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272601  ignatz: Works better with a pint of IPA..

272624  macrocosm: Plumbers at Hogwarts must be anorexic cuz in that shit would snapped in 2 from the jump out here

272614  ThoughtlessGentleman: "spaying and neutering humans is the best theres already tons of them with no homes."

272592  Teechur: @tib gubb I'm sorry, "they" have to pee outside.

272604  Teechur: Hand him the green one and then say, "No, we don't live there anymore. Try to fit in." Then hand him the whole box.

272621  Cami: Poor thing, wait until you are an adult, that is when the real disappointments start.

272613  ThoughtlessGentleman: @waaaaaat hi bob barker!

272621  toaster: Poor thing, wait until you are an adult, that is when the real disappointments start.

272615  Peter Pantsless: Holy shit, was that squirrel a vampire or something?

272608  DrinkMixMan: *Hank Hill "bwaaa" noise*

272609  DrinkMixMan: Happy Halloween!

272620  99.9 Percent: this is why I need feminism

272620  kittylitter: Way too much sugar.

272620  Taters: stop sexualization of coffee

272620  waffle iron: I like my women like I like my coffee: with a face.

272557  charlemagne: I get it

272619  a spider plan: Well now thats just silly to leave the rest of the raw chicken on the counter at room temperature.

272597  charlemagne: they never would never say that in the fifties

272445  potato: exactly @Knice

272604  addend: "I'm not racist - I'm colorblind."

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272539 Air Biscuit: A fine mustache.

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny You'll do fine! If you have any trouble, reply here and I'll trouble-shoot. I just hope I see the reply in time to do you good!

272423 Sadpygmy: What at pain in the ass

272372 Side Boob: Always carry a spare.

272205 Mr Bleak: Anythings a building if you're ...

272425 Nope: @lecj07 thank you for your service

272245 Side Boob: Time to go to the ER, I guess.

272261 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob *Nobody* expects The Spanish Mikado!

272475 Uncle Phil: I guess a steak is a salad too. Cows are made of plants.

272295 DrinkMixMan: Thanks, these injured animals really brightened my day!

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 Amy Housewine: NO! Don't bust out now! You have to wait for the signal from the dinosaurs.
 Mr. Shine: This guy gets it.
 tib gubb: he broke the code.
 charlemagne: who is this great sage, this equal of heaven
 Slerzy: Then I bust out.
 Peter Pantsless: Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter
Image 230919   02-05-18   Uploaded by    kate2point0
 Matricii: Flame-Grilled comments served daily!
 TrumpyTrump: Whoop Whoop!
 Mr. Shine: Hell yeah. @ping, you never disappoint. This is why your AG trading card says Photoshop Jedi!
 Dreforian: @when so Eef friendly!
 when so: Have it in a way.
 Slerzy: Don't inquire about the special sauce
Image 230918   02-05-18   Uploaded by    alex
 Beef Supreme: And most of those agricultural subsidies are paid to addresses in New York City. Agribusiness sucks.
 Matricii: Someone tried to tax my brain, but I put all my brain profits in an overseas bank
 Hokie333: Brain Tax? Well, I'm clearly in the lower bracket.
 tib gubb: i get it. you work and work and work to be smarter, and all you find out is that you should be growing your own food.
Image 230917   02-05-18   Uploaded by    PygmyGremlin
 Matricii: Apparently in addition to being what keeps Heads in a Jar alive, it also provides a means of time travel
 Mr. Shine: I own a set of opals carved into dice, one of my favorites in my dice collection.
 Prostata: opals are rad
Image 230916   02-05-18   Uploaded by    booger
 professorpig: Pearls are basically oyster pimples.
 minigoat: @charlemagne i read that in Ralph Wiggum's voice
 charlemagne: this bubblegum tastes like triassic era
 Nope: JawBrakus Candinarum
Image 230915   02-05-18   Uploaded by    cakefizzle
 charlemagne: I have the music from the super mario dungeon levels playing in my head. but then again, I often do
 Dreforian: @tib gubb I KNEW IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG, SHREDDER!
 Darmstadtium: You can fit a whole turtle in there
 barfolomew: @tib gubb Really neat turtle meat.
 when so: @tib gubb served in a convenient, all-natural bowl
 tib gubb: is that all meat? damn. now i want turtle soup.
 sparename: A hero
Image 230914   02-05-18   Uploaded by    ColdHotCool
 highdra: @Mr. Shine Its got Sony guts
 itskando: @whcvgre78 ditto. Gotta be Sabra though. Everyone else lies about the pine but inclusion
 Mr. Shine: @whcvgre78 good choice, good choice. Olive Tapenade from Sabra, and Forty Spice from Tribe are my other favorites.
 whcvgre78: @Mr. Shine personally i'm a roasted pine nut man myself.
 Mr. Shine: Rad for hummus. I personally recommend Supremely Spicy, from Sabra.
 Nope: These cheetos are weird
Image 230913   02-05-18   Uploaded by    Phum Munts
 Sadbot: @WTF Hey, nothing but respect for my big wet president and his adult diapers
 Wooden Spoon: At first I thought I was just a dummy... wait...
 WTF: Not fat enough.
 cishet: Also, DON'T BLINK!
 oregon man: This horror movie looks too scary for me!
Image 230912   02-05-18   Uploaded by    HighCactus
 Chest Rockwell: Cool story bro.
 addend: Thanks, you found my knife.
 Mr. Shine: Pictures not related
 Mr. Whiskers: Can you tell me about your return pol- know what? Its fine.
 charlemagne: he'll be doing no throat slitting with that shoulder injury
 Nope: That's how you know he doesnt want to haggle
Image 230911   02-05-18   Uploaded by    huskyboy
 SpamSpamSpamSpam: they started Captcha-ing white pages in the '80s??
 Life Whacker: Actual LOL (I'm weird, I know).
Image 230910   02-05-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
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