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233967  redmonkey3: @UltraBeverly - depends on the next scenes, i say

234015  Teechur: Oh, you use whinny-dos. I prefer Apples

234016  Teechur: The router wasn't the problem anyway. Look at the printer "PC load letter"

234017  Teechur: @addend I don't think those two are interested in "birds"

234019  Teechur: I was going to say this can go to hell, but I think that's where it came from.

234020  Teechur: @Sadbot Don't worry! It looks like threads he pulled from that poly tarp on the ground.

234020  barfolomew: I sure hope that's an ambulance down there.

234016  Zukero: There was a spider on it.

234019  addend: @Yurishiro We can talk later. Just eat up!

234020  Sadbot: the OSHA thread makes me hella anxious

234018  Sadbot: but why, I'm already sleepy

234019  tib gubb: new contra game looking good

234017  addend: "Now where is this Big Bird we keep hearing about?"

234019  Yurishiro: I'm at a loss for words

233988  barfolomew: You know what would remedy this? A straw!

234015  addend: "Lemme get Ctrl and Alt, then you press Delete, okay?"

233999  barfolomew: @Ulillillia I actually live near this, it's quite uncomfortable to lie down in. It's far too narrow at the bottom.

234018  Yurishiro: Jason McLargemouth

234009  Yurishiro: @addend I couldn't.

234010  Yurishiro: That was the weirdest bachelor party

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233925 Fiveninety: @Teechur yeah i have 200A service so not much dims the lights.. though that monitor does cause a slight flicker when i first turn it on, now that you mention it.. it's also got bad vertical hold until it warms up

233941 Dr Awkward: I'm mostly bothered by the oscillation between present and past tense.

233901 Jabberwikket: @fanny, Dancing with Himself (Myself)

233867 glenalec: 14 hours With Out Oxygen.

233823 Beef Supreme: @dangerkeith3000 that's when you swing a leg over the back of a chair when sitting down. The sculpture is clearly airing out his wedding tackle on a warm day.

233910 Teechur: I went camping with friends in Spain. They didn't let me know what they were cooking for dinner. They served me a pig's snout on bread. A little chewy, but delicious!

233783 hajjpodge: This is too much for me.

233978 Felicity: Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez, chief metallurgist to King Charles V of Spain

233819 Felicity: @Beef Supreme To paraphrase an old quote, Aspergers is Gods way of insuring that the truly gifted arent burdened with children

233924 Yurishiro: 10

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 Rev80: I've heard of second-hand smoke, but second-mouth smoke!??! Mind and lungs blown..
 when so: Somebody won a bet
Image 230757   02-04-18   Uploaded by    majorchamp
 Mr. Shine: HALP!
 WTF: Now that's what I call quick drying cement!
 when so: The Mystery of Doggygara Fault
 Mexico: *howls at #230758*
 Mr. Butt: Now you're thinking with borkfals.
Image 230756   02-04-18   Uploaded by    meh
 Science: @dangerkeith3000: That's ok - I had to look it up to confirm my statement because it's been so ling since I had to do manual long division.
 dangerkeith3000: @Science This is really fucking embarrassing because I got my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. Let us speak of this no more.
 Science: @dangerkeith3000:…
 Demon Universe: Its called long division. Old school yall. Now this here is called an abacus, but mainly I just play with the beads.
 dangerkeith3000: @Science The way it is written on her eyebrow does NOT show 10/2=5 (which is correct of course) it shows 5/2=10 which is WRONG. That is what I mean by it is not division as division has been defined since its conception thousands of years ago.
 Science: @dangerkeith3000: Ummm, nooooo... Are you doing New Math? 10/2=5
 dangerkeith3000: @Science The divisor goes on top. 5 divided by 2 isn't 10.
 Science: @dangerkeith3000: Then what is it? There's a dividend, a divisor, and a quotient...
 dangerkeith3000: Umm...that's not division.
Image 230755   02-04-18   Uploaded by    carlin
 Yurishiro: Say it
 Yurishiro: WAY to
 Yurishiro: Is a weird
 Yurishiro: Well this
 Sadbot: But who will you smack talk if you play SSBM alone?
Image 230754   02-04-18   Uploaded by    Warren G Hardon
 dangerkeith3000: NSFW
 Matricii: Gaze into the abyss which is my fish catcher
 Kaviri: *Burps profusely*
 Yurishiro: 0
 BavidDowie: MAW.
 Teechur: I may be blue-footed, but I ain't no booby!
Image 230753   02-04-18   Uploaded by    tomatosaws
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Image 230752   02-04-18   Uploaded by    gggina
 Starky15: @Mr. Shine are you suggesting I cant be trans-Wookiee? Racist.
 Mr. Shine: @tib gubb That's how this works now, right?
 tib gubb: @Mr. Shine He's literally hitler! get him!
 Mr. Shine: @Starky15 That sounds pretty transphobic.
 WTF: If you squint hard enough it becomes a '70'.
 Starky15: Theyre calling it trans-age. I guess Ill self identify as a Wookiee as I rip your arms off if youre near my daughter.
 Teechur: It's gotta be metric. Please let it be metric.
 Darmstadtium: Not... legal?
 tib gubb: it's very simple. don't fuck little kids.
Image 230751   02-04-18   Uploaded by    queezy farm
 Mexico: Quit projecting your failed marriages on me and get me a drink.
Image 230750   02-04-18   Uploaded by    Lemonator
 dangerkeith3000: That man has no legs!
 addend: "Yes."
Image 230749   02-04-18   Uploaded by    amputator
 Kaviri: That man has no legs!
 raditzu: Lemme go human! I have to snort in ALL this cocaine!
Image 230748   02-04-18   Uploaded by    danny
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