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273204  fanny: @dobbiesdoogs the good news is he wanted rabies!

273206  Pegged Lamb: Didn't I see this happen in a Cheech and Chong movie?

273209  tib gubb: maybe the problem is you don't have enough ram

273206  WTF: #RealMenHaveNinetyDegreeAngles

273208  WTF: It was supposed to be making fun of the left-wing media but since she wore the jacket that must mean she actually cares what they think.

273164  a sedated moose: @Yam werewolves of London.

273211  Sage: I think I had this model. This state does not surprise me.

273210  Sadbot: JFC that is a terrible baseline

273211  Littlecraftywolf: thats gonna be a yikes from me dog

273215  sparename: Crocerole or Cassodile?

273194  Not A Bot: and you thought furries were bad.

273202  Dr Awkward: #noswitcherino

273194  Annoying Vegan : I love you, and you can have anything you want.

273199  MasterTwig: Why is almost every single caption on a picture these days written both by, and for, complete morons?

273189  sundragon: we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, 'cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well, they're no friends of mine

272918  hajjpodge: Y'all need to stop all this kidding around.

273192  sparename: St Brownwads Dog

273204  dobbiesdoogs: and now that kid has rabies

273203  Sadbot: Crom is my copilot and we're cruisin for lamentations

273203  Nope: That doesn't sound like jesus.

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273123 DrNinjaman: Gesundheit!

272816 Air Biscuit: @Knice @dangerkeith3000 @Off Topic @Bob @Sadbot @Sage @John Blender anyone want to take a boat ride?

272993 wolfpk: A light snack for Joey Chestnut!

272991 E. HONDA: "The Irritating Gentleman" -- Berthold Woltze, 1874

272892 Littlecraftywolf: tip your waiters regardless of who you are and who your waiter is. even if you get bad service at least leave something.

272918 hajjpodge: Y'all need to stop all this kidding around.

272950 some guy : Snail Down.

272968 Side Boob: you could go full goon and be all, "Well, ACTUALLY..." :goonsay:

273017 drtofu: A capacitor, on the other hand, would weigh more when charged than not because of the electrons.

273043 UltraBeverly: I don't think it would be much of a leap to think his daughter was also his girlfriend.

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 soccer: Emigrate to Australia.
 El Barto: @Teechur Teech knows what's up.
 El Barto: @VoR braid each others hair and talk about boys you'd like to eat and butt silk.
 saluted: with it. Become buddies..
 Teechur: Well, the first thing to do is to empty your cache. I don't know what everyone's problem is with spiders. There are some cool legends about how they've helped people!
 Chest Rockwell: Go back to school.
 anonimos: Clear the cache
 Coach Teacher: Fire cleanses all things.
 tokyopig: I thought the question was "Do you know de way?"
 piranharama: Fire, dude.
 JollyWell: Move house. You have no choice but to move house now.
Image 227708   01-19-18   Uploaded by    Yurishiro
 McBomalds: Sweet ride bruh
 Dr Awkward: The Independence Day parade is dark
 greenbean: Texas Batmobile
 Grandmaster Fat: The littlest bandit
Image 227707   01-19-18   Uploaded by    redpeepee
 craftjunk: Zebra language for 'Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die'.
 El Barto: @Yurishiro OR A FELON? :0
 El Barto: @Yurishiro Or a horse in disguise?
 Teechur: ZOOP!
 rachel: Take the brand new test: is your girlfriend a zebra?
 tib gubb: that's zebra for "hello"
Image 227706   01-19-18   Uploaded by    tiffany
 BoiledEggs: Main charactors are English, the alien (Paul) comes from an unnamed place in space.
 Borm Pumpies: @VoR And as you and I and a dozen or so others here know, Americans have a difficult time with actual English - "Yew call datta BONNET? Wat da FUCK!??!"
 rachel: ...American English isn't really English. Thats why it's prefaced with American.
 originaluser: Roger, what the hell?!
 tokyopig: RUDE
Image 227705   01-19-18   Uploaded by    Soaps Pierre
 Warrax: That's a tiny woman.
 Dick Inspector: They look happy together.
 Jason Steak: From the early days of Henry Moores career, when he was a starving artist
 Demon Universe: 50,000 caleries and two inches of that hard part thats like cement on the outside... Why did I invest in giant bagels?
 Butcherboy: A judo master
 tokyopig: This is what they show you when you visit the Polish heritage museum in Madison.
 Aufziehvogel: "Sabrina, don't just stare at it, eat it!"
 WetWilly: @Mr. Butt only a sex metaphor can cause that kind of smile.
 Mr. Butt: She knows something we don't know.
Image 227704   01-19-18   Uploaded by    Back Door Dan
 Wooden Spoon: @VeeKay: seconded
 rockkstar: Plot twist: I have lived like this. Thanks mental health problems, you were enjoyable.
 Mr. Shine: This brings back very unhappy memories of the first girl I seriously dated.
 tokyopig: @Felicity Canada has its own dollar? WTF Get your own money you bloody freeloaders.
 i peed a lil: Oh, and: $1200/month in Vancouver
 Jason Steak: Cant claim to be any better; I just have a little more room
 tokyopig: comfy like a really well worn jean jacket, but not comfy like a jean jacket worn ironically. Comfy like a jean jacket that has a mostly full pack of marb reds tucked into a rolled up sleeve with a couple of sliffs included.
 140bpm: "nah I do it later"
 piranharama: I knew someone who lived like this, except they didnt even have a bare mattress on the floor. It baffled me then and it baffles me now. Wasnt poor, just a lot of mental issues. I guess it was an outward reflection on what was going on in her head.
 wolfpk: Do I even want to ask what is going on here? I going to guess no.
Image 227703   01-19-18   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 togboat: My second cat sometimes got into peoples cars. We suspect thats how he came to be on our doorstep in the first place
 tokyopig: Stowaways are pressed into service as powder monkeys, captain's orders.
 adeadcrab: still a good dog
Image 227702   01-19-18   Uploaded by    Bacon Train
 trelyate: I'm gonna ride around with you until you give me a cookie!
 El hefe: You sick bastard
 majorchamp: @Yurishiro Like yeah eh. What a nosehead
 Mr. Shine: Dude, you got a metal booger hanging out.
 highdra: @Felicity yeah that's what I meant. Isn't he a noser?
 140bpm: @Yurishiro At first I misread that as noser-ing, as in the act of being a noser
 tokyopig: The face of a xbox gamer.
 ruiner: EW NOSERING. Also your dog is weird.
 apoxia: That cat should be in a seat belt.
Image 227701   01-19-18   Uploaded by    cybeq
 El Barto: @Spazstatic :( oh dang, my heart. That is beautiful and so so sad.
 Spazstatic: @Peter Pantsless holy crap, we had a Maine Coon named Molly who was the sweetest thing (picture on my profile). She was around as long as I could remember, as much my family as my siblings or parents. She died about 6 years ago now. Very peacefully, laying in the tall grass under the apple trees getting pets from me. She was 17. Damn it I'm crying now.
 Mr. Shine: What do you mean my tail's in the OH SHI---
 Peter Pantsless: Growing up I had a kitty that looked just like that. I loved her even though she tried to kill me all the time. She and my mom were inseparable...:(...her name was Molly.
Image 227700   01-19-18   Uploaded by    sorghum
 Demon Universe: @Peter Pantsless Too much kinky sadomasochism for me, but the public is probably ready for it.
 Peter Pantsless: "So what do YOU think about my Harry Potter fanfiction?"
Image 227699   01-19-18   Uploaded by    KEKOEKEOEK
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