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233104  Teechur: Everyone knows it's always the middle finger that gets injured.

233022  glenalec: On the up-side this may just be muddy water (inland Australian soil is exactly that colour).

233105  Teechur: The worst part is when you wake up with your eyes crusted shut.

233107  Teechur: That poor grey duck.

233108  Teechur: My friends and family always look forward to the Arbor Day cards I send out each year.

233109  glenalec: Pictures of my grillfriend!

233067  ping: @jochenau @addend Just a "one of these things is not like the others" moment. They're all called something-hedron apart from the cube. And since Mascot is in assassin/secret agent mode from #232800...

232713  glenalec: @Nope - I was working in a developing country at the time. Just having a retro-fitted sit-on toilet was a rather big deal! My next place there was a brand new dormitory for 12 with plenty of mod-cons, and I had it all to myself!

233067  ping: @zrj235 There are others but they only work in higher dimensional space. In 3D this is all you get.

232322  glenalec: @Mr Bleak - so that's what she looks like! TBH I honestly have no idea who my own country's PM is or looks like just now.

233029  glenalec: Looks handy!

233063  ping: Backstage at a theatre. I don't know which one.

233038  glenalec: Some people call me the Broccoly Cowboy. Some people call me the gangster of peas.

233056  glenalec: Fore SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!

233059  glenalec: There is a tool in mum's nail-file kit for that.

233087  glenalec: @Robespierre - Your Aunt is also apparently content with no freshly trained doctors, engineers, mechanics, etc. to do all the things she will presumably need to have done for the rest of her life :-/

233106  Peter Pantsless: "Hey, let's go." "Can't. Kitty."

233104  glenalec: Not many people know that you call a badly crushed hand a 'hamd'.

233107  bug: AFLAAAACKKK

233085  bug: @Not A Bot Bottom left.

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233004 Robespierre: @Nope This is somehow OK because the NRA has bought and paid for all of the politicians they need; i.e., Marco Rubio alone has received $17.5 million from the NRA over the years

233032 zrj235: @GoGo Robotto i remember the original of that game from like 15 years ago. fuck yes.

233027 bug: Box full of cats unrelated.

233056 glenalec: Fore SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!

233022 zrj235: @copunter but people poop in there

233068 Teechur: @Mr. Shine The dentist examined him and said, "Aaaah. Here's the problem. You have an abscess." "WHAT!? How the heck did that guy know I have an abscess?" The dentist replied, "The monk in the Himalayans" I get a lot of business from that wise man. You see, 'Abscess makes the fart go Honda.'"

232910 zrj235: @Peter Pantsless seconded. didn't need to feel worse than i already did. this isn't 4chan even tho i might shitpost while drunk. there are limits.

232934 kornisjon: This is rather aggressive. I hope that she will find someone who is interested.

233067 ping: @jochenau @addend Just a "one of these things is not like the others" moment. They're all called something-hedron apart from the cube. And since Mascot is in assassin/secret agent mode from #232800...

233055 Coolguy: @a robot ah, good looking out. I figured the random ass modern baby name thing. But would have never imagined the names were from an old Japanese baseball game. Oh Japan, what will I do with you.

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 Derp Herpigan: 7 things you should know about my grandma, number 6 will shock you!
 glenalec: The little girl's stance and expression really makes this photo!
 Mr. Whiskers: There were 173 things you needed to know about my grandma. Fortunately, I was a fat kid.
 Nothing: Nana's bloodlust cannot be sated
 glenalec: 1 thing you should know about my grandma - she is too old to face trial.
 Nope: 1 thing you need to know about my Grandma 1. She has killed and will kill again, God help us all.
Image 230939   02-05-18   Uploaded by    Bernie 2016
 jazzjunkie: The one wearing the Penguin Books logo is just too silly
 Mr. Shine: It would be cuter if these penguins were real
 Nope: Cant fly, but we can look fly
Image 230938   02-05-18   Uploaded by    camellia
 Robespierre: The wage of gluttony is death, fish.
 charlemagne: dear, I would like to return this flesh light
 Teechur: What's wrong? You look down in the mouth.
 Gomi Day: feels good, man.
 Yurishiro: The old frog in the throat eh?
 Not A Bot: I was born horny, though.
 Mr. Shine: "Thank god you're here!"
Image 230937   02-05-18   Uploaded by    Backhand
 Mr. Shine: Wanna pet that pupper.
Image 230936   02-05-18   Uploaded by    GiveMePlus
You can be the first to comment. Make up a name and slam the Post button!
Image 230935   02-05-18   Uploaded by    anonimos
 ping: Sad owl is sad.
 glenalec: He is sad because he never saw a cent from the Furbie craze.
Image 230934   02-05-18   Uploaded by    Mr. Pepper
 Beef Supreme: *takes an insulin shot and prepares tongue for a long afternoon.*
 Hokie333: The Stuff remake looking good.
 XLY: ah, the mythical reverse fluffy bunny
 Skaalar: Slimy... Yet satisfying.
 Yurishiro: *saves pic*
 ping: Kitchen camouflage ineffective.
 glenalec: She was in that suddenly-stopping car full of white paint that pops up here periodically.
 Matricii: Anyone notice how it's everywhere but her mouth? Poor girl seriously misread the instructions
 addend: (Makes a fluffernutter.)
 Yurishiro: @Warrax really? I currently am thinking many, many nsfw things.
 addend: Now you know why the owl is sad.
 Hokie333: "THE CHOICE IS MADE. THE TRAVELER HAS COME." "Whoa! Hold on! Whoa! Nobody choosed anything! Did you choose anything?" "No." "Did you?" "My mind is totally blank." "*I* didn't choose anything!" "...i couldn't help it. it just popped in there." "What did you do, Ray?"
 Warrax: All I can think is how hard it's going to be to get that out of her hair.
 minigoat: Krafts new, low-calorie fluff ads are changing my marshmallow fluff conceptions...and i dont know if im ready for that
 Skinr: My art keeps me sane.
 Mr. Whiskers: Did she get too close to Gonzos trumpet?
 Nope: also @grandma NO!
 Nope: Help Me! I have 11 more years of these photos
Image 230933   02-05-18   Uploaded by    grandma
 Beef Supreme: Young Sheldon sucks.
 addend: Be absent every school-picture day. Problem solved.
 Peter Pantsless: Wear whatever the rest of the year, but if you have that same haircut and outfit for picture day every year, you will be the raddest kid ever
 Not A Bot: Okay, guys. Who ordered food? Because we did not agree to eat when we agreed to split the bill...
Image 230932   02-05-18   Uploaded by    filthylaw
 SpaceCow: The Shape of Water 2: Luau Madness
 Felicity: This would work well for a faceswap
 Matricii: Is this how Steve Irwin felt?
 Hokie333: "Mama!"
 Peter Pantsless: "Fools! In your ambition, you have crafted your own demise! The sea has risen upon your lands, and now the sea shall rule them! Even now, my brethren dismantle your ships and overrun your coastal cities. The time has come! On me, comrades, on me! ...guys? Hey, you- oh shit, was that tomorrow?"
 addend: Women in back are reminiscing about their first time.
 Urn BooUrn: Photobomb-ray
 Nope: i hope they put this in the Smithsonian one day
Image 230931   02-05-18   Uploaded by    sandwiches
 Prostata: standin' his ground!
 Mr. Shine: @addend Boozooka
 addend: Brozooka.
Image 230930   02-05-18   Uploaded by    Drump Porbs
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