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249732  Scoo: I come in (pizza) pies!

249757  TurkeyVulture: Is this jack chick?

249767  OldKentuckyShark: Now you can sing poorly in the nude AND know all the words!

249771  OldKentuckyShark: No ass play (i thought that WAS DeVito)

249756  OldKentuckyShark: Yeah, but the fat content!

249757  OldKentuckyShark: Gross

249760  OldKentuckyShark: It's good to have faith in people... theyll also fuck you tho

249765  OldKentuckyShark: I just watched this. Might have to watch it again. Really good, tho hard to follow.

249753  a robot: Her torso is really weird looking

249754  Zaxxoff: Season yours however you like before serving

249667  some guy : Bunch of amateurs...

249758  Yam: God, I've wasted my life and this dog knows it.

249743  Spazstatic: Officer 1BDI Turanga Leela reporting.

249746  Air Biscuit: They cant all be named peter...

249707  White Rice: @Air Biscuit you mean those invincible, save for against 2 of the special weapon cars? I hated those purple cars!

249754  Mr. Shine: We now know that this is incorrect. Taste buds are distributed more evenly, with some of each in groups.

249743  Not A Bot: Damn, too late this year.

249754  barfolomew: Now here's a bit of non-science we feed kids.

249743  Captain Marsupial: They're 1 year old Guinea pigs. The banner should read "over the hill."

249745  Captain Marsupial: It knows Venusian jujitsu

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249635 Vinochet: no left turns in Albania

249643 ChubbyBuddy: 5 easy pieces

249492 savvoy: From the days before cars had seatbelts

249477 El hefe: How i think it will go.....reality

249696 Nothing: Amen, sister!

249660 Side Boob: As someone that used to be an avid rock climber, I pooped a little when I saw this.

249509 Lunimeow: Be right back, gotta take a me.

249591 hajjpodge: Start with Cleveland.

249689 Side Boob: Same.

249666 Mad Collager: @Air Biscuit Wow! Maybe the 4x4 was driven by @TurkeyVulture's dad!

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 Mr. Shine: LOVE this film!
 glenalec: It is a good, entertaining film, though I suspect some of the humor is lost on Western audiences as, for example, most of the actors are famous (in China) character actors, often playing variants on some of their more well-known characters. A bit like George from Sienfield did a cameo as a George-like (or George himself) character in a film which might be funny enough in its own right (or not!) but most of a Chinese audience would miss much of the point.
 glenalec: @Sadbot @Felicity - I first saw it in Chinese (which I don't speak beyond getting-around-level) on a bus between cities in China.
 elmstreet: @glenalec @Sadbot Thank you! :-)
 glenalec: @Sadbot - yes. Very much
 AlexDeLarge: Cosplay, my ass!
 Sadbot: @Felicity Kung Fu Hustle, I think
 why the long face: This seems vaguely familiar somehow
Image 243248   04-18-18   Uploaded by    skatermario
 Air Biscuit: HEY YOU GUYS!!!FREE BEER... with every purchase...
 WannaBee: Not too broke to buy a street sign though.
 dangerkeith3000: I would have put the gibing away free beer part bigger. Much bigger.
 tib gubb: huh... guess i'll take my free pizza elsewhere
Image 243247   04-18-18   Uploaded by    dad
 XLY: funky bird gon get down
 Kaviri: The Ministry of Silly Walks.
 lecj07: Skipped leg day.
 Yurishiro: You youngsters and your devils music! *shakes fist*
 hajjpodge: Time for a jaunty jig!
 Air Biscuit: CoooOooLlLD
 funny in the wall: come at me bird-bro
 dangerkeith3000: Welp. Time to take a shit.
Image 243246   04-18-18   Uploaded by    twitter
 dangerkeith3000: This took some work to stage, so I'll rad. Remember kids: If you are preggers, drink LIGHT beer only.
 Suburbanmom: THis is staged...That is clearly a pillow...or the worst cellulite I have ever seen
Image 243245   04-18-18   Uploaded by    Jennysaurus
 lecj07: @Air Biscuit No wonder it stinks. It's got to be pretty rancid if there's a spider web on it.
 wolfpk: It looks a little under cooked. By a little I mean raw.
 Air Biscuit: "One day my tongue will reach my nostrils so that i may block out the stench of the stenchburger. If only i had hands..."
 tib gubb: delicious
Image 243244   04-18-18   Uploaded by    pig 3
 BavidDowie: I member KOOSH balls
 dangerkeith3000: Kids these days....jeesh.
 earl: A young Joe Pantoliano
Image 243243   04-18-18   Uploaded by    Soaps Pierre
 Science: Eh, the water is clean. It would be different if you had just peed in there THEN dropped it in.
 VoR: Ah. Let it rust.
 Air Biscuit: Thissl unlock that clogged drain...
 dangerkeith3000: How much is it worth to ya?
Image 243242   04-18-18   Uploaded by    cybeq
 lecj07: *sluuuuuurp*
 glenalec: Call of Cferritu
 wolfpk: Guess what ferrets eat!?
 Air Biscuit: "Im not sharing"
 Knice: This Ood is kinda cute :-)
 funny in the wall: i eated a snek
Image 243241   04-18-18   Uploaded by    kittylitter
 Air Biscuit: *warning: only one creature in the teleporter at a time. The Jeff Golblum effect may apply.
 AlexDeLarge: How much face would a woodchuck swap if a woodchuck could swap face?
Image 243240   04-18-18   Uploaded by    professional
 Kaviri: Soft focus, for maximum effect.
 a robot: Out-of-focus puppies want boops too
 Side Boob: Wanna pet that puppy!
Image 243239   04-18-18   Uploaded by    Call Of Pooty
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