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267941  BavidDowie: I'm ashamed to see this blatant erotic display on the Spaceship

267892  VeeKay: Classic Bethesda

267894  VeeKay: May the ghost of Jeff Bezos haunt your Christmas.

267950  Not A Bot: netflix is for people who dont have a computer. *google*watch (insert show/movie here) online*enter*

267924  tib gubb: classy as heck

267961  BavidDowie: This deer is giving the Divine blessing of the God-Man

267938  tib gubb: delicious

267946  tib gubb: well i'm not going to criticize you for being half-assed about it

267974  BavidDowie: I assume it says, "Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish ..."

267952  Christina: *fuchsia.

267958  Gomi Day: @a robot yeah. i mean, this is obviously satire. but i've conversed with enough of these dippy wingnuts that i could absolutely see them nodding at this image and thinking what a great idea it is.

267963  FormerLurker: Its always unfortunate when a pet attacks a porcupine.

267963  Christina: Must be some Guinness record.

267966  FormerLurker: Its even uglier than the car Homer designed!

267968  Christina: Carcinogen.

267972  tib gubb: yeah, you and the horseless carriage you rode in on

267974  Annoying Vegan : Your bathtub parasites are well organized.

267970  Christina: Looks like in this language every word ends either in 'ski' or in 'ie'.

267946  a robot: I would totally wear those shoes though

267951  a robot: I guess we are supposed to think she is naked because her shirt is same color as her skin, but it just looks like she has weird flesh wrinkles in her arm instead

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267648 Christina: By the way, if not for crazy women, some men would never get laid at all.

267839 mammal883: @ignatz AND, I don't like the way the stripes on his tie and shirt don't line up...

267782 E. HONDA: I demand variety but also six sigma level consistency so let's get carry out from 12 chain restaurants

267713 dangerkeith3000: The human Centipede.

267593 Mr Bleak: @ChubbyBuddy Still cheaper than theater popcorn.

267597 BavidDowie: All your bass are belong to him

267831 Teechur: The Redbox in our Walmart is actually blue. Perhaps this is a Walmartian stop sign?

267580 VeeKay: Not shown = Young Ettiene, who lives in an asylum.

267930 VeeKay: Holy shit! Liek WOW!

267773 Shay: Put your hands in the air like you just do care.

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 wolfpk: Any man convicted of abusing his wife, should be punished by have to "wife swap" with her for a week. (And she has complete immunity for whatever she does to him)
 Mr. Shine: @carpwoman thanks!
 carpwoman: @Mr. Shine - Yes, I think that simple comment wins the internet today. Succinct, but yet it says so much.
 Mr. Shine: Yikes.
 Ihminen: Thinking about them gains
 karmakat: and here is the GUY HIDING!
 dangerkeith3000: X X Y
 fanny: oh god.
 dobbiesdoogs: tonku
Image 236221   03-07-18   Uploaded by    Starry Lemon
 Mr. Shine: Love me some Rock Band. I play lead, my son plays bass, and my wife rolls her eyes.
 wolfpk: Minutes later #236219
 dangerkeith3000: Damn. I live in Dallas. Too bad it's sold out.
Image 236220   03-07-18   Uploaded by    westerner
 dangerkeith3000: According to the Atkins diet, Wall contains carbs.
 logan: ...and the wall won!
Image 236219   03-07-18   Uploaded by    au bon pain
 a robot: This is my favorite thing I've seen so far this month
 Mad Collager: Skeletor has always dreamed of a hairy potter.
 pig 3: That's an awful lot of artistic talent to put into something like whatever this is!
 WTF: Whoopi Goldberg won an Academy Award for her role as Ram Man.
 Dr Awkward: Welcome to the Uranus Fudge Factory!
 dangerkeith3000: Skeletor: I must possess all, or I possess nothing.
 barfolomew: How did you make He-Man look MORE swole?
 Dresdenkeogh: Oh my love. My darling I've hungered for your power of greyskull
Image 236218   03-07-18   Uploaded by    I Hate The Beatles
 Mentos Pormer: Good things come from Uranus
 petepuma: Don't go in the rear entrance
 dangerkeith3000: Uranus is always open.
 Warrax: This is a great way to not sell delicious fudge.
 Shay: Well, that wasn't so subtle.
 sparename: Have they any vacancies for packers?
 Robespierre: Dig in!
 dobbiesdoogs: around the corner from the milk, milk, and lemonade emporium
Image 236217   03-07-18   Uploaded by    zoso
 mexican: Owned.
 Mr. Shine: Byephone
 filthylaw: Live in the moment..
Image 236216   03-07-18   Uploaded by    Big Baby
Image 236215 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by bigjim. Boo, bigjim.
 Black Jesus: Inception. An XXX parody.
 VoR: OMG I've never noticed the man already in there.
 Mr. Shine: Quote I'll bet it smells great in there endquote
 drtofu: Yo dawg,
 Dr Awkward: "Wait, this isn't a Fudge Factory at all!"
 charlemagne: oh no it's breeched
 barfolomew: Butts, won't we?
 Not A Bot: You're getting lazy Investigation Discovery.
 kazzy94: @Shay I do, you must not have watched the,Nicholas Cage version.
 Shay: I don't remember Wicker Man being this erotic.
 dangerkeith3000: Fantastic Voyage 2: The Hysteroscopy
 Urn BooUrn: If you look closely there is a third little butt.
 dangerkeith3000: What a butthead.
 Prumbo: Butts within butts.
Image 236214   03-07-18   Uploaded by    i peed a lil
 Prostata: hmm.. enhance...
 saluted: You should e-bay that. Someone would pay a lot, I'm sure.
 petepuma: Mountain lion? Or small pan of brownies?
 Warrax: Was it me? I'm never sure.
 Amy Housewine: The Butler did it.
 bug: Plot twist revealed at the end: The cat framed him.
Image 236213   03-07-18   Uploaded by    killme
 Kaviri: Stop chewing on my head you mutt.
 Korrok: Kinky...
 Greifer: let's step into cookiedough later on...
 Robespierre: Cat thinks "WTF?"
 Urn BooUrn: Good movie.
 Himesama: Homeward bound!!#
Image 236212   03-07-18   Uploaded by    Apple IIe
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