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248562  BavidDowie: He tried to bring me home from rehab, I said Nope Nope Nope

248569  BavidDowie: Where? In the woods??

248571  BavidDowie: Nyan reboot looking good

248595  Knice: Happy Valenintines Day.

248578  BavidDowie: The day you need that floor drain, you'll appreciate it.

248568  dangerkeith3000: BALLS

248568  dangerkeith3000: BALLS

248572  dangerkeith3000: Doctors are often in poor health.

248574  dangerkeith3000: McGruff the crime dog.

248577  dangerkeith3000: @barfolomew maybe his foot isn't the only thing that is 12 inches?

248578  dangerkeith3000: I don't understand how any of this works.

248583  dangerkeith3000: He loves the dead!

248561  DrNinjaman: The beauty of North Korea

248585  dangerkeith3000: Gun in the front, party in the back.

248587  WannaBee: They say freak/ when you're singled out/ the red/ it switcherinos through.

248581  Air Biscuit: But what are the other 9 of the top ten matches?

248585  Air Biscuit: Teach your children good trigger control young.

248590  glenalec: What a perverted man. So against the normal morals of Hollywood!

248584  barfolomew: I remember the incident this is referring to!

248572  glenalec: A carpenter's house never gets finished.

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1. Air Biscuit
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4. glenalec
5. Mr. Shine
6. Nope
7. tib gubb
8. WannaBee
9. Christina
10. Robespierre

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248355 addend: (Puts it in reverse.)

248339 Robespierre: Something something Jimmy Carter

248326 Joseph: I once had a stampede of animals chase me trough a safari park. Turns out I had the exact same car as the people that fed them.

248385 nightmarez: You get em @Yam

248508 trelyate: written by UR MOM!

248458 Shay: Instructions not clear, so *HONK HONK*

248465 Winterneuro: @Side Boob I will...thanks!

248338 Robespierre: @Side Boob If there were a Confederate flag visible there would be even more whingeing in here.

248470 Greifer: i take eight!

248330 Kaviri: I call her my partner because love is nothing more than a business arrangement.

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 1. Annoying Vegan : 12194 points
 2. Supermansbrother: 7225 points
 3. barfolomew: 5708 points
 4. dangerkeith3000: 4530 points
 5. ChubbyBuddy: 3308 points
 6. Not A Bot: 2894 points
 7. Yurishiro: 2812 points
 8. Side Boob: 2783 points
 9. Shay: 2346 points
10. dingding: 2111 points
11. Nope: 2095 points
12. Bagels: 1895 points
13. Mr. Shine: 1860 points
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 ping: Woohoo! I've got an image in the top 50!
 jazzjunkie: High score!
 some guy : aw :(
 ping: @wolfpk It may be that your computer doesn't meet the minimum specs. Due to its advanced graphics you need a fast graphics card with a lot of onboard memory.
 ping: @Yurishiro Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
 wolfpk: Damn it! I keep hitting Rad and nothing is happening!
 Yurishiro: @ping are the asteroids in the shape of little mascots?
 White Rice: @ping oh ho, a sneaky one this time around, hiding in plain sight even!
 Amy Housewine: If you get 666 points then you get to play as the Friendly Spaceship rather than as a triangle.
 ping: @TurkeyVulture It's a metaphor for life.
 ping: @White Rice Look closer.
 TurkeyVulture: @ping ok, it's running now, but it's screwed up -- shooting the blobs just makes more blobs and then you die. WTF?
 White Rice: Im going to assume mascot is piloting the ship, because I have no clue where they are otherwise.
 Ulillillia: Asterads
 ping: @Shay @TurkeyVulture @grizzly OK. Back up and running. Make sure you have cleared your cache and have JawaScript enabled.
 Shay: LIES!
 TurkeyVulture: @ping still isn't working.
 ping: @grizzly Veronica from tech support is on another call right now. She'll be with you as soon as she can.
 grizzly: it didn't work.
 ignatz: Less sometimes really is more after all..
Image 236718   03-10-18   Uploaded by    communist
 some guy : I'll have a number 10 and a half, and PLEASE no mayo on that!
 VeeKay: Bravo! A tour de force!
 Dr Awkward: Wearing my new loafers
 Sadbot: Not the Hulk Hogan Meat Shoes I remember...
 sparename: Burger or foot-long? - I'm confused by the smell
Image 236717   03-10-18   Uploaded by    dirtstick
 Whatever: Its not easy being green
 Ulillillia: @fanny :O Thanks for reminding me!
 FabricMan: The Incredible Borkf
 wolfpk: Doggomelon
 fanny: It's shamrock shake season, my dudes
 Derp Herpigan: Your dog looks sick.
Image 236716   03-10-18   Uploaded by    habbekratz
 some guy : Oh, what's your melon-type?
 well duh: Or, "Dominic! You rat! You weren't using the field to grow cantaloupe, how could you give your own brother the ol' spicy firemelon!
 well duh: Man, if you could cross breed a habanero with that one on the top left that will get switcherinoed if I type it... Sweet and spicy hot melon! Cut a hole in one of them and fill it with vodka.
 Dr Awkward: What, no Heartmelon? You're never going to summon Captain Melon Planet without it
 bug: I prefer elemeno peas.
 TurkeyVulture: I've grown a few earthmelons.
 Sadbot: ...until the firemelon attacked!
Image 236715   03-10-18   Uploaded by    LurkedMoar
 some guy : Funny comment.
 barfolomew: Turn your structural damage into conceptual art
 VeeKay: Accurate, if true.
Image 236714   03-10-18   Uploaded by    dragon horn
 Ulillillia: @Dr Awkward My condolences.
 Dr Awkward: @Ulillillia ... I have pennies...
 Ulillillia: @Dr Awkward The royal we
 Dr Awkward: @Ulillillia who is "we?" Australia? South Africa? Venus?
 Ulillillia: Since we don't have pennies that'd be rounded up to 50 cents anyway
 wolfpk: A penny saved is a penny earned.
Image 236713   03-10-18   Uploaded by    barfolomew
 some guy : I will call her Tab-itha
 UnknownSample: My soulmate!
Image 236712   03-10-18   Uploaded by    xylophone
 some guy : Sir, I represent the estate of Charles Chaplin. I have a court order demanding an immediate halt to this unauthorized imitation.
 savvoy: dickbutt?
 Yurishiro: Nazca lines are extremely rad
 Robespierre: Excuse ME while I do the boogaloo.
 VeeKay: Excuse me sir, your chickens are on my lawn.
Image 236711   03-10-18   Uploaded by    magicmormon
 ignatz: This dude is something of a London legend. 9 GoPro's and two or three Contour HD's just to be sure.. and an airhorn like you get on a truck.
Image 236710   03-10-18   Uploaded by    ignatz
 Dr Awkward: I have precise knowledge of a very few number of things (academia!!)
 sparename: I fail to understand that I have reached the point at which I cannot understand further
Image 236709   03-10-18   Uploaded by    Not Sam
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