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272943  Side Boob: They are just kidding. Cats already control the world.

272873  Side Boob: What? No dinner or flowers?

272869  Urn BooUrn: Instructions unclear, grease burns on dick.

272896  Side Boob: Nothing escapes babushka network.

272952  Niels Bohr: What's she going to do when she realizes she's 3 times smarter than the rest of her family.

272902  Side Boob: I think this is from "Disenchantment" on Netflix. I enjoyed it!

272895  Urn BooUrn: It's recursive, The is a tiny man inside him cosplaying as the convention center. And so on.

272910  Urn BooUrn: Mommmmmmm. Your embarrassing me.

272907  Side Boob: Talk to your puppy about Hitler.

272913  Side Boob: Want to play with both of them!

272923  Side Boob: Raxacoricofallapatorius called...Did you fart?

272931  Side Boob: Sorry about your tuberculosis :(

272933  Side Boob: *Borkfs mechanically*

272934  Not A Bot: too much time on thier hands (or is that too many hands on their time......)

272942  romangreek: A turkey bird in the hand is worth 2 through the windshield

272919  a sedated moose: Doggles.

272832  MasterTwig: Glad there's the red circle at the bottom and the explanatory text at the top. Otherwise I might have missed the joke!

272947  ignatz: Graffiti of.. er, Camel toe in amber?

272947  Shorts Leng: The mural has a little yellow light on the right side from the street art one. Detail.

272916  ignatz: @tib gubb def don't not improve the poster, but as for the film..

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272663 Science: According to Stormfront, poor doggo is allergic to his house and humans. He got some shots and is on the mend. I can commiserate, since one of my dogs is allergic to something too.

272681 Passive: "So, how would you describe the intersex experience?"

272892 UltraBeverly: @grizzly its $2.09/hr for waiters in Ohio, but $10.50 (min wage) in Los Angeles. Very confusing.

272683 White Rice: @Science damnit! I should have expected as much from a JC where an English teacher wouldn't answer to anything other than "Coach" and somehow marked me absent over 30 times in the first 2 weeks of class :-/ Well, leave it to @Science to set our misconceptions on science straight.

272621 lecj07: @Science imagine her as a take on chucky. This is how she lures you in.

272734 Throwbot: I imagine regular flavor tastes like beige

272639 Sadbot: Throw a hardcover at somebody's head

272659 Mr Bleak: Looks like she is regretting the vegetarian option.

272774 Dr Awkward: Nah, we have a lot of locally own restaruants, shops, etc... that are those people's livelihood. We'll see how this all shakes out in a few years, but even at 15 dollars an hour, you're not buying a house here (out of town 2nd home owners, vacation rentals, and student housing makes that housing market crazy).

272816 Air Biscuit: @Knice @dangerkeith3000 @Off Topic @Bob @Sadbot @Sage @John Blender anyone want to take a boat ride?

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 Mr Bleak: Rest in peace sir. "We all knew hes been on borrowed time for the last 50 years, and even though I thought it would never come as a shock when he eventually shuffled off to the great singularity in the sky it..., well, it still is. I feel like a torch that was helping shine a small light on the deepest darkest places of our understanding of the universe has just gone dark."
 hajjpodge: We don't deserve folks like Hawking.
 bag o bones: Trump: Space Force! Hawkins: "Nurse, just unplug this please".
 mexican: The world is quiet here.
 Dr Awkward: I glad that he was one of the very few scientists given the respect and attention they deserve.
 Science: Considering he wasn't supposed to live past 1965-66, I'd say he did pretty damn well.
 Ulillillia: RIP Austin Powers
 Robespierre: The Brain
 drhilljack: Extraordinary man..
 Spazstatic: The saddest Pi Day of our lives.
 ping: The Universe will miss you Stephen.
Image 237349   03-14-18   Uploaded by    house md
 Greek Fire: For the Empire!
 Skaalar: @mexican The Whoahmans!? No no, the ROmans.
 mexican: Are you a bad enough dude to conquer territory for the Romans?
Image 237348   03-14-18   Uploaded by    jonz
 XLY: don't dumb open inside
 tib gubb: we need a lot more of this sign in society
 mexican: Go be dumb somewhere else.
 Dr Awkward: I'm giving a midterm today. I should post this sign in the classroom.
 WTF: Not in the USA.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: dont know if i can help myself
Image 237347   03-14-18   Uploaded by    flatluigi
 Christina: Kill it! Kill it with yodeling!
 Ulillillia: @El hefe I'm club-fuckin'-footed!
 El hefe: ACK! ACK, ACK!
Image 237346   03-14-18   Uploaded by    wolfpupy
 dangerkeith3000: Prunella Scales sounds like a Disney villain.
 Robespierre: Her scales need pruning
 Spazstatic: Heh, "waterways"
 Mad Collager: You get there by going the back way.
 tib gubb: still accurate
 Ulillillia: Almost... Almost... There we are.
 Shay: Jolly good time.
Image 237345   03-14-18   Uploaded by    joxxuh
 redbranch: They found corporal punishment wasn't working in schools, so they went to capital punishment.
 Side Boob: I know it's not a popular opinion, but that is a good looking FAL.
 Mad Collager: Remember, every time you make a spelling mistake, the errorists win.
 mexican: Crocs AND plaid? Holy shit this guy is a menace.
 WTF: "Look at me. Look at me. I'm the teacher now!"
 tib gubb: @Scoo those pants. yikes.
 Scoo: This is the Republican wet dream, except for that one uncomfortable detail
 Mr. Shine: "I can't FAL this class!"
Image 237344   03-14-18   Uploaded by    why the long face
 Teechur: @Side Boob My handwriting is in a no. 6 font typically. I could totally fit more than 255 characters on this page.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @sparename me too!! i thought i was the only one. so convincingly that when i was at a friends garage he tbought a battery he had on charge was cooking out.
 Ulillillia: Holy shit
 Scoo: True story: years ago I worked in a sensor development group, and one of standard design acceptance procedures was the False Alarm Rate Test.
 tib gubb: impressive
 sparename: I sometimes fart battery-acid, or so it seems
 Side Boob: Why is there a character limit on a sheet of paper?
 Mr. Whiskers: I'd frame this were I the guilty party
 WTF: You could literally see the stink lines and everything.
Image 237343   03-14-18   Uploaded by    mickeyd
 Eleftheros: @Side Boob said every fan
 Side Boob: I love the show but hate the fans.
Image 237342   03-14-18   Uploaded by    Pingu IRL
 karmakat: pleeeeease...I am starving!
 Side Boob: How 'bout a little something, you know, for the effort.
Image 237341   03-14-18   Uploaded by    matos
 a robot: I'm more interested in those minimalist garden gnome paintings on the wall behind the sign
 charlemagne: we'll see about that
 Mad Collager: Of course, in the current harassment climate, the "touchless" car wash down the street is doing great.
 El hefe: Old fashioned car wash
 Scoo: Your mom begs to differ
 Side Boob: Giggity
Image 237340   03-14-18   Uploaded by    effzeeceekay
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