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248569  BavidDowie: Where? In the woods??

248571  BavidDowie: Nyan reboot looking good

248595  Knice: Happy Valenintines Day.

248578  BavidDowie: The day you need that floor drain, you'll appreciate it.

248568  dangerkeith3000: BALLS

248568  dangerkeith3000: BALLS

248572  dangerkeith3000: Doctors are often in poor health.

248574  dangerkeith3000: McGruff the crime dog.

248577  dangerkeith3000: @barfolomew maybe his foot isn't the only thing that is 12 inches?

248578  dangerkeith3000: I don't understand how any of this works.

248583  dangerkeith3000: He loves the dead!

248561  DrNinjaman: The beauty of North Korea

248585  dangerkeith3000: Gun in the front, party in the back.

248587  WannaBee: They say freak/ when you're singled out/ the red/ it switcherinos through.

248581  Air Biscuit: But what are the other 9 of the top ten matches?

248585  Air Biscuit: Teach your children good trigger control young.

248590  glenalec: What a perverted man. So against the normal morals of Hollywood!

248584  barfolomew: I remember the incident this is referring to!

248572  glenalec: A carpenter's house never gets finished.

248584  2Berries: RIP 24

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8. WannaBee
9. Christina
10. Robespierre

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248458 Shay: Instructions not clear, so *HONK HONK*

248355 addend: (Puts it in reverse.)

248338 Robespierre: @Side Boob If there were a Confederate flag visible there would be even more whingeing in here.

248508 trelyate: written by UR MOM!

248385 nightmarez: You get em @Yam

248393 Dreforian: Scam, only checks one hacker's databases. Unless it's the One Hacker. TO RULE THEM ALL.

248470 Greifer: i take eight!

248326 Joseph: I once had a stampede of animals chase me trough a safari park. Turns out I had the exact same car as the people that fed them.

248339 Robespierre: Something something Jimmy Carter

248465 Winterneuro: @Side Boob I will...thanks!

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 1. Annoying Vegan : 12194 points
 2. Supermansbrother: 7225 points
 3. barfolomew: 5708 points
 4. dangerkeith3000: 4530 points
 5. ChubbyBuddy: 3308 points
 6. Not A Bot: 2894 points
 7. Yurishiro: 2812 points
 8. Side Boob: 2783 points
 9. Shay: 2346 points
10. dingding: 2111 points
11. Nope: 2095 points
12. Bagels: 1895 points
13. Mr. Shine: 1860 points
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 some guy : boinkf.
 Nope: The pig should have a floppy ear too
 FabricMan: "You're BACON! Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon...."
 Bluetocracy: twins
 kornisjon: Cuties!
Image 236764   03-10-18   Uploaded by    Rocky XLVII
 itskando: First contact
 charlemagne: got nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide
 UnknownSample: Step on it Larry, I tricked the kid into going outside
Image 236763   03-10-18   Uploaded by    Jolly Well
 ignatz: Gingham style.. (and also both dogs have scary prawn-skull noses)
Image 236762   03-10-18   Uploaded by    Booty Kicker
 Ulillillia: Where you have multiple people who want to chat with you
 Not A Bot: "This Neon gets terrible mileage. It always seems to need a fill-up. "
 Mr. Whiskers: "This guy knows what I'm talkin' about!"
Image 236761   03-10-18   Uploaded by    Frum Temps
Image 236760 is unbelievably bad (score -2) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by catheter. We'll pray for you, catheter.
 Peach Toddler: @when so exactly
 when so: That's some dedi-cat-ion to your color scheme
 Teechur: You shouldn't let your cat sleep on your aquarium. It might eat all your...uh....RAM, I guess.
 White Rice: Cat Purring Unit.
Image 236759   03-10-18   Uploaded by    humanfog
 jazzjunkie: At first I thought I had creaky floors...
 addend: (Runs through maze.)
 itskando: Eww.
 savvoy: Wear those to the dog park I DARE YOU
 Whatever: Footwear approved for Disney Lawyers and stockholders
 Teechur: Instead of getting splinters in your foot, you can put your feet in Splinters.
 Mr. Shine: Squeakers?
 Yurishiro: no
Image 236758   03-10-18   Uploaded by    turtled
We power this site with comments. Leave one here.
Image 236757   03-10-18   Uploaded by    inthrees
 Not A Bot: yours will never come true though
 funny in the wall: Tidipod mafia
 RiderFan: Romana Flowers: the later years.
 Robespierre: ... and a cloud of unease descended on the proceeings...
 Nope: Writing Prompt - A museum where you pay to meet an exact duplicate of yourself that never went through your greatest regret.
Image 236756   03-10-18   Uploaded by    On Spec
 VeeKay: Nothing funny about 'codeine phosphate 60 mg four times a day. Do not excede 240 mg in a 24 hour period'. Good prescription for moderate pain.
Image 236755   03-10-18   Uploaded by    catheter
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