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253564  San DoDo: Doewwwww

253573  WTF: Plot twist, she's only four feet tall.

253564  charlemagne: mmmm mmmhhmmm mmmmmmmoh my god get out don't look at me

253573  Side Boob: I miss watching the WSM on Christmas break.

253577  some guy : RIP

253582  iCEy: Thats Angela Bassett.

253549  Side Boob: Shit got real.

253558  Not A Bot: Now with flavor!

253554  Side Boob: @ani625 Good advice. Two cats are always better.

253565  Side Boob: Pet the rainbow!

253571  Side Boob: Fattie of North Korea.

253571  ignatz: Bot of North Korea

253563  Chest Rockwell: More like -100.

253532  a sedated moose: CompDickTer Doctors

253578  Jolly Well: Yeah, as a husband, this seems like a normal day.

253567  raditzu: Don't you fukken dare touch my human!

253566  sparenamelaptopdied: Ding-dong bell, Pus.y's on the Dell..

253499  Zochrot: youre a wizard harry

253500  Zochrot: fucking ginger

253510  Zochrot: proud graduate

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6. Shay
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8. Wooden Spoon
9. Micro Jackson
10. DrNinjaman

The top ten most commented-on images today:

253407 Bluetocracy: The murder scene is horrible. There is frosting and sprinkles everywhere!

253283 Science: @Side Boob ;)

253386 Ironass: Do you think he likes skulls?

253494 Robespierre: Sorry, Billy Bob, but I'm expensive this weekend.

253366 redmonkey3: The "N" word! (?)

253303 Gomi Day: *party cannon playing in background*

253470 DrinkMixMan: Can we stop doing this?

253304 Supermansbrother: @Zochrot Barbarian rolls matter.

253388 Bill Rye: @Nope maybe that's what's causing the anxiety

253301 charlemagne: .... come in europe, are you receiving, over...xp needed for blue ranking is 126750... repeat, xp needed for blue ranking is 126750...

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Pingu IRL uploaded 253303 (819 points)

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 5. Scoo: 2906 points
 6. E. HONDA: 2786 points
 7. Mr. Shine: 2482 points
 8. Back Door Dan: 2246 points
 9. Pingu IRL: 1914 points
10. Fursona: 1890 points
11. Coolguy: 1853 points
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 agentpaint: help...I'm dying of cuteness
Image 233663   02-21-18   Uploaded by    night shift
 Kaviri: @Dr Awkward yikes
 randomhobo: @Kaviri - not so much difficult as obscure. And what @Dr Awkward said, too.
 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob I'm surprised Bing has a net at all: I assumed it would be just the hoop.
 Dr Awkward: @Kaviri They're simply behind a paywall a lot. There have been more open access journals in the last few years, which has made publication fees higher for the authors. I just had a paper accepted to a journal that I've previously published in, and since then, the publication fee essentially quadrupled to $1350.
 barfolomew: Database?
 Side Boob: It's just like the internet, except there's Bing
 Teechur: @Kaviri Yahoo! is great for searching for Bing so I can search for my Gmail account and log in.
 Kaviri: So I get that this is a simplistic representation of the dark web and it's relationship with search engines (lol at that jab at yahoo), but are academic journals really that difficult to find on the web?
Image 233662   02-21-18   Uploaded by    trees
 Korrok: Korrok approves...
 Ulillillia: Edgy
 barfolomew: What a maroon!
 Teechur: Strangely enough, that tartan is the same as the uniform at one of our local Catholic grade schools.
 Kaviri: Whatever, you're not my real savior!
Image 233661   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Mord Tingies
 Robespierre: Play Different
 kswat: *Clicks RAD and quickly scrolls it past the top of the screen*
 Not A Bot: Paris, I'm telling you, there's something wrong about that Horse.
 Teechur: And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for my meddling hands!
 Peter Pantsless: "Aha! You thought I was Rick, but the whole time I was-," *RRRIIPP* "Oh, I guess it turns out I actually was Rick. Whoopsie doodles!"
Image 233660   02-21-18   Uploaded by    NonRhetorical
 a robot: "While you were partying and having premarital sex, I was studying....whatever this is."
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 charlemagne: forsake all pleasures of the flesh
Image 233659   02-21-18   Uploaded by    jem
 a robot: I, too, spend my time online looking at an image of myself looking at my computer
 Not A Bot: well. I didn't see that coming.
 WTF: @Zukero The IBM 5150 didn't have that good of graphics.
 Peter Pantsless: Hey, those images aren't going to RAD themselves!
 CheezGrater: Why is that lady typing on a microwave?
 Zukero: That screen looks pretty good for its time!
Image 233658   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 gorilla: It's more a trend than a certainty.
 a robot: I LIKE......CATHYHORN!
 WTF: Russian bots influencing the 2018 election.
 Double-Munched Tacotito: half of them OD anyway
 Zukero: I have to disagree. I know a few counterexamples. Although most of them are ending up poor.
Image 233657   02-21-18   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 Side Boob: The British are coming?
 Teechur: I'm looking for an...I mean, TWO honest men. I think D.C. is the wrong place to look....
Image 233656   02-21-18   Uploaded by    catsanddogs
 a robot: The mirrors are on the opposite wall from the sinks, is that what I'm supposed to notice here? This isn't even mildly interesting.
 White Male: No, sir. You are the caretaker
Image 233655   02-21-18   Uploaded by    ethernet
 Booty Kicker: Sydney actually does have a mortuary station. I think it is only for historical preservation now, though. It's the church-looking station just out of Central/Terminal on the West side.
 WTF: Taking full advantage of New York's generous "The dead ride free" policy.
 catheter: "Hey you need to pay the ticket!" "Over my dead body!"
 Aufziehvogel: Works also in the cinema
 Zukero: @dobbiesdoogs But the green sticker's sitck-man said to do it!
 dobbiesdoogs: that's one way to get through without paying
Image 233654   02-21-18   Uploaded by    avemaria
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