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248906  Robespierre: @Science Vegas is Ground Zero for dicks. But I'm trying to figure out what Goodsprings has to do with this BS - only thing there is a pseudo-biker bar.

248935  E. HONDA: this shag carpeting is out of control

248937  Science: @Side Boob: Magic helmet?

248881  Science: @Felicity: In 90's sci-fi, it was pretty much understood that the Brits would pretty much take over the world. That's why you get those iconic scenes in things like Blade Runner where Deckard is going through Brit-Cit, and they have all of those holographic billboards for "Bangers and Mash" and "Heinz Beanz." Turns out that sci-fi was wrong on that call.

248937  Side Boob: @Science MY SPEAR AND MAGIC HELMET!

248950  Christina: Beauty of North Korea.

248965  E. HONDA: this image is not only words, the whitespace also illustrates the color of their piss

248917  Robespierre: That Karl Kradle looks komfy

248853  KnowLifer: @Mr. Shine @Dr Awkward I wasn't expecting that my comment would lead to this. I simply hate the way it looks on people. What does it represent or what meaning does it have to them is another thing to judge

248920  Robespierre: @Felicity Bumbershootville. Motto: "Acres Of Clams"

248972  Yurishiro: The Secretary of Defense was baffled when he received the President's orders.

248719  Air Biscuit: I'm still laughing to myself about this a day or two (dunno howmuch time has elapsed) later without even seeing it. Jolly good show.

248966  sparename: And now, with the advances in Biro cheapness and the fact that I hardly actually write anything anymore, the only use I can find for liquid ink is showing up cracks in printed circuit boards or metal castings

248923  Robespierre: Heavy rotation

248896  Science: @raditzu: It's a special courier service called "Se-mail."

248974  Yurishiro: All I can say about this is... Boner tails freak me out.

248975  Yurishiro: @nothing

248959  Christina: Feels good, man.

248906  Science: Awesome joke, Aidan. Too bad this person was almost murdered by a psychopath and has now had her entire life turned upside down. Dick.


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248843 tib gubb: that's the temporal paradox episode

248809 Air Biscuit: The Oreader is busted?what if i pay using a currency other than Os?

248839 piranharama: Steering Wheel is Not Responding

248734 glenalec: Get rid of post-baby belly with this one weird trick.

248731 Felicity: Where you go to lick the daily slimer

248923 Robespierre: Heavy rotation

248853 KnowLifer: @Mr. Shine @Dr Awkward I wasn't expecting that my comment would lead to this. I simply hate the way it looks on people. What does it represent or what meaning does it have to them is another thing to judge

248841 brian greene: from which part of the english language did you get the word "surplexed" ????

248870 Jaunty Shrimp: Dont make me won't like me when I'm kermy

248935 Mad Collager: @Robespierre Sir, please help me up the stairs. Oh yes! Oh Yes!!

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 Mr. Whiskers: Put it in your shirt pocket along with all that mud
 VeeKay: Bite that stone chump
 San DoDo: The harshest of joves!
 Kaviri: Dear god man, spit it out!
Image 231872   02-11-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 VeeKay: Impaler
 Teechur: I'm quite partial to the contact paper paint job.
 Kaviri: Right onto your feet.
 karmakat: that's how you purge the radiator right?
 glenalec: Hot-and-cold running radiator fluid.
Image 231871   02-11-18   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 redmonkey3: Cooler than i will ever be
 Side Boob: Deal with it.
 glenalec: Too cool for obedience school!
Image 231870   02-11-18   Uploaded by    pewdiepie
 WTF: Commemorating the first use of "Deez Nuts"
 RiderFan: Acorn and Chipmunk , which in Japanese is Kuri to Risu.
 Mr. Shine: This cult is nuts!
 karmakat: it's Scrat's god.
Image 231869   02-11-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 Yurishiro: @NoRagrets in my country it's illegal
 NoRagrets: @Yurishiro Mayhaps, but I still do it everyday. Except at the drag strip, they make me wear closed toe shoes there.
 Yurishiro: Driving with flip flops is stupidly dangerous
 Peter Pantsless: New safety feature: it swats at you if you start to fall asleep
 glenalec: Every car should have a kitten-holder (provided it beeps loudly if you try to leave the car with the kitten still in the holder!)
Image 231868   02-11-18   Uploaded by    superfudge
 trelyate: FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!
 Teechur: HAHAHAHA!.....I don't get it. I know how my stoodints feel when I tell a joke in klass.
 Mr. Shine: Use a coaster, you troglodyte!
Image 231867   02-11-18   Uploaded by    bbbrandon
 Shay: Hummus is serious business.
 a robot: Maybe Aisheh just wanted to do her grocery shopping in peace, Susan.
 GoGo Robotto: I doubt this is all naive friendliness. Forced to leave Jaffa (now Tel Aviv) smells like the Facebook Post has an agenda to scandalize the so-called Nakba.
 VeeKay: Susan Gist clearly isn't from Brexitstaan
 Mad Collager: @Mr. Shine Hear! Hear! The more we know about other people and their complicated situation, the less likely we are to totally mess things up because we don't know how one thing affects all the others.
 Mr. Shine: What's wrong with being nice? Beat the narrative by airing the truth! Friendly people need to be what we emphasize.
Image 231866   02-11-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Mr. Whiskers: @a robot Hell yeah!
 a robot: @Mr. Whiskers Feet lube?
 bug: Sit. -No, not like that.
 Mr. Whiskers: "Footem Lubin " translates exactly like you think it does
 Yurishiro: The dog sitter must be a pro
 Amy Housewine: Shaking like a sitting dog.
Image 231865   02-11-18   Uploaded by    chelseachels
 2Berries: By try she means got out of the way
 VeeKay: @Annoying Vegan Amazing delusions?
 Spazstatic: I'm thankful for my family, Elon Musk, and of course the friendly Spaceship
 Mr. Whiskers: @Annoying Vegan Im still trying to figure out where all the lighter fluid came from
 Annoying Vegan : @VeeKay Yes there is! He does amazing magic tricks! I mean illusions!
 Mr. Whiskers: Not all of them tried, sweetheart
 VeeKay: Kids, there is no gob
 WTF: But they didn't try hard enough which is why they are dead.
 iatemyhomework: Pour out some liquor
 Kaviri: There's still hope for the future.
 Amy Housewine: Some will be displeased by the black border, but it is thematically appropriate when talking about death.
Image 231864   02-11-18   Uploaded by    Fantasy
 a robot: A Christkindlmarkt is a great place to get drunk in the freezing cold
 VeeKay: All she brought was shawarma
Image 231863   02-11-18   Uploaded by    togboat
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