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272423  ThoughtlessGentleman: ttthhhhheeee ccciiirrrcccllle of llllliiiiffffeeee!

272439  ThoughtlessGentleman: we are number one! hey!

272371  Passive: I miss Emplemon's YouTube poops

272457  cran vodka: Teeny teefies!

272395  Passive: I hate these "Ally theater" bathroom signs

272398  Passive: This was written by adult pretending to be a child.

272401  Passive: It's not good to drive fast when it starts raining because it kicks up the oil on the road.

272438  Passive: Gotta teach em to objectify women young because

272448  Sadbot: John Carpenter's The Garf

272448  Dresdenkeogh: Hes in every shadow @Knice

272300  kristy: @charmander lol

272294  Dresdenkeogh: "Dwayne " the Rock " the rack Johnson"

272455  addend: "This depicts a zealous comrade offering a refreshing bottle of beer to a new American friend, promoting peace and harmony between our nations. Prints are available in the gift shop."

272434  VoR: Pet me.

272455  kimjongun: Beauty of North Korea.

272402  addend: "Whose is that?!" / "Jean's."

272403  addend: Lanky horse.

272454  the snark: Anyone else hear a whisper saying turn it on?

272438  addend: (Titters.)

272439  addend: To nipfinity and beyond!

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272205 Science: Well, that explains the bruising on the legs.

272189 Warrax: This goddamned shit is motherfucking KEEN I tell you.

272295 DrinkMixMan: Thanks, these injured animals really brightened my day!

272155 White Rice: @Science oh no!

272261 Side Boob: I wasn't expecting The Mikado.

272195 Spazstatic: @Knice "Happy happy birthday, my song is really short!"

272135 Mr Bleak: Sorry, but that's animal cruelty, pure and simple.

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny You'll do fine! If you have any trouble, reply here and I'll trouble-shoot. I just hope I see the reply in time to do you good!

272078 savvoy: Guy in my neighborhood does this some mornings. There's a school down the street, and once parents drop off the kids, they drive like bats out of hell through the neighborhood to get to less-congested exits to the main streets. The cops only ever set up on the main streets.

