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272807  Teechur: His trunk will stay clean. Oh, wait. I see rolled up jeans. He probably drives a pristine 4x4 with leather interior and "off-roads" onto fields to park at flea markets where he shops for hipster crap.

272814  Teechur: Should we put Old Bay Village seasoning on it?

272819  AdaMan: Cheese. It gives you ideas.

272845  Teechur: Rad for MAD magazine, but BAD for microposting it.....

272851  Teechur: @Off Topic I'd pay a nickel for a family portrait and include it with our Christmas cards this year.

272846  dangerkeith3000: This picture is almost as awesome as the cannibalism pros and cons discourse on #272816

272836  dangerkeith3000: Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

272838  dangerkeith3000: My cousin's boyfriend has a huge truck with the license plate "LIL MAN". Granted he *is* 5'4"...

272849  dangerkeith3000: Dinochicken

272837  Snow Plow: little pink hound dogs for you and me

272854  sparename: I lost my polarising fil.ter

272847  Eleftheros: @Sadbot I woulda thought it was the nazi-killer reputation for the 1940s models rolling over on German roads

272851  Off Topic: I think I'd pay for one of these.

272848  Korrok: Korrok approves.

272816  dangerkeith3000: @fanny Possibly. Though how lean the cut of human flesh is and the age of it would probably matter more, I'm guessing.

272796  antipatterns: at least its not bowsette

272813  antipatterns: @dangerkeith3000 when they try and sell the building that pillar just explodes

272802  Scoo: Now in THREE-DEE!

272816  antipatterns: even i eat fucking wack ass alien bugs man they aint even animals

272818  antipatterns: mmmmm im thinking about those cheeses

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272539 Kaviri: Firepower.

272683 White Rice: @Science damnit! I should have expected as much from a JC where an English teacher wouldn't answer to anything other than "Coach" and somehow marked me absent over 30 times in the first 2 weeks of class :-/ Well, leave it to @Science to set our misconceptions on science straight.

272540 Science: @a sedated moose: Yep. And apparently it's now all factory farming where the civets are horribly mistreated.

272734 Throwbot: I imagine regular flavor tastes like beige

272663 Science: According to Stormfront, poor doggo is allergic to his house and humans. He got some shots and is on the mend. I can commiserate, since one of my dogs is allergic to something too.

272681 Mr Bleak: Masterblaster: One man, one cat, and one chicken enter. One cat leaves.

272621 lecj07: @Science imagine her as a take on chucky. This is how she lures you in.

272816 dangerkeith3000: @fanny Possibly. Though how lean the cut of human flesh is and the age of it would probably matter more, I'm guessing.

272774 Sadbot: Comrade @TurkeyVultureTed gets right to the heart of the issue, though

272659 Mr Bleak: Looks like she is regretting the vegetarian option.

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 glenalec: @Nope - Thank you for allowing us all to enjoy it too.
 Nope: I uploaded this because I enjoy that cats little hat.
 hajjpodge: Mayor Mittens at the ground breaking ceremony for the town's largest litter box.
 someguynameded: What do you say meowgineer?
Image 248151   05-18-18   Uploaded by    Nope
 Passive: *sluuurp* needs more eye of newt
 petepuma: i bet it smells great in there
 sparenamelaptopdied: @Darmstadtium "Waitress, there's a fledermaus in my soup!"
 Scoo: We're eatin' good tonight!
 bug: Nananananananana BAT-BLEARRRGGHHFFFFfff
 Darmstadtium: Waitress! There is a fly in my soup!
 DrinkMixMan: Aw, they're giving him a bath! Looks like he needed it, too, look how dirty that water is. :)
 Dr Awkward: Disease Vector: It's what's for dinner!
 kittylitter: The fuck is this
Image 248150   05-18-18   Uploaded by    Toasted Taco Brunchito
 piranharama: Im not sure who identifies as this
 Not A Bot: My mom always said I was the whole problem.
 Mad Collager: @bug @kazzy94 Brings new meaning to the prison called Sing Sing.
 kazzy94: @bug thank my auto correct, I meant dong
 sparenamelaptopdied: Scatostalactite Depository
 bug: @kazzy94 I've never called it a song before, but I like that
 kazzy94: His song is the same thickness as his leg, either he has bird legs or he's super well endowed.
Image 248149   05-18-18   Uploaded by    forkbear
 Robespierre: "Don't you hoomins ever knock first?"
 jochenau: Maybe it's just perspective but that dog looks rather elongated.
Image 248148   05-18-18   Uploaded by    frankie
 2Berries: @Air Biscuit yup, we just assume it is so
 Air Biscuit: On the internet, no one knows you're pooping.
 Psymon: Don't project our human inadequacies onto animals, they're better than that
Image 248147   05-18-18   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Zukero: Jesus or Keanu Reeves ?
 john dough: I didn't get your coversheet on your last tsb report....yeeeah...
 Yam: @fanny Tonight on Burnt Out Millenial Christ, the apostles try to get Jesus to go out bar hopping but he REALLY just wants to order a pizza and chill.
 bug: Also, I love the placement of the emergency sign: In case of fire, turn to Jesus.
 bug: Employee of the month for 2,000 consecutive years: Jesus.
 fanny: @Yam finally, a savior for the rest of us!
 sad face: We get it jared leto is jesus
 Yam: Ok, heres my pitch. Its a sitcom about 29 year old Jesus, working in an office job he hates, but is too crippled by anxiety and depression to follow his dreams so he just gets baked and watches cartoons all the time
 Scoo: This new Mike Judge show looks boring
Image 248146   05-18-18   Uploaded by    clueful
 raditzu: *heavy breathing*
 glenalec: @jochenau - yes, clockwise from bottom-left is not very intuitive! Graphic design must be their passion.
 john dough: Chocolate cherry buttholes
 sparename: Reminds me of the buffets at a trade show in Vegas - as if strawberries aren't nice enough, they had some coated first in white chocolate, then dark, then, I think, dipped in icing sugar.. These were after the enormous steak carvery portions and free beer..
 jochenau: I'm confused about which order these steps are supposed to go in.
 wolfpk: Damn it! My phone now has bite marks on it.
 Dr Awkward: Would eat.
 Scoo: Moist Supreme was my street corner name
Image 248145   05-18-18   Uploaded by    trees
 Air Biscuit: "Dont hit these rocks here. These ones."
Image 248144   05-18-18   Uploaded by    DimwaldtThrockmorton
 flushpuppy: D:
 Dr Awkward: IT BURNS!
Image 248143   05-18-18   Uploaded by    east bay
 when so: @Mr Bleak nothing a little tape can't fix
 Mr Bleak: @when so OKJ, so you're brave enough. Me rather less so. The hospital is thataway, but do you have an ambulance on standby?
 glenalec: Graboid.
 piranharama: We have wormsign!
 john dough: Mylastbj.jpeg
 San DoDo: A tooth for a tooth.. this might take a while
 Unstableton: Meh
 BavidDowie: toothsome
 2Berries: On the internet, nobody knows your pooping
 Christina: That's the monstrous mouth of a turtle.
 when so: Here goes... *unzips*
 Korrok: Korrok approves...
Image 248142   05-18-18   Uploaded by    Bagels
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