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267946  a robot: I would totally wear those shoes though

267951  a robot: I guess we are supposed to think she is naked because her shirt is same color as her skin, but it just looks like she has weird flesh wrinkles in her arm instead

267911  VeeKay: Lol same

267919  VeeKay: I do love a Mextail, even if I get the damn shits after.

267972  Side Boob: Jay is wearing his "man of the people" denim outfit again.

267930  VeeKay: Holy shit! Liek WOW!

267939  VeeKay: Beauty of North Puppea

267940  VeeKay: Inpawsion

267973  Shay: Oh crap, his nose is now a sloth.

267979  ignatz: Also lime Patrick Moore from the Sky at Night

267972  Shay: Well fuck you too ya elephant-sized chin bastard.

267981  ignatz: Did I stutter?

267981  ignatz: I ordered the tuna..

267981  ignatz: I ordered the tuna..

267970  WTF: I could really go for a foot long Konie!

267958  a robot: This is what those essential oils nuts actually believe. Source: my boss won't shut the fuck up about oils

267965  a robot: Kids who use hashtags probably don't even know who OJ is and/or why the white Bronco is associated with him

267963  Air Biscuit: When your beard jacks your lumber...

267944  sparename: You Wucksacky Wabbit

267979  clayjar: She looks like the old lady receptionist from Monsters Inc. Congrats on her 18th. That dogs a trooper.

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267620 Python77: Really, we are still trying the DuckFace thing?

267648 Christina: By the way, if not for crazy women, some men would never get laid at all.

267773 Shay: Put your hands in the air like you just do care.

267580 VeeKay: Not shown = Young Ettiene, who lives in an asylum.

267930 VeeKay: Holy shit! Liek WOW!

267564 Bluetocracy: Leonard, put down the flashlight and take off that silly robe, I'm trying to watch tv!

267831 Teechur: The Redbox in our Walmart is actually blue. Perhaps this is a Walmartian stop sign?

267597 BavidDowie: All your bass are belong to him

267839 mammal883: @ignatz AND, I don't like the way the stripes on his tie and shirt don't line up...

