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262380  Fiveninety: doesn't have "should've," "should of" and "should'em"

262391  Shay: So one advantage of tripping on acid is it rejuvenates your hair?

262384  Fiveninety: @Herm Cremombies i can't -- we only have plus here

262387  Magdra: J:man you're so full of shit your eyes are brown. C: so are yours

262235  Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262386  Robespierre: Image could use a red circle

262386  a sedated moose: Okay, why's everybody a random red name now?

262385  Robespierre: Needs a little adjustment in hue

262387  Robespierre: Dude's a reg'lar raconteur

262386  a sedated moose: Really?

262384  FabricMan: Whatever you do, don't send me large amounts of money!

262386  a sedated moose: eSam.

262385  FabricMan: After drinking blue Koolaid

262379  Robespierre: Install with the pointy end toward the front

262361  Robespierre: @Annoying Vegan Annoying yes, but I like it too.

262357  Robespierre: @Gold Morpumple Look to the left - Recent Comments - and our usernames appear there properly. Or at least as properly as our usernames can appear.

262385  WannaBee: All hail Hypnotoad.

262390  bigjim: Gotta love E! Youre the non-important minorities.

262384  trelyate: whatever you do, don't like this comment

262385  Nope: @Rewn Plemomple im willing to take that risk! *Smooches the froggy*

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262338 Shay: This is some Tower of Babel shit going on 'ere.

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262151 VeeKay: Husbands instagram just two pictures of his tractor

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262195 Felicity: 150 percent

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

262343 ChubbyBuddy: i lava what you've done w the place

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 Rold Gromple: GranOLaLa
 Vild Grombies: Slutty-O's!
 Fruwn Horpumple: Chock Full-O-Tits
 Truft Drumumple: Chix
 Bert Plemumple: Pimp Smacks
 Jawn Horpupert: Cocoa Puffies
 Ruple Morpomple: Special K-etamine
 Dorm Morpungus: Apple Jack-Offs
 Jango Cremombies: @Wooden Spoon I aim for verisimilitude
 Vift Albongo: @Wooden Spoon I aim for verisimilitude
 Piple Drumungus: @Sadbot: comment goes well with your user name
 Virm Grunungo: Apple Jacks Off.
 Frawn Rempongo: @DrinkMixMan :D I thought harder about that one than I should probably admit
 Crurt Cremungo: Cheerio-o-OHs
 Lart Morpoble: Horny Nut Clusterfucks
 Vople Plemuble: Count Cockula
 Luple Plemungo: Boob Berry
 Hort Rempungus: Cream of Skeet
 Herm Albongus: @Spazstatic nice
 Hirbo Rempuble: Apple nut crunch
 Vuple Albumbies: Trixxx
 Gung Flopert: Fourth-shot-of-whiskey-because-your-life-isn't turning-out-like-you-wanted-and-also-you're-turning-into-your-dad-o's. With Marshmallow Shapes!
 Rongo Morpongo: Doing Your Taxes Flakes
 Thewn Plopert: Honey Bunches of Goatse.
 Trimp Flombies: Bust-A-Nut Cheerios
 Thimpo Morpomple: Wheatabitch
 Berb Flongo: Smack, Crack-le and Pot
 Humpo Dampoble: Scrote meal
 Triple Morpuble: Rape Nuts
 Trewn Albongo: fucky charms
Image 227612   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Ding Plemombies
Image 227611 is unbelievably bad (score -3) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by sunset blues. You have brought shame on us, sunset blues.
 Pirm Grunungus: Adult serials.
 Mert Flungo: ah, something to watch while I enjoy my adult cereal
 Mong Dampongus: Wow, they have all four kinds of porn?
 Jempo Plongus: Orange is the new black
 Dort Albombies: The Adult purple DVDs are in the back.
 Lirbo Flomple: separate but equal
Image 227610   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Creng Flumumbies
 Rild Cremungus: Hell yeah, Goofus and Gallant rules
 Jing Plupert: swiggity swooty
 Gorbo Cremungo: This is why I'm trying to inject a poison into the internet
 Hango Drumongus: @Robespierre it's poking fun at manchildren, but it's kinda cringey because these people actually exist
 