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262557  BavidDowie: Heh heh, "pairing"

262561  BavidDowie: For me and my Slenderman arm

262549  jazzjunkie: #175350 sees nothing wrong with this.

262554  WTF: I see the Grinch retired to Florida.

262569  Air Biscuit: @Barm Plopert or make friends with them. Depends on the spaceship.

262570  Air Biscuit: @Frang Dampombies im gonna miss that person.

262571  Air Biscuit: Quitting captive turkey?

262569  WTF: What you feel like after a night of drinking a case of Zima.

262567  Hyphae: @Crongo Rempumple haha, ballroom

262557  Bluetocracy: Lame. Survival Knife, Pocket Knife, and Chef Knife are the most used blades. I'd put a Katana on there too, but we're talking about knives. come on. Wait, Steak and Paring. Those are legit. But you have to be a master to know a Soup Knife.

262556  WTF: It looks as if you've got water on the cat and new cats are going to start popping off.

262560  WTF: "I'll have what she's having!"

262565  WTF: History? Ah, I almost forgot reading in school about the great Franco-Prussian window washer uprising of 1765.

262558  Bluetocracy: YOLO

262560  Bluetocracy: I am always positive... Positive that if I stop taking these meds, I will become a supervillain. Wait, that doesn't sound like a bad idea, since there aren't any heroes these days.

262571  WTF: If her cooking is anything like my wife's I bet he prefers her keep it locked, amirightguys?

262581  NotHuman: Here in Texas you'd need a pickup truck full of these just for your weekly trip to the grocery store.

262570  Mr. Shine: Sold his stake in MySpace for $580 million. In other news, this Red-pocalypse joke is breaking the site for me. I guess I'll see you guys when it's repaired. Be good to each other.

262566  Bluetocracy: you are adorable, but mommy said, "fetch my beer"

262567  Bluetocracy: 'corporate events'

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262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262318 Prefuse: I want to die........

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

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 Dort Cremongus: They lead to a big shed.
 Frold Flumomple: Luxury Stair Extensions
 Crimp Gromple: @WTF *Hairway to Steven
 Morb Grunuble: You will get murdered in this house.
 Trango Horpungus: Hair stair!
 Daft Cremupert: Look*s like Rapunzel is home
 Thurm Brombies: These stairs cost 7 thousand doll-hairs!!
 Dampo Flupert: ...and she's combing a Hairway to Heaven.
 Trango Grungo: St-hair weave
 Memp Flongo: Cousin Itt, nooooooooooooo
Image 243797   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Rirbo Dampongo
 Berb Flumomple: Hi! What's your name? Cool! You know what's weird? I have salmonella on my skin, but you don't. Yet!
 Jump Plungus: Put me down you prick.
 Geld Flongus: Tiny chomps in 3...2...
 Jown Plemongo: This is turtley awesome
 Hople Dampomple: Halp! Gots send im mine ayes, hoomin - HAAAALP!
 Rerbo Grunongo: Gamera!
 Trongo Brumple: Where are the bands for Shredders knuckle-blade things? Did he take them off for this picture?
Image 243796   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Thuft Horpuble
 Rung Plungus: Great authors imagined as white people
 Held Plemomple: Great, now I'm imagining Stephen Fry in punk attire. :D
 Bart Plupert: Oscar WAS Wilder than most
 Miwn Cremoble: This is how to convince punk kids to read.
Image 243795   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Bompo Drumoble
 Bown Grunongus: 1910--the same year as the Tunguska explosion. Coincidence?
 Luwn Morpoble: I ve slipped into a tacoma
 Frople Flumopert: @Prostata you know what to do.
 Rold Plemungo: dammit now i want tacos
 Crolm Flongo: @Scoo 1911
 Flong Plemombies: That joke was fresh in 1910
Image 243794   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Frongo Horpopert
 Damp Morpongus: I always thought naval corvettes were bigger than that.
 Cruple Broble: That's an expensive boat.
 Bampo Cremongus: Are you OK Turbo Teen?
 Creng Cremumple: Moral: It's best to spin brodies somewhere that there's no possibility of something as stupid as this happening
 Cruld Groble: "Stand by for action! It's time to launch... "
 Gawn Morpopert: probably works a lot less now MISTAH!
 Fluwn Horpumbies: This is a corvette destroyer.
 Juple Flumoble: Leeches?
 Jorb Cremombies: Piranhas? Really expensive shoes?
 Thulm Rempumple: I wish I spent the money on swimming lessons.
Image 243793   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Baft Flumongus
 Rimp Dampopert: I know where this is
 Thuld Dampomple: hahah @Wooden Spoon
 Jold Cremumbies: 'Cause we're... Goin' to the Mortuary. Gonna get buuuuuuried.
 Darbo Flumoble: "I know she wanted to be buried in this dress, but that was 20 years and at least 80 pounds ago."
 Trungo Cremungus: Smoke weed erry die
 Trirt Flopert: Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die
 Mengo Horpongus: In memory of those who have puff puff passed
 Trewn Cremupert: Killed by a snub-nosed
 Rempo Flomple: When they do a cremation everyone gets stoned.
 Treple Plemungo: Your husband was ugly in life and no better in death
 Lango Grunopert: Steve is dead. A shipping container fell on him. Your bill is past due.
 Rurm Albumple: Goodbye my lover by James blunt is the background music while we work. Bwahaha
 Peld Grunongus: better than Sneaky..
Image 243792   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Jerb Grunupert
 Bift Morpopert: I mean, Great, now what?
 Roft Grungus: Looks user friendly.
 Puple Rempumbies: I thought this was an air filter at first.
 Piple Rempuble: Open blinds if the band you're in starts playing different tunes.
 Thaple Plemomple: Totally worth the effort
Image 243791   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Gort Groble
 Peld Dampoble: They're doing a live-action Big Buck Bunny?
 Hing Dampuble: Why is that butterfly eating that rabbit's eye?!?
 Flungo Rempumple: butterfly having a conversation with a very fluffy bunny.
 Cremp Flungo: Is this from the dictionary under 'cute'?
 Flown Grunongo: That's a weird fluffy dog
 Crango Plemuble: Bunnerfly
Image 243790   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Fling Dampomple
 Jerb Cremombies: THATS MY HOODY
 Pimp Grungo: I am happy, comfortable so LEAVE ME ALONE!
 Bang Plombies: Chestburster.jpg
Image 243789   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Piple Grunoble
 Gerbo Drumupert: We named the dog Charlie Brown.
 Hongo Cremoble: A good pup not stealing any of that.
 Vumpo Morpungus: Pining
 Dalm Brumple: Korrok approves.
 Flerm Albongus: at this point he will drool so much the BBQ won't stay on.
 Lirt Drumombies: same
 Treld Flumumple: He's imagining that this would go well with thos beans.
 Porb Plongo: Those pork steaks are cut so uneven. Triggered
Image 243788   04-22-18   Uploaded by    Thing Horpongus
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