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273589  boxboxbox: But yet both have always been a bathroom

273395  Mustyrats: @Spazstatic woooooo

273575  TrumpyTrump: Now that's what I call surf music


273501  Terrh:… - All hail The Oatmeal!

273587  kimjongun: Beauty of North Korea.

273585  a spider plan: Crumbs in your bed are usually the worst, but I wouldn't mind that one.

273551  miller: That's how Japan does, foo'!

273556  addend: Welcome to Kansas City.

273569  addend: "Pampers?" / "Depends."

273564  Whatever: Such a waste - like most of their products, their packaging is better than average

273568  Whatever: Mark Twain would have approved

273544  Amy Housewine: This was my favourite episode.

273569  Whatever: Its the circle of life...

273573  a robot: @Amy Housewine BOOP, boop

273570  a robot: If your name is Elizabeth, some dumb kid on the playground will inevitably start calling you "Lizard Breath." Source: sibling named Elizabeth

273573  Amy Housewine: This boop is a big job. Make sure you're well-prepared.

273572  a robot: I just spent 30 minutes searching every improbable corner of my apartment for my cat, because I heard her meow like four times and then she completely vanished. I even went outside and downstairs into the building shared basement even though there's no possible way she could have gotten out. I was freaking out a little because I was really starting to believe she had stepped into an alternate dimension or something, but it turns out she was inside my dresser the whole time. But at least now I can finally go to bed.

273583  Mentos Pormer: I am not put anything in my mouth that originates in a public shitter.

273531  2Berries: I was hoping a monitor stand would have given one of them the upper hand

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273474 trelyate: ojom rof

273444 Micro Jackson: Burninate this

273265 DimwaldtThrockmorton: Beauty of Korth Norea

273352 Sadbot: @SuedeOxford A search string that does not disappoint

273215 Sadbot: @Air Biscuit I've only had it by asking for it, it's never on the menu

273224 Kikari: All of you are getting way more coherent sentences than I do when I try this. I get infinite predicate loops.

273408 Dr Awkward: @DrNinjaman @Bob #201031 #262668 #180815 is a start. I actually mentioned goat yoga in one of those pictures. I need to post more goat pictures

273399 Shay: For shame Buddy Holly.

273441 Knice: @Annoying Vegan I am going to use this.

273505 Dr Awkward: @WannaBee Get an Italian espresso machine. That would stone cold baller.

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 Shay: Wikihow: How to tell if you're a schizophrenic.
 charlemagne: don't panic mr mannering, don't panic
 Robespierre: Translation: "BORKF!"
Image 243323   04-19-18   Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 Shay: Ah lean left, lean left, lean leeefffffftttt.
 jazzjunkie: @VoR Same here - about a month hence.
 WTF: @Teechur Cranbury School for the Vertically Challenged
 hapi papi: The siblings--ranging in age from 2 to 29--
 Teechur: Is...everyone...leaning?
 Robespierre: Oh! I just noticed ... they had their class portrait taken at the Mystery Spot!
 FabricMan: These kids coulda had a V8
 grimes: ...not that I knew it then
 lionstrong: I was about to be born
 Robespierre: 80s kid fashion was totally 80s
 jem: What the...*zooms*
Image 243322   04-19-18   Uploaded by    DeeeeeeeezNutz
 marxist: CAT is short for claymore, automatic grenade launcher and terrorism tactics.
 PornoPedler: Username/upload combo. Odb saw the cat.
 Rachelina: OK :-)
 Annoying Vegan : Id risk it
 Teechur: And then it puts the lotion on the cat.
 Robespierre: FREE CANDY TOO
 petepuma: they erased "of nine tails"
 ppr4: *dies*
Image 243321   04-19-18   Uploaded by    rip odb
 McMuff: wtf is this
 glenalec: So tired of thinking with portals!
 Korrok: Neat.
 FabricMan: I want to believe
 Robespierre: "I'm just a'driftin' an' driftin'..."
 Prostata: not the greatest photochop job ever
 Oh Don Piano: You seem pretty tired bro.
 jazzjunkie: Later, shitlords!
Image 243320   04-19-18   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 kornisjon: Prank! It was the other leg!
 pawsies: agreed @WTF
 WTF: @barfolomew Doctor amputates toe and leaves gangereinous leg.
 charmander: One of my big toes is bigger than the other, too
 FabricMan: @barfolomew ...with nailpolish
 petepuma: number of feet i need to see on the internet today: 0
 barfolomew: No, that's a toe.
Image 243319   04-19-18   Uploaded by    pewdiepie
 PenguinBartender: @Ulillillia What @Christina said. I Can't believe I can't use the abbreviation?
 UltraBeverly: Dennis, the existentialist menace?
 Christina: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.
 Ulillillia: @PenguinBartender I like extra-crispy
 Robespierre: The moral of this panel is: Don't cry for them, regardless of what happens.
 tib gubb: i am indifferent about nihilism horn
 PenguinBartender: kfc is auto-rad.
Image 243318   04-19-18   Uploaded by    alex
 Demon Universe: @VoR One day, science, nature, or nuclear warfare will make this real. *stares wistfully into the distance*
 Christina: The struggle is real.
 burritos: Had me at too many cups
 Robespierre: Bottom row, second from left is Today's Weirdo Item
 wolfpk: Top right is called the YouTube bra
 why the long face: Sup bra
Image 243317   04-19-18   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 BavidDowie: seize the fort
 Robespierre: "A change is in the air, hoomin. It does me a frighten. Wha hoppen next?"
Image 243316   04-19-18   Uploaded by    joxxuh
 PenguinBartender: @grizzly Too late, I'm already buying tickets.
 nclaw: LV-426 Fats
 grizzly: @grizzly I'll stop now.
 grizzly: @grizzly "If it racks, we can break it."?
 grizzly: @PenguinBartender That or if Schwarzenegger reprises his role as Dutch, we get to hear "If it breaks, we can beat it in billiards." It really doesn't have a good ring to it...
 PenguinBartender: @grizzly Oh come on. Are you seriously telling me you wouldn't fork over the admission to see the Xenomorph smoking that cigarette with its little mouth?
 grizzly: new AVP looks tame.
Image 243315   04-19-18   Uploaded by    imaginary gf
 glenalec: @WTF - Planet of the Dolphins.
 WTF: The previews of Waterworld meets Planet of the Apes looking good!
 veryblue: Damn you all to hell! (especially you, Damien..)
Image 243314   04-19-18   Uploaded by    Shay
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