC to be that heavy.
 Side Boob: Drive to VLC in the next 30 minutes if ur car wants an ass kicking
 karmakat: yeah...I am sure that the tip will warn enough...
Image 248288   05-19-18   Uploaded by    sue
 manlyman: [muffled]"You lost the bet. It does NOT smell great in here."
Image 248287   05-19-18   Uploaded by    Frank herbert
 weed poop: Looks like the house from Charles in Charge
 Kaviri: Hey there, sailor!
 Not A Bot: I've seen so much shit I can never be the good boy
 2Berries: I have this issue, still
 cakefizzle: Draw me like one of your french papa noels
 VeeKay: Those contemporary bullshit sleigh operators.
 karmakat: ever considere checking before you LAND?
 Peter Pantsless: Might wanna lay off the eggnog, Nick
Image 248286   05-19-18   Uploaded by    doindabs
 glenalec: Snow roof.
 Dick Inspector: Spring has come to Minnesota
 GoGo Robotto: You know nothing, Jon Snow.
 Skinr: Damn contemporary, bullshit architecture.
 VeeKay: There's Johnny
 Rent A Dog: Snow you didn't!
 karmakat: I know you look like a bear should still prepare for the snow.
Image 248285   05-19-18   Uploaded by    grid
Image 248284 is unbelievably bad (score -6) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by HenryVIII. Boo, HenryVIII.
 jochenau: In which the US-Mexico border is likened to a fat guy's pelvis.
 Mumbles: @glenalec I thought that was Freddy Mercury.
 glenalec: The Invisible Hulk
Image 248283   05-19-18   Uploaded by    Life Whacker
 Not A Bot: As a professional giver of advice, I second the advice about getting a few high quality blades. Probably the best investment for your kitchen.
 Mad Collager: That conjures a picture. Is there a version that features fudge?
 Greifer: (c) Tom Waits
 balloon: That porn would be weird.
 VeeKay: Shut up and take my money
 Not A Bot: Lieutenant Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red dress tonight.
Image 248282   05-19-18   Uploaded by    beckybecky
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