267576 VeeKay: Johnny Tightlips.

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 tib gubb: you encounter a jaunty floof
 t48: Fluffy Corgi pupper!
 Mr. Shine: I wanna hug that pupper!
Image 240352   04-01-18   Uploaded by    elmosco
 Seven Eight Nine: @Mr. Shine - yes, it did all its research on asylum inmates and extrapolated to the general population. So this cake is technically a lie.
 Mr. Shine: Has this cake been discredited?
 Mr. Whiskers: A Rorschach ink blot would make a cool cookie, but they all look like my dad's penis
 Butcherboy: And if its good would that mean I have an edible complex? I enjoy moms cooking more than eating out?
 Butcherboy: Im a-freud I dont get this
Image 240351   04-01-18   Uploaded by    Stoner
 Robespierre: Troof hertz
 Jorp Lulter: Cereal killer
 Derp Herpigan: Well, I'd charge my phone, then get cereal.
Image 240350   04-01-18   Uploaded by    piratepom
 WTF: Slenderdog
 BavidDowie: boooooorkf
 sparename: Isn't Longuedog a place in France?
 Mustyrats: Day 78... They still don't suspect that I'm a giraffe.
 XLY: long dog is looooooong
 Robespierre: Borzoi! And sumpthin' else.
 Mr. Whiskers: Its two dogs in a costume
 Derp Herpigan: Extra long doggo an- this is picture of someone taking a picture of the dogs.
Image 240349   04-01-18   Uploaded by    IM AN ASSHOLE
 Mr Bleak: @Teechur With a little effort, it could eat the plant.
 Darmstadtium: Your grant has been terminated. Expect a visit from the Ethics Committee by tomorrow.
 Rent A Dog: @itskando - which would be interesting, because plants actually do also 'breathe' oxygen and respire CO2. But it becomes progressively less efficient as photosynthesis out-paces it.
 Whatever: Results inconclusive. Try again with politicians and clean coal
 barfolomew: I knew a grad student who spent a lot of her time cutting rat brains into thin slices for medical experiments. One rat, though, she decided to keep as a pet and absolutely spoiled. I don't know if it was cognitive dissonance or how she did it.
 when so: Named lab rats only lead to covert liberation missions. Or sadness.
 Teechur: No food or water in either one. Same results eventually.
 itskando: No container with just a plant?
 Nothing: Don't put this on me
Image 240348   04-01-18   Uploaded by    marxist
 Robespierre: One-eared wonder
Image 240347   04-01-18   Uploaded by    Jorp Lulter
 Sadbot: @dangerkeith3000 "she meant nothing to me, she's a crisis actor!"
 dangerkeith3000: This is the same reasoning conspiracy theorists use.
 WTF: womensamiright?
 itskando: @itskando Oop. drumstick, not pbf. Sorry, Wienersmith
 itskando: I like the recent pbf about the monk coming home and panicking and saying nothing is going on because all of his stuff is out on the front lawn, and then realizing maybe his stuff isn't in the lawn. He can't really tell because he had no material things
Image 240346   04-01-18   Uploaded by    frenk
 redpeepee: @Ulillillia *chuckles*
 Hokie333: @jazzjunkie @Hokie333 That almost worked. Just search for "Mystery Spot".
 Hokie333: @jazzjunkie I'm thinking it'd be something like this:… except it'd be like that all along the state borders.
 sparename: @Hokie333 @jazzjunkie When the Humber Bridge was built - at the time the World's longest single-span suspension bridge - I seem to remember something like the two main towers are both vertical but 4 inches further apart at the top than the bottom
 morakdais: You might not like it, but this is ideal Kansas form.
 jazzjunkie: @Hokie333 how is that different than being on a regular sloped surface like a hill? The Earth's radius is so large, I doubt it would be a noticable slope at all. The REAL weird part would be being able to see buildings all the way across the state with a telescope!
 Ulillillia: I think this was a Lyndon LaRouche proposal
 dangerkeith3000: The earth is round, space is curved, how can Kansas be perfectly flat?
 FireBreathingMarmot: What exactly is the first directive of cartographers without Borders?
 weirduncle: @Hokie333 So... like normal?
 Hokie333: It'd be weird as you moved away from the center, assuming it's truly a flat plane and not curved. The pull of gravity wouldn't be perpendicular to the ground, and everything would look slanted.
 Whatever: Better get Rick to work on this
 BavidDowie: Fountains AND waterfalls! Let's go, Royals!
 Cheesecake: Ask clark kent for help
 Dr Awkward: It won't make Kansas suck any less, but it's a noble plan.
 grandma: Damn flat-earthers..
Image 240345   04-01-18   Uploaded by    shadebane
 White Rice: @Felicity oh yeah, I remember seeing verticle/neural ones before. Experiment time: I'm using "quotation marks" here. If that worked, thanks for the heads up. If it didn't, then these will all look a touch off.
 dangerkeith3000: Located across from the Ass Hair Salon.
 Bernie 2016: @Ulillillia As for the reason, I asked once, and the moderator said it was because people were using the larger set of glyphs to make Nazi text-art, so they had to shut that down
 satoshi: @White Rice That s a great idea! I m going to use that too. :-)
 HairyNips: @WannaBee AFAIK apostrophes get removed if you use directed apostrophes like I do-- --but not if you use undirected apostrophes like this-- '
 sunset blues: At a bar?
 tomatosaws: @White Rice Thanks! I*ll try to remember.
 White Rice: @Ulillillia @WannaBee apostrophes and quotation marks seem to be reserved for purple users who also contribute to the Patreon. I, for example, have no quotation marks nor apostrophes to use (so lots of somewhat incorrect spellings of things & using *s or -s to substitute at need)
 Ulillillia: @WannaBee Strange, I haven't had any problem. Maybe they're reserved for purples for some odd reason?
 In The Pocket: Sorry I wrote it correctly, but the apostrophe was removed for some reason. Is there a special way to add an apostrophe? @Ulillillia
 Ulillillia: @WannaBee Oh, you wrote Buffalo Bills plural, I assumed you meant the team.
 CheezGrater: Hes the dude from Silence of the Lambs @Ulillillia
 Ulillillia: @WannaBee They're good at football, I don't know about tailoring.
 White Rice: @Robespierre could be a gym/fitness center of some sort too. Plastic surgery or tattoo parlor are both valid options too.
 Robespierre: Yikes! Liposuction salon?
 SpamSpamSpamSpam: Buffalo Bills day job
Image 240344   04-01-18   Uploaded by    topcity
 Ulillillia: Panic! at the Disco
 hajjpodge: Labor is entitled to all it creates.
 Whatever: Meanwhile at the Republican fundraiser at Fox News...
 WTF: The 2018 elections
 BavidDowie: I liked this part of Titanic.
 itskando: Beauty of North America. Yes, still relevant
 Dr Awkward: Devour the aristocracy.
 Captain Marsupial: The Morlock/Eloi war has gone on for many centuries.
 omgpro: "my god, they're tunneling through the dance floor"
Image 240343   04-01-18   Uploaded by    antipatterns
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