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248680  DrinkMixMan: anime

248672  dangerkeith3000: How have I never seen this joke before?

248638  Robespierre: Kept on ticking

248678  dangerkeith3000: Fuck 'all

248680  dangerkeith3000: @Yurishiro Hey now!

248688  Warrax: I was pretty skilled with the M-16 plotting board back in my service days.

248685  dangerkeith3000: Her name is Crystal.

248686  dangerkeith3000: DAD?

248688  dangerkeith3000: That's nothing. In 9th grade I bought a TI-89.

248661  Robespierre: Stargazy aspic looks rather grim

248667  mwoody: OH................................................................................................................................YEAH

248664  Robespierre: @antipatterns Their pizza is wobblier than most

248668  DrNinjaman: I'm paralyzed with island rhythms

248685  mwoody: Narrator: "Crystal Light: official beverage of the Slender Man." Model: "And women!"

248674  Robespierre: Jaunty!

248670  raditzu: I'd eat that.

248687  Nope: No u stay!

248690  barfolomew: Credit to The Onion.

248684  Sandor: I'm in flavor country

248681  VeeKay: This is what happens when care givers lose their shit

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248456 Science: @ignatz: But it's already been done, hasn't it?

248458 Shay: Instructions not clear, so *HONK HONK*

248508 trelyate: written by UR MOM!

248597 Nothing: Bob Johnson

248685 dangerkeith3000: Her name is Crystal.

248465 titular role: lolz @Annoying Vegan

248646 Felicity: Enough with the royal-watching

248542 Science: @WannaBee: Ok - haven't bought any in many years.

248470 Greifer: i take eight!

248680 dangerkeith3000: @Yurishiro Hey now!

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Image 244203   04-24-18   Uploaded by    hexxx
 dangerkeith3000: I feel sorry for everyone who has to deal with Trump on a daily basis.
 a robot: @Scoo The Sims call it "woohoo"
 WannaBee: @Scoo you put them in a pool and delete the ladders. Oh wait, that'll kill them. Close enough.
 fanny: @WTF hey! that's an insult to assholes!
 Scoo: How do you tell a Sim to go fuck themselves?
 Mad Collager: @funny in the wall In his case, they're hate handles. Just sayin'.
 funny in the wall: He can only eat through a straw for he was born with no human teeth or lips. What passes for lips were grafted from his love handles and he has limited control of them @WTF
 WTF: Is that asshole's mouth ever closed?
 ignatz: Funny caption for a change
Image 244202   04-24-18   Uploaded by    pawsies
 dangerkeith3000: and for desert #242869
 Yurishiro: Why in fucking hell do they do this.
 ignatz: 360 frontside pop shuvit to meatball. And barefoot to boot..
Image 244201   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Skaalar: FINLAND!
 piranharama: This is smashing!
 WannaBee: Smashing!
 Telkwa: So the royal baby is a male. Long live the new Prince!
 Yurishiro: Gloppety glop!
Image 244200   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Drump Porbs
 lecj07: I want to see her pick up loose change.
 Christina: Does not work.
 Mad Collager: Also World's best flipper-offer.
 Mad Collager: World's worst piano player/typist/nose picker.
 WannaBee: @FabricMan perhaps with a rag on a stick?
 FabricMan: How does she wipe?
 Teechur: Whom do you pay to take care of your personal hygiene?
 WTF: No long toenails? Pfft, amateur...
 Yurishiro: No and also no.
 ignatz: I'll scratch your back if y.. Actually forget it.
Image 244199   04-24-18   Uploaded by    soccer
 Side Boob: Well now the bacon will be off...
 Not A Bot: I'm a terrible person for putting that price sticker there.
 wolfpk: Hamime
Image 244198   04-24-18   Uploaded by    champeen
 tib gubb: stand your ground laws work, people
 WannaBee: @E. HONDA if it's this guy's, no problem #244201
 Mad Collager: He was picking up his gun, with his finger and his thumb, in shape of an "L" on his forehead...
 E. HONDA: whoa don't touch that guy's spaghett'
 WTF: He turnd out to be the chicken nugget thief as well.
Image 244197   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Messed Up Dog
 Dreforian: @funny in the wall I don't know about you but Lord Buckethead is my hero and is definitely real, most likely alive, and frequently wearing a cape.
 2Berries: They could have made one from the tp before handing it through the door
 Darmstadtium: @funny in the wall Frank Constanza's Lawyer
 jochenau: @funny in the wall Depends on what/who you consider heroic but it looks like some Roman military officers wore capes, as did some medieval knights...
 funny in the wall: Vigilante* @funny in the wall
 funny in the wall: Name one fucking hero who wears a cape. They all have to be a real person, not some made up vigelante
 charlemagne: both these guys are though
 glenalec: Some wear TP?
Image 244196   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Life Whacker
 Christina: Not all heroes wear capes.
 Urn BooUrn: That rug really tied the room together, @Butcherboy
 Butcherboy: Awww not on the rug man@barfolomew
 barfolomew: "I'm going to pee on everything you own!"
Image 244195   04-24-18   Uploaded by    Mike Michael
 tib gubb: 'Abel' huh, sounds like you're from one of them terrorist countries.
 Felicity: @Donald So?
 funny in the wall: As a former college professor, I have to disagree. There is no getting through to someone who does not spend the time on their own. @glenalec
 glenalec: Sounds like OP is genuinely interested in learning but can't work it out. The instructor should take note that he may not be getting through even to people who want to learn the topic!
Image 244194   04-24-18   Uploaded by    burritos
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