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233961  SpaceCow: When asked if it had any fucks left, the bus said this and drove away.

234036  dangerkeith3000: This is so gross. RAD!

234038  dangerkeith3000: Kill it with fire.

234018  jazzjunkie: Don't ever let it stop

233922  smusher: Canny new idea...

233927  looch: ok but why

234052  FabricMan: Low...ri...der... gets a little higher

234042  dangerkeith3000: This is really cool. Thanks for uploading it.

233998  SpaceCow: The Clown College cafeteria is a truly frightening place.

234046  dangerkeith3000: Everybody google "E.T. the Porno"

234000  SpaceCow: Ever moment is pain, Jerry.

234043  WTF: Someone's fetish

233956  Beef Supreme: Nope. Get your owner to fix you. Actually, it's 2018, so upgrade to an automatic flusher, you throwback piece of shit.

234052  dangerkeith3000: @WTF Huh. Absolutely nothin'! (Say it again)

234051  WTF: Saddam Hussein

234030  Annoying Vegan : @Yurishiro False, I think I see jalapeos, eeeew

234052  WTF: But what is it good for?

234014  SpaceCow: A perfectly normal day in the seventies.

233746  jazzjunkie: User name upload combo

234051  Yurishiro: WeLl ThEn ChAnGe HoUsE

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233922 smusher: Canny new idea...

233941 FabricMan: Don't the Mongolians have some fermented milk drink?

233978 Beef Supreme: Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

233930 brian greene: i would

233910 addend: "Go ahead, pick, then eat."

233924 Yurishiro: 10

233901 Jabberwikket: @fanny, Dancing with Himself (Myself)

233925 Fiveninety: @Teechur yeah i have 200A service so not much dims the lights.. though that monitor does cause a slight flicker when i first turn it on, now that you mention it.. it's also got bad vertical hold until it warms up

233867 glenalec: 14 hours With Out Oxygen.

233880 FatTigerWoods: Cover up, your genius is showing

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 glenalec: My mum wants to take my bro and sis here
 Yurishiro: @charlemagne maybe they want to swap a paralyzed one for a deaf one
 charlemagne: @when so no child acquired at a swap fair will be a good one. try your luck at an orphanage, at least they give you a receipt and a thirty day return policy
 when so: maybe it'll be better than the last one...
Image 231701   02-10-18   Uploaded by    inthrees
 glenalec: This kills the dinosaurs (all of them)
 Prostata: "I'm not eating garbage, it's called FREEGANISM"
 Dresdenkeogh: Tyrannosaurus reckt
 El Barto: *hurl*
 Amy Housewine: When you have tiny arms it is very hard to retrieve the thing that you accidentally dropped in the bin.
Image 231700   02-10-18   Uploaded by    Wort Mumpus
 UnknownSample: G-g-g-ghosts!
 Robespierre: I'm shocked; shocked, I tell you, that there aren't spikes on that ledge to prevent them from sitting there.
Image 231699   02-10-18   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 Science: Well I don't know if I'm coming or going / If it's them or me / Oh, but one things for certain / Willie Nelson only smokes killer weed
 Robespierre: Q: What's got 120 hands and 60 teeth? A: Front row at a Willie Nelson concert. Sank yew; I em here ze week.
 Mad Collager: Okay, don't know how Wikipedia hijacked my link, but here's the real one:
 Mad Collager: These people are insane, you've got to see more of their work!
 Mad Collager: Opening in theaters everywhere Friday - Cakes on a Brain!
 a sedated moose: That's impressive, but I don't like it.
 El Barto: Definitely baked.
 Amy Housewine: Taking a bite out of the head of a Willie, I see.
Image 231698   02-10-18   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 glenalec: Pretending to be interested in more than the section on mating.
 Robespierre: Doggo appears to find the images therein distasteful.
 Teechur: Beautiful dog. But if I would never be able to keep up with that hair. I can't even take care of my OWN hair. That's why it left me.
 Yurishiro: "Ha! We totally do that!"
 fumbduck: Nerd!
 El Barto: What's with all these skinny lions?
Image 231697   02-10-18   Uploaded by    a robot
 Teechur: I put up a Goofus and Gallant cartoon to see if I can entice anyone to wash their damned dishes when they're done with them. No change so far.
 Skaalar: At my old job, they got super mad anytime I left a sign up. Usually because it denotes my territory within the warehouse.
Image 231696   02-10-18   Uploaded by    magicmormon
 jochenau: Is he permanently having a heart attack?
 a robot: This is weirdly specific!
 Mr. Shine: Whaaaaaaaaat?!
 trelyate: finally, a shirt made for me!
 El Barto: A victim of stockholm syndrome.
 dobbiesdoogs: i figured out the reason for that last one #231694
Image 231695   02-10-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 DrinkMixMan: Mr. McGreg: The Early Years
 Side Boob: @Yurishiro stuff like this is frequently done to preserve limbs for reattachment. The article I read said the hand was successfully reattached, but Im phone posting and dont have the article to link.
 BavidDowie: He is AMAZING at soccer
 Robespierre: Curious modification in action.
 carpwoman: Now he can scratch his foot without having to bend over I guess.
 Mr. Shine: You're doing it wrong!!
 Teechur: I would love to read a follow-up article to see if he regained the use of his hand after they rebuilt his arm. Or the girl who grew a new face on her breast after a disfiguring fire. Medical science is fascinating.
 Yurishiro: I wanted to make a joke but it really saddens me when I see these poor People cursed like this. It really should make you appreciate what you have.
Image 231694   02-10-18   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Teechur: My dog must be part that. She loves her sunbeams, too.
 Amy Housewine: Mr Bean reboot looking quite good.
 Fugative: Draw me like one of your french gibbons
Image 231693   02-10-18   Uploaded by    Rembo Prundus
 Sadpygmy: Incredibly racist
 El Barto: @Fugative They learnt it from us. We're a terrible influence. Next they'll be cookin meth.
 Fugative: Koalas eat poo
Image 231692   02-10-18   Uploaded by    james
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