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238361  Yurishiro: This is my rassinfrackin' land, and I don't care what no man from no Tennessee Valley Authority says, consarnit!

238358  Not A Bot: rose erough

238355  when so: Do a 180!

238359  Yurishiro: Not funny + text wall is bad in my book.

238346  Yurishiro: Y Y

238349  Yurishiro: Abrams

238350  Yurishiro: Majestic af

238352  Yurishiro: My good sir, if that was true I think I would have noticed.

238358  Yurishiro: Hair styles from the future year 2028?

238345  petepuma: why isn't he looking at the screen? does he not know how to type?

238351  petepuma: this is why you rename them after you adopt them

238354  petepuma: if they're not fresh i don't want them

238355  petepuma: I remember the ol' face kicker

238356  petepuma: how long do you need me to hold this up?

238352  Prostata: Dinosaurs? In uranus? (It's more likely than you think!)

238352  sparename: Party Cornhole

238353  sparename: When your machine suddenly turns off - your motherboard has overheated 'cos the vent-holes are full of dog hair.. Tho I was surprised that my Daughter's Chromebook doesn't have any holes.. my old laptop warms the room

238310  Yurishiro: @grizzly It's hard to consider that bald dude "lady friend"

238364  Osiris: Oh, you

238364  Semaphore: This doggo does not need any more fat and/or sugar, particularly at that age

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9. funny in the wall
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238194 tib gubb: let us be thankful that god would be so merciful

238292 Yurishiro: RUSSIAN BOIS ARE IN TOWN

238211 ping: @mexican Credit where credit is due. Camouflage pattern here:

238181 tib gubb: tug boat!

238260 Science: The Black Moon - The Cabal: Volume Two

238084 Hokie333: @Hokie333 edit: 421 bottles / 444.6 lbs. The rows look more like 10-9-10-9 instead of all 10s as I originally thought. Still a lot of mass to cool.

238085 Whatever: More like chestburster abortion from the Aliens movies...

238106 TurkeyVulture: @Scoo drink it to stay up late and study math, maybe.

238191 tib gubb: fecal transplants are a legit thing. kind of like an infusion of immune system. the theoretical effects are actually pretty profound.

238173 Whatever: You may have won this time Picard, but Im going off to the big time playing Discord on My Little Pony while youre stuck in a wheelchair playing Professor X.

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 glenalec: Back when I used to handle student materials fees, I had a picture of Garth on my window saying "We fear change". :-)
 tokyopig: Soon you'll be making more spare change off of conservatives than Scott Adams.
Image 230539   02-03-18   Uploaded by    elmosco
 SuedeOxford: I C Weiner?
 Ulillillia: Watching Spider-Man 2 will send you back in time to January 1
 Nope: @apoxia Good luck trying to find a tv that will work after the EMP blasts on November 19th.
 tokyopig: Spider man, spider man, left behind in the two thousands. Sony sucks, Marvel can't, quite get that spidey license again. Who caresss? Not me I don't watch capeshit, so boring it makes me go apeshit, whatever spider MAANNN.
 apoxia: Will this work for 2019?
 Peter Pantsless: Fat lotta good that does me now
Image 230538   02-03-18   Uploaded by    dope
Have a good caption for this one?
Image 230537   02-03-18   Uploaded by    MamboNumber6
 tib gubb: oh. you mean the successful movie?
 tokyopig: Probably the only original idea at The Asylum productions. And yes, they made a knock off of snakes on a plane called snakes on a train. They also made Titanic II and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.
 apoxia: And a plane full of snakes.
 GoGo Robotto: NExt time you re afraid. Remember. Tornado full. of . sharks
Image 230536   02-03-18   Uploaded by    potato
Image 230535 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by ShamWOW. You have brought shame on us, ShamWOW.
 Zukero: Just tell her you banged the wall a bit too hard.
 Ronick: Thats one way to find a stud
 Dresdenkeogh: Burn down the house. Only option. Make sure neither she nor anybody else escapes.
 Sadbot: That you want to learn about lath and reason
 XLY: tell her to deal with it, you're installing a glory hole
 apoxia: Well, I didn't even know such things existed.
 charlemagne: her turn will have to wait
 tib gubb: the truth.
 charlemagne: her turn will have to wait
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Tell her youre an idiot. Who puts any sort of suction cup on plaster/dry wall?!
 UltraBeverly: This domicile doesn't meet your sexual needs. Time to move.
 GoGo Robotto: @glenalec Chapeau!
 glenalec: That you were playing with her toys again?
Image 230534   02-03-18   Uploaded by    Extreme Locorito
 Eleftheros: Breakin the jaw, breaking the jaw..
Image 230533   02-03-18   Uploaded by    Natch
 Yurishiro: Cortana help!
 Mr Bleak: Somehow, I expected Master Chief to be taller.
 Nope: @Sage Stolen Valor
 GoGo Robotto: @Sage Probably sexual...
 Sage: Context?
Image 230532   02-03-18   Uploaded by    m o l e m a n
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Image 230531   02-03-18   Uploaded by    namename
 Peter Pantsless: @ping Holy shit
 ping: @Spazstatic Just an average of 47 of the top 50 with lots of sharpening and the colours turned up to eleventy-seven.
 Spazstatic: @ping is this every image ever uploaded to the Spaceship?
 Shay:'s a boat!
 Hyphae: o . L a e a c m e t J s a s o t o e e e n o n e v o m n . u t a h r n , e e .
Image 230530   02-03-18   Uploaded by    ping
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