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263277  Dresdenkeogh: "Or we could rough up an innocent black guy? "


263265  sparename: He still talks about "exta" terrestrials, though

263274  Prostata: he's seen some shit

263265  Uncle Phil: @Robespierre This image is about the extent of this guy.

263273  Robespierre: R = Blinky

263274  Robespierre: You're travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Critter Zone

263270  Robespierre: Malcolm In A Muddle

263271  Robespierre: On my work computer this image appears next to Today's weirdo item, which appears to be a digital quarter. Coincidence? I think not.

263283  johnnyc: Why are all foxes so photogenic?

263267  Air Biscuit: Already Been Chewed?

263267  Robespierre: (& charge your damn fone, loser)

263241  Robespierre: Image/username combo - eww.

263272  Robespierre: Entering heavy rotation in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

263257  FormerLurker: Id go with the 6th choice.... all of the above.

263242  Not A Bot: Requires Netscape Navigator 1.2

263163  ppr4: What do you mean @lecj07

263269  Robespierre: This new Fargo concept looks tasteless

263254  Robespierre: Dial me up, baby.

263255  Robespierre: "... the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" "BORKF"

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263192 Robespierre: Hormel's Finest

262892 Felicity: The Arch Non Deluxe

263011 Fiveninety: you don't know me

263031 Not A Bot: I can attest that this guy still rides around also that sign is on the back of Dante's

263162 Spazstatic: @Whatever oooh, good point.


263202 Robespierre: Lowest Bidder things

263070 wolfpk: *and blows

262891 Passive: Thaaaaaaats not a caaaaaake tray thats a poopoo platter

263229 dangerkeith3000: "Imagine what I can do to your penis."

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 mwoody: Is that bridge popping a wheelie?
 wolfpk: This is not a good picture of this bridge. This is the infamous Norwegian "dead end bridge." If the picture was from the other side, it would look like the bridge goes part way, then just ends. Google "dead end bridge Norway" to see pics from the other side. Those pics are freaky!
 Christina: @fishsoup Nah, it's Norway. I just did an image search.
 Air Biscuit: Itll straighten out when the wind dies down.
 charlemagne: I have the same problems on sim city
 fishsoup: I think that's iceland.
 Christina: Beauty of Norway.
Image 246157   05-06-18   Uploaded by    RogueLeader
 itskando: Reiq
 Air Biscuit: Who cut the cheese?
 fatman: Pac-Man with his mouth closed.
 thecraftywolf: this feels like im looking through a microscope...
 Nope: This is the worst pie chart ever
Image 246156   05-06-18   Uploaded by    Watch Out
 E. HONDA: these days I usually get my bees on the internet
 BavidDowie: This isn't Sacramento!
 Minnesotan: I'll just pop a B on the side so we know it's full of bees
 copunter: according to rival newspaper....
 barfolomew: That's the worst news of all!
 Side Boob: Bees usually cost more
 grizzly: How bad could it possibly b...eeeeeessss! Holy fuck!
 Mr. Shine: But I wanted bees.
 VeeKay: Glorious, glorious bees.
 Air Biscuit: Colony collapse happens when they run out of quarters.
 thecraftywolf: bees?
 Supermansbrother: Welcome to Wisconsin.
Image 246155   05-06-18   Uploaded by    WannaBee
 Not A Bot: Is that Freddy Mercury?
 FabricMan: I'll never be able to enjoy peanut butter again
 Not A Bot: Have some hot dog with your ketchup.
 Whatever: Too many cat videos obviously
 Zarathustra: So you like me-style?
Image 246154   05-06-18   Uploaded by    Rachelina
 caesar: @Mr. Shine definitely. Any of his movies.
 whiplash: New shrek movie looks awful.
 Air Biscuit: This is what causes colony collapse.
 Mr. Shine: @WannaBee I'd watch it!
 Not A Bot: Meh, you could do worse for an orgy
 Jalamunch Totorito: Jason Staham Pixar version?
Image 246153   05-06-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 rubix1924: lol rip me im trash bby
 Whatever: Keep in mind, Oscar was green long before renewables were in; maybe he started out in a recycling bin, but got fed up by people calling it a trash can and got grouchy because of it
 tib gubb: this
Image 246152   05-06-18   Uploaded by    nimbus
 Prostata: @Air Biscuit i don't think he would be tasty
 Air Biscuit: @Prostata not food?
 Prostata: Since folks are posting fish. This is Deano, a fish friend.
Image 246151   05-06-18   Uploaded by    Prostata
 Slerzy: Plumber inception
 Demon Universe: Ah, ha. It was a me all along. Mario. I guess, maybe everyone knew.
 El hefe: *universe implodes
 Shay: He touched a Goomba and lost his mushroom power.
 Zarathustra: Matryoshka Mario.
 grizzly: @glenalec damn!!!!
 grizzly: It'sa me!
 glenalec: It's-a-Meee all the way down!
Image 246150   05-06-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 tib gubb: ha! classic
 DrinkMixMan: Christ, what an asshole.
Image 246149   05-06-18   Uploaded by    Remp Wulgus
 Messed Up Dog: This is a riposte!
Image 246148   05-06-18   Uploaded by    NotHuman
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