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262493  dangerkeith3000: I laughed super hard at this.

262494  dangerkeith3000: Fat or skinny...she gets laid a lot. You can tell by the JBF hair.

262496  dangerkeith3000: She can google me any time.

262497  dangerkeith3000: No one saw. You are cool bro.

262498  dangerkeith3000: Live. Laugh. Love.

262500  dangerkeith3000: Mike Ehrmentraut?

262459  Mr. Shine: Hay, gurl . . . . .

262502  dangerkeith3000: crazy fingers

262488  FabricMan: Wasn't this a Far Side gag?

262469  Mr. Shine: Bash 'em in with a bat.

262480  Mr. Shine: *whoosh*

262493  FabricMan: @Fleld Cremumple EVERYONE on AG is anonymous now! Anarchy!

262498  FabricMan: Tomate confites aux douze saveurs

262500  Mr. Shine: Are you threatening me?!

262494  Coolguy: Sleepee?

262501  Mr. Shine: I mean, maybe?

262509  sparename: You misunderstood "Beach Buggy", didn't you?

262496  Mr. Whiskers: Prehistoric may be a bit strong given the photographic evidence of movable type

262511  Peter Pantsless: You're one adorable motherfucker

262489  Zarathustra: @Rarbo Rempuble I only liked this comment because I read it to the end.

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9. wolfpk
10. WannaBee

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262416 VoR: emotional bond? HAH! that wont even adhere my father to me?

262343 Science: *blows repeatedly on lava*

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262377 Side Boob: @Luft Cremombies I never said it wasn't necessary, now did I?

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262235 dangerkeith3000: @Shay lolol

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

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 Hulm Gruble: Have they all been red?
 Frurbo Horpupert: Legitimately upsetting
 Momp Gruble: Damn those IKEA instructions!
 Limpo Rempombies: Okay, who let Dad back on the friendly spaceship?
 Thelm Grunongo: nice brickcase, bro
 Rold Cremuble: ah, is this what pink floyd were on about
 Fruwn Morpopert: That's a lot of bricked kindles!
Image 238772   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Creft Morpuble
 Burt Flongus: The trick is to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
 Vurbo Cremomple: "LAY OUT!"
 Vawn Grunongo: ah. so that's what happened to J. #238766
 Helm Drumumple: That's pretty brave.
Image 238771   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Derm Grongo
 Pung Grongo: :D
 Gown Flombies: But, but!
 Biple Morpungus: @WTF "I am not a crack!"
 Valm Gropert: Everything's coming up Milhous
 Bung Rempongus: "Do you want to play John Wilkes Booth, or do you want to act like a maniac?"
 Crarb Brungus: It's like a proto dickbutt
 Flilm Plopert: "I am not a crook!"
 Flemp Morpongo: IBISGIT
Image 238770   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Luft Rempungo
 Pongo Plumple: @OldKentuckyShark: theyll just think a skunk lives in it.
 Borb Cremomple: I want one of these so i can smoke weed outside without being paranoid of neighbors and passersby. "That bush smells like burning bush..."
 Flaft Grunomple: Is this a blind for hunting white suburbanites?
 Frompo Gromple: Ssssshhh! I'm working on my hedge fund!
 Rang Cremungus: im looking forward to masturbating in public.
 Jeft Grunongus: Only one chair? What a hedge-hog!
Image 238769   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Huld Cremungo
 Mulm Grombies: @glenalec Nope, it's where they don't let them out!
 Vump Gromple: And 420 is what they're doing in there.
 Creld Drumoble: @Ulillillia - oh dear! I haven't watched SP in a while! :-0
 Gurb Grungo: @glenalec It's where they perform…
 Humpo Horpongo: rock out.
 Meld Morpungo: @glenalec you mean like the presidency?
 Frimpo Flungus: Is this one of those places where they don't let women in?
Image 238768   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Truft Plupert
 Doft Gruble: @a robot No, Ultraman has been demoted (or promoted, depending on your attitude toward dogs).
 Mirt Grunumbies: Phone home
 Mirm Grombies: Is the light in his chest? Is this Iron Man's dog??
 Trirm Brombies: I have a few of those lights in different colours dangling off my backpack. Sometimes I get home to find the schoolkids on the bus have turned them all on (which is harmless fun, so I'm good with it).
Image 238767   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Hempo Grongo
 Trirbo Flumupert: I imagine F doing a boob honking sound
 Truld Flumple: To make a "W", face the audience do the worm.
 Hurbo Dampumbies: Alpha-Sutra solo edition
 Mawn Rempupert: Unless you're truly a contortionist, G is impossible.
 Vart Albuble: return #238771
 Flald Flumple: G looks like C
 Frango Cremumple: Life looked a lot more fun without J and U
 Jarbo Dampuble: 24 peasant died to make this!
 Crirb Horpupert: M for Manspreading
Image 238766   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Thelm Flumombies
 Dirbo Morpungus: @mexican - this type of bird is intelligent enough to know what a reflection is, so it probably knows when you are taking the Mick!
 Veld Drumoble: @mexican Birb knows he's prettier
 Jewn Rempungus: He doesn't seem to be particularly impressed if you ask me.
 Dort Grupert: Bananatiel
Image 238765   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Hompo Grongo
 Florbo Grunombies: @ignatz roly loly
 Crompo Brongo: So this is longboarding
 Duld Morpongo: Nice deck
Image 238764   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Jild Grongus
 Thing Horpomple: Fra-gee-lay
 Jorb Brombies: Seymore?
Image 238763   03-22-18   Uploaded by    Flirt Flumbies
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