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262521  Felicity: That's a tot ology

262522  Felicity: INEWARHOL?

262536  Felicity: Dietary restrictions dictate you must eat six or more people? Add 20 percent

262538  Felicity: Ben Franklin's friendship bracelet

262581  Zarathustra: @Barm Albongo so that's why there's so many oversized pickups in Texas?

262549  AdaMan: I support this

262571  AdaMan: That wouldnt stop me

262525  jazzjunkie: I need dis

262577  Teechur: Captain Americorg

262578  tib gubb: nice kitty... look, i have salmon!

262539  jazzjunkie: Apparently it's a Swedish ad campaign for some amusement park, but man. This is some high-octane dream candy!

262558  tib gubb: it's actually because you're fat there, champ

262575  tib gubb: little hellraisers

262575  White Rice: So, my current game on here is "spot @Not a Bot" (which is only a game due to the shifting red names we all have currently). Anyway, Im officially guessing the first comment on this image (regarding hotdogs & being lady like) is Not a Bot.

262574  Sadbot: 4-door Jeeps are for people who think they're too cool for mini-vans. Spoiler: they are not.

262539  jazzjunkie: Download The Laughing app for your smartphone? This is some dark shit O.o

262493  Amy Housewine: @Beft Flumumple YES WE CAN

262550  lecj07: Don't think he can pull of pink Chanel though.

262560  lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262589  A duck: Is it me, or the dog to the right looks mutated?

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262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262560 lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

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 Himp Plemumbies: Cat of Steel
 Mown Rempomple: If cat don't fit, it make it fit.
 Virt Morpombies: Fus ro cat
 Lamp Plemongus: Some cats just want to wee the world burn. Ok, all cats.
 Dift Plemopert: Cat on a shitty tin roof.
 Puple Dampombies: Fat cat
 Mold Flumupert: Lead Cat
Image 230312   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Hald Plemuble
 Mimpo Flomple: @Dr Awkward: Sewer fire? Yep.
 Gurm Grunungo: Portal to Hell is smol.
 Jawn Grunungus: I think I smell a rat. Bbq rat.
 Flarbo Cremumple: Pictured: the US political climate.
 Geft Plemongo: Most fires live peacefully underground, only coming to the surface to hunt for wood and paper.
 Creld Plemomple: We all burn down here
 Marb Drumumple: Hot enough to fry an egg
Image 230311   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Frampo Morpongus
 Mengo Drumomple: Best way to come down from a trip is with a good meal.
 Frawn Alboble: @dangerkeith3000 Was totally about to write a Tool related comment!
 Lomp Rempungus: This Tool video is than usual.
 Milm Ploble: Just a tea please
 Frerm Plomple: Eggs benedict
Image 230310   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Julm Dampongo
 Rawn Brongo: Look up the video Shagged by a rare parrot I promis the happy expression on his face will make you laugh
 Ding Grumbies: There's about 150 of these birds left.
 Flang Grunungus: This birb will steal your girlfriend and laugh in your face.
 Bald Morpongo: Your capybara looks sick.
 Vaple Morpomple: @Yam "not only has the kakapo forgotten how to fly, but it has forgotten that it has forgotten how to fly. Apparently a seriously worried kakapo will sometimes run up a tree and jump out of it, whereupon it flies like a brick and lands in a graceless heap on the ground." DNA.
 Flurb Flumuble: Kakapo :
Image 230309   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Jild Brupert
 Theng Plemungo: @a robot…
 Hurb Dampungo: Yup. Got a problem there buddy.
 Birt Horpopert: Put it back.
 Bumpo Grombies: Today is going to be a bad day, I can feel it #228960
 Laft Flumple: I guess I'll have a bath, instead!
 Mift Dampupert: GODDAMNIT HULK!
 Vorb Horpopert: D'oops
 Flelm Plemupert: @Peach And here I've been paying 5 bucks an enema to the homeless guy behind Little Caesar's like a chump.
 Dald Flumungo: Yyyyyyyup - been there. Home Creep-o strikes again.
 Mown Flumoble: DIY shower enema?
Image 230308   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Flomp Horpuble
 Dift Flumbies: I've played that game back on my C64
 Frerb Drumungus: You! Out of the gene pool! (I think he might actually do it.)
 Gurm Flongus: We have a special coke-room for that here.
 Fluft Plomple: don't worry yall the power lines will catch him like a savety net
 Hing Dampombies: Bet that is swaying like crazy too
 Crong Plemoble: like the opening scene from Casualty..
 Dongo Flumbies: Specializing in feats of daring-do
Image 230307   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Rarb Horpombies
 Trarbo Brungo: @Side Boob I have admit, I had to look it. I could vaguely remember it, but not much more. I wasn't even sure what country it was in. Kind of sad that I barely remembered it, when it was only 4 and a half years ago. What is even more sad, is that I am generally pay more attention to news events than the average person does.
 Cruld Horpupert: Step by step, heart to heart, left right left, we all fall down
 Trerm Morpoble: Those little green toy soldiers just had a major upgrade!
 Gift Flongo: We came, We saw, We did a little shopping..
 Rulm Cremupert: "Sorry, ma'am. Cap wants this year's hot new toy."
 Flown Albumbies: Posting pictures from The Westgate Mall attack is in really poor taste.
 Gempo Albuble: This is marching practice... the elevator is going up...
 Lulm Morpungus: "we are here for your my little pony figurines!"
Image 230306   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Bomp Horpongus
 Girbo Flumumple: Nice conduit job, no handrails even.
 Pung Brungus: Ah yes beautiful. Love that view. Oh wow. Fresh air and bright light. I'Ll snipe the git from here.
 Larbo Brungo: I've always wanted a combination Beach/Warehouse/Baseball field...
Image 230305   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Flarb Dampoble
 Buld Grumbies: Fence is a little low..
 Rempo Brumple: He doesn't look like a bad boy.
 Girm Morpungo: I mean: I see the sign. I understand the implication. But I see that face and... all I can think about is petting the doggie?
 Treft Dampoble: It'll pounce on you and then start spreading the Good News!
 Therbo Horpungus: Doggy Heaven
Image 230304   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Hamp Plemongus
 Borm Rempumple: vv I miss-spelled person there, not Persian!
 Flulm Ploble: @DeeeeeeeezNutz but is she concerned about the turbaned gentleman, or the persan taking pictures?
 Trimp Morpupert: Turban Outfitters ad.
 Flople Albombies: Congratulations, Fox - you've created two more.
 Bingo Rempumbies: White girl in the back with some severe concern.
 Fluft Dampuble: This is just Sikh
Image 230303   02-02-18   Uploaded by    Vamp Plungo
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