272159 SuedeOxford: @tib gubb Certainly, but I like my odds on this one.

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 desertfox: The skeleton that sdoot
 bad tony: Rad for using a believable font
 glenalec: Please! Spoilers!
 RiderFan: Takes place in Maine.
 E. HONDA: the motherfuckin' van zone
 kodiakjojo: #1 Bestseller to the trashcan. Read it. it was all boney and the van-acular was atrocious
 San DoDo: VLC really leaks into everyday life, doesn't it.
 Bill Rye: Is this for The Stand?
 Christina: @WTF Because it was Stephen King's.
 Zukero: Fake. The book covers never have anything to do with the title or the book itself.
 WTF: ...and it sold over 3.8 million copies within 35 seconds of being released.
 Warrax: My skeleton never does cool stuff like this. So lazy.
 Himesama: The Girl Who Radded This On Her Tablet and Flipped Off A Dog And Drank Some Tea
 Yam: Spooooooky
Image 244300   04-25-18   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Whatever: Obviously they shouldve gotten daddy out of the chair before they dumped it off at the Salvation Army store. Not to mention the $3.42 in change lost in the cushions
 Zukero: The only army that gives daddies back.
 petepuma: all it took was 100BTC
 tib gubb: monsters
 charlemagne: we hope you enjoy the ransom money
 barfolomew: Finally repairing the harm they did as part of the Child Migrant Program I see, good good.
Image 244299   04-25-18   Uploaded by    m o l e m a n
 lecj07: @Yam To me it's no weirder than porn arcades or headshops where gasmask bongs have a "tobacco use only!" sign.
 Christina: I'm OK with that.
 Whatever: Trumps younger brother didnt turn out so well
 PenguinBartender: @FabricMan THANK you
 FabricMan: MadTV sucked
 Yam: @Mr. Butt I just read a HuffPost article about a store in Chicago that caters to ABDLs. Now I dont know what to think
 lecj07: @Mr. Butt those are tighty-whiteys though. Simple Jack or Stuart?
 Mr. Butt: ABDLs are weird.
 Skaalar: Look what he can do!!
Image 244298   04-25-18   Uploaded by    kristy
 bug: Instructions unclear: had best weekend of my life.
 petepuma: those eggs are huge! and so clear!
 Scoo: Shut up and take my money!
 lecj07: Do you have monthly rates?
 Warrax: My weekend's set.
 tib gubb: you had me at gravy hot tub
 Yam: where will YOU be when diarrhea strikes
 Annoying Vegan : We used to laugh about a hotel sign that read Remodeled Seniors Welcome.
Image 244297   04-25-18   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Yam: Man, imagine if you made that a bread bowl for turtle soup... the mind boggles at the possibilities
 In The Pocket: I dont get it, clearly a regular turtle.
 lavender: Corrrallll!
 kswat: They're bread, Carl!!
 NonRhetorical: Daaaaaaad...
Image 244296   04-25-18   Uploaded by    prius
 FireBreathingMarmot: Kubarbus.
 psyops: Aw :-)
 glenalec: @dangerkeith3000 - When I used to sub-teach, I sometimes taught at my brothers's school. I told the students I was the evil brother, which made Mr Roberts ... the even more evil brother.
 Bluetocracy: yes, dears, you are scary.
 Bohab: @dangerkeith3000 it's usually both, with enough leftover evil to make a third, unrelated person into kind of a jerk
 FabricMan: @charlemagne Is that their left or our left?
 Christina: "Danny, come play with us."
 charlemagne: @dangerkeith3000 the left twin. it's always the left one
 dangerkeith3000: Which one is the evil twin?
Image 244295   04-25-18   Uploaded by    genius
 Bro Bro: @a robot oooh... Sounds cyberotic!
 a robot: @Yurishiro Bite my sparkly metal....everything!
 Seven Eight Nine: Is this @a robot?
 Mr Mumble: @barfolomew gotta throw the whole building away
 FireBreathingMarmot: "Where did I go wrong - eating a bowl of glitter, or thinking I could hold back that sneeze..."
 Malkchic: That looks like it'd be extremely uncomfortable
 Joseph: Glitter-tering is what the Dutch call this. (Glitter tuberculosis)
 sumo: Princess glitter sparkles seriously
 Bluetocracy: Soooo... I was eating soup when my unicorn got diarrhea.
 PenguinBartender: #whenyousneezeinyourglitterflakesbowl
 celebgate: Won't someone think of the children? And the fucking environment that we're destroying with shitty shit shit like this?
 Warrax: Absolutely horrifying.
 Himesama: Holosexual
 dangerkeith3000: You are what you eat.
 barfolomew: That building she's in is now unusable.
 discodisco: i would rather be set on fire
 glenalec: A REALLY bad case of arts-and-crafts.
Image 244294   04-25-18   Uploaded by    WannaBee
Image 244293 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by depression. Your image was bad, depression.
 buds420: This is what the doots leave behind.
 FireBreathingMarmot: Banksy goes conceptual.
 bookcase: Years ago, this used to be the first result when you would Google image search the word splat
 glenalec: Too soon! #244173
 Malkchic: It's the globglogabgalab
 Side Boob: @petepuma Jump off a building like this lady did. Bones go away.
 Otterman: His skeleton is probably just waving at birds and stealing traffic cones.
 petepuma: i wish i had no bones! (oblig)
 dangerkeith3000: @funny in the wall Yeah. The Family Guy Viewer Mail #1 episode.
 funny in the wall: @dangerkeith3000 the no bones episode? classic
 dangerkeith3000: I remember this episode of Family Guy. It was like the 2nd season or something when it was still good.
 Scoo: I don't understand. It must be a Jeep thing.
 WTF: Never leave your wax replica of Grover Cleveland outside on a hot summer's day.
Image 244292   04-25-18   Uploaded by    prospector
 InfiniteZero: *slowly rises above water without moving*
 Skaalar: Grandpa! Where have you hidden the other half of the apple?
Image 244291   04-25-18   Uploaded by    Telkwa
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