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243834  Amy Housewine: The only one I disagree with is Lawful neutral.

243830  Korrok: Korrok approves.

243810  lecj07: Redneck house

243823  lecj07: @Not A Bot Surprisingly close to being topical. Well done.

243828  lecj07: Someone photoshop a twisted carnival onto the old pier please.

243833  lecj07: Just realized I missed a chance. "Who runs barkertown?"

243833  lecj07: @wolfpk They share one name.

243839  lecj07: Don't lock your knees in formation.

243839  Warrax: Stoned and hammered.

243841  Warrax: Brb, gotta use the head.

243841  lecj07: Bet that hurt coming out.

243838  tib gubb: oh, so it's that simple then

243781  Shay: Har har HARDY har har! That's a riot!

243830  San DoDo: The death defying stunts these guys get up to..

243796  Shay: Put me down you prick.

243836  ThoughtlessGentleman: what a charming place to get stabbed in the ass with a rusty pitchfork.

243823  Not A Bot: Nuka Cola Quantum Ultra.

243810  Shay: DENTAL PLAN

243834  Shay: What's this rubbish?

243833  WannaBee: He*s all puppered out.

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243778 Munkybut: Those hard to read deathmetal band names are getting out of hand

243638 XLY: holy shit

243787 drtofu: Holding in the poop. (Its a line for the bathroom!)

243534 Teechur: @fanny @Felicity Ok. Now I'm on my phone. Let's see if it works. I'm still not sure what you mean about the different types of apostrophes.

243786 Christina: For that, he needs cream:….

243802 wolfpk: This can't be the first time they have done this. So, I bet there were signs warning about it. Yeah, I know. Who pays attention to signs?

243805 WannaBee: @jochenau @Yurishiro when I try to use an apostrophe it doesnt work so I use an asterisk instead like this (doesn*t)

243564 Robespierre: A Murican, one of those "I don't give a shit about your worthless sponge life or your shithole planet" "badasses". Bet he says he's a Christian, too.

243783 raditzu: @White Rice "I don't wanna talk about it"

243797 sparename: Luxury Stair Extensions

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 Kaviri: 100, plus assist? I'll take two!
 Scoo: Grab me now!
 Psymon: Diet cock - half the calories of regular cock
 dobbiesdoogs: is bepis okay?
 Warrax: Nothing like a nicely chilled bottle of PLUS ASS.
 glenalec: First lady: Just grab him by the cock!
 Knice: #ROXANNE, you don't have to put on the cock-light#
Image 240909   04-04-18   Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 BavidDowie: Tires are under-inflated anyways
 Mad Collager: This must be a lyftback.
 Ulillillia: She certainly is wilder
 Nope: We have a rent a car thing called Car2go here (basically you get a car and tap it somewhere near the front passenger window and you can rent the car). They are mostly Smart Cars. Our neighbour has one, shes seen several people walk around her car trying to get in because they think its a car2go.
 Knice: Maggie ded
Image 240908   04-04-18   Uploaded by    nathan
 Kaviri: Is your girlfriend shaking right now?
 BavidDowie: Hay!
 Scoo: I'm Hung Like An Anonymous
 Knice: You're nervous? Cold? Parkinson's?
 glenalec: They'd be called 'girlfriends' of course!
Image 240907   04-04-18   Uploaded by    OldKentuckyShark
 mackdaddy: woooooo @Felicity
 Felicity: And now to re-enact Roman Polanskis scene in /Chinatown/
 Shay: Just put the briefcase full of catnip on the ground and walk away slowly...
 glenalec: @ignatz - never bring a dog to a cat-with-a-knife fight.
 ignatz: Tsk.. Never bring a knife to a dog fight
Image 240906   04-04-18   Uploaded by    Telkwa
 Kaviri: Let's look in this closex
 glenalec: That's why I have no storage at my place!
 Felicity: @itskando I recently learned that gauntlet means glove, and gantlet means two rows of people you have to run between while they attack you...but I think the two words are merging and in a generation no-one will say gantlet
 itskando: Gauntlet 2020
 Not A Bot: Come on, we need a nice picture for grandma. Can you smile once at least?
 savvoy: Why I won't run for office (I still have a sense of shame)
 Nope: Dating in your 30s.jpg
 Yurishiro: *huge inhale for doot concert*
Image 240905   04-04-18   Uploaded by    Peddy Tenderglass
 Kaviri: That's what she said!
 BavidDowie: Vacation in Sunny Lilliput!
 Spazstatic: Ooh, just saw the username/upload combo!
 Spazstatic: I give you a giant inflatable scale for it.
 Warrax: That's a tiny woman.
 glenalec: I've seen bigger!
 barfolomew: Stop messing with us not-purples.
 Knice: It's pretty big, I guess.
Image 240904   04-04-18   Uploaded by    imaginary gf
 Telkwa: Rad for kingfisher!
 BavidDowie: "AQUABOOP!" *jazz flute intensifies*
 ignatz: Non-reflective speed-swoosh spoils a magnificent moment..
Image 240903   04-04-18   Uploaded by    Hyphae
 Yurishiro: @Spazstatic I enjoyed it too!!
 Spazstatic: @Yurishiro that was actually a pretty good movie.
 San DoDo: Rad this? Nope, can't help it
 Ulillillia: I could, but I'd rather fucking.
 Yurishiro: If they made that disney movie about emotions with cats this would be disgust
Image 240902   04-04-18   Uploaded by    bookcase
 Robespierre: Montara - that pimple above Pillar Point.
 SuedeOxford: @wolfpk *Pauled
 Mad Collager: I think this guy is trying to rot out Paul's teeth.
 Urn BooUrn: Don't feed wild animals.
 wolfpk: I think this guy is trying to get people mauled!
Image 240901   04-04-18   Uploaded by    barfolomew
 Mr Bleak: Perhaps we *should* encourage some internet memes ... :EvilLaughSmiley:
 Felicity: Until today I had not heard of the salt-and-ice challenge
 Scoo: True fact: this device is called an "Emasculator"
 Mad Collager: @Dr. Bathroom Yes! Great minds think alike. My children dubbed sliced, ripe olives "black Cheerios", by the way.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: my balls cringed.
 jochenau: There was also the Kylie Jenner challenge or whatever where you put a glass over your mouth and create a vacuum to make your lips poof out, except sometimes the glass just breaks and you go to the ER.
 Dr. Bathroom: Anybody else think they were weird Cheerios?
 glenalec: vv there is also the usual 'anti-docking' PETA types sometimes kick up a stink despite the fact that unlike 'natural' sheep (aka 'goats'), creatures which have been selectively bread over millennia to be extra-hairy, will tend to die rather horribly (eaten inside-out from the bumhole end by maggots) if the tail is left on :-(
 glenalec: @Teechur @Yam - I can see that working too. I'm a farm-boy once-removed, so I have never actually used one. But much of Aus. is sheep country, so docking is a prominent use.
 wolfpk: @Teechur Yes, it's called banding. I believe that is what is being implied here.
 Butcherboy: The little rubber rings also help with making bump keys
 Yam: @Teechur Yeah, I was more familiar with this as a castration device. I bought some of the rings as refills for a Nooski mouse trap and they were marketed as a castration tool
 TwistedCinnamon: @glenalec I have never even thought of one of these being used for that. Good to know. We use them on male calves and goats as an alternative to surgical castration.
 Teechur: @glenalec Don't they use something similar for castrating livestock? Not too many teenagers have tails to be docked.
 glenalec: vv "Docking" in farm-parlance is removing the tail of an animal. It has other meanings in maritime, space, and sexual contexts.
 Wooden Spoon: Win a Darwin Award without dying... males only.
 glenalec: For those not farm-savy, that is a device for fitting docking rings to lamb's tails. The ring cuts off all circulation and the tail dies and falls off. Relatively painless way to remove the tail (tails get full of poop, and then maggots, if left on, so it is actually more humane than leaving the tail alone).
Image 240900   04-04-18   Uploaded by    ptrain
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