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262405  WannaBee: Todd you little scamp!

262406  Scoo: How do I know he's not a lizard? His face opened up and he ate my cat!

262394  Teechur: @Rald Rempungo But every time we post, our names change again.....-Teechur

262398  AdaMan: Life finds a way

262402  fanny: this is something my mother in law would print out and put on her fridge

262407  Knice: That's the most mootal thing I've seen all week.

262404  Butcherboy: What kind of dog?

262397  Scoo: Ah, so that's what a 3-Way Lamp is

262403  Scoo: Your data *are* as worthless as you...

262300  Terrh: Frankly (My Dear) I don't give a damn...

262360  Korrok: I've seen worse.

262411  satoshi: The secret to eternal youth is clearly held by Monty!

262399  Spazstatic: Hmm, if they are male, I don't think that's actually milk...

262397  WTF: "What have I said about leaving the lamp turned on during the day!" (Funky Music Plays)

262381  Prostata: solid golden

262386  Not A Bot: So many wangs.

262399  WTF: "Shut up Wesley!" - Curly Willy

262370  Bohab: @Dang Cremumple same, or if I'm shopping at a store wearing something they sell or have something in my pocket I bought elsewhere that'll do it too

262402  Knice: Sounds like a keeper; move over, amateur.

262375  Spazstatic: The device draws what amps it needs, it's not forced. Should be fine unless that charging block puts out more than 5 volts. As far as destroying it, a hammer or a fire should work.

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262343 ChubbyBuddy: i lava what you've done w the place

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262195 Felicity: 150 percent

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262151 VeeKay: Husbands instagram just two pictures of his tractor

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 Dirt Plungo: @grizzly: Never mind the power consumed...
 Bump Horpungo: You made the right choice.
 Harm Rempongo: Cool kid bro.
 Frampo Horpungus: @Science they all cost more than the Bitcoin mined.
 Flawn Drumomple: Uses for video cards after Bitcoins crash
 Luple Drumumple: This guy is why video cards are so expensive now.
 Frumpo Drumongus: Appealing to millennials to generate sales is getting a little sad.
 Dalm Plemungus: Well she DID say she wanted more fans in her room.
 Vurb Plungus: Now that's what I call overclocking
 Hemp Horpumple: Graphics is my passion..
Image 232634   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Derbo Albongo
 Dulm Brungus: Both these places would fetch a million bucks in my neighbourhood
Image 232633   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Garm Plemungus
 Varbo Albomple: No problem for baritone/alto saxophonists used to playing with guitars.
 Rarbo Morpungo: No, its in G flat major
 Gart Grunombies: No, its in G flat major
 Jemp Grungo: Seriously, fuck this key.
 Gople Drumongo: The joke kinda fell flat
 Gang Flumongus: I'd bitch too if my D was suddenly flat.
 Bango Dampungo: @jochenau Would you say that piano jokes are your forte?
 Crirm Horpomple: Music nerd jokes are probably my favorite nerd jokes.
Image 232632   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Gong Horpomple
 Liwn Horpungo: Life is art. Art is life. Fire hurt. Ball itch. Hunger now. Where remote.
Image 232631   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Rild Grunungus
 Trart Albungo: There's a guy in the foreground whose face is painted like a plant in front of bricks.
 Gorbo Plongus: Somebody's been snookered here...
 Peple Flumopert: The dude in Green was resting upon the table a minute ago
 Bart Plemongus: Ninja vanish!
 Rurb Morpongus: Anyone get the feeling that we're being watched?
 Berbo Flombies: This looks like the least comfortable pool hall ever.
Image 232630   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Gawn Plungus
 Bift Grunongus: @Mad Collager YAY!
 Dorm Grongo: @Dr Awkward That's why we like you!
 Crorm Rempopert: @Robespierre I overthink a lot of things...
 Vaple Brongus: He Bis be quick about this.
 Gimp Plungus: @Dr Awkward You're overthinking this. Give in to the silliness. Besides, in Great Britain and other former Commonwealth nations, the chainwheel is generally situated ... oh, never mind.
 Thirbo Flumoble: Cheeseburger helper?
 Vert Albungo: Not that many Lidls in Denmark.
 Rold Horpopert: @Robespierre Also, The gears go on the right side of the bike!
 Rert Grunupert: @Robespierre I thought you were referring to the biscuit in an exam glove and I was thinking "Hmm, I've never done that on a bike ride.."
 Berbo Albupert: Cyclist things.
Image 232629   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Pumpo Gromple
 Bump Rempupert: But can he tell why kids love the cinnamony taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!?
 Vawn Cremomple: Going to taste funny.
 Pewn Cremungo: Obligatory: instructions unclear
 Gorbo Rempopert: @Yurishiro @Zukero Some guys too I think
 Fliple Plemuble: @dangerkeith3000 Y... No. no I'm not.
 Humpo Horpuble: @Dr Awkward by Chuck Tingle...hey wait...are you secretly Mr Tingle?
 Crarb Grunomple: Jabbed Through my Balls with my own Weiner
 Dorb Plungo: Discover the Vibrant West Hollywood Lifestyle
 Bown Flumple: Dogs dream of this
 Frongo Albuble: Justgirlsthings
Image 232628   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Gift Grunuble
 Dorm Morpumbies: Shut up and take our money!
 Dolm Grungus: Believe it or not, there are actual safety and liability issues to consider here.
 Biple Flopert: Yabba dabba doo!
 Frungo Plungo: Whatever, just let 'em order their "food" in the Drive-Thru.
 Rorm Dampomple: Kudos for building a car while stoned off your tits guys, but ... no.
 Pongo Horpoble: "This is a drive-thru, fellas, not a skive-thru..."
Image 232627   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Morm Rempungo
 Trert Rempumbies: @Wooden Spoon - as a former lawn & garden slave myself, i concur
 Gown Grombies: @Sadbot: I had divorced parents and 2 lawns to mow. I hate lawns with a white hot passion.
 Lung Bromple: It's not worth the endless months of sleep deprivation. I hope the cartoonist is feigning ignorance about babbies.
 Loft Brungus: Hire someone cheapskate.
 Thulm Plemumbies: @Mr. Shine We had daughters, but no lawn until they were off to college - it all worked out OK, though.
 Thalm Drumumbies: nice dreams 'daddy'
 Flerm Flumbies: Lawns are conspicuous consumption whose only purpose is to function as a pissing contest between white people about how much free time and disposable income they have. More likely this son will grow up to resent his dad's bootlicking subservience to a bullshit culture and spend his time with a community garden. Or just be a clone of his dad, I've seen it go both ways.
 Rirb Plongo: As a dad, this really speaks to me.
Image 232626   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Flempo Drumongo
 Flort Broble: @Ihminen - Seasons don't fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun & the rain
 Gert Plomple: You go ahead Eugene
 Frewn Plemombies: BEACHES ARE NICE.
 Duld Morpopert: Baby take my hand, don't fear the reaper
 Bald Horpungus: Come with me My love To the sea The sea of love / I wanna tell you How much I love you... / Do you remember When we met That's the day I knew you were my pet...
 Helm Plumbies: I hope you have coins for the boatman
 Trift Grumbies: he ded
Image 232625   02-15-18   Uploaded by    Gild Dampungus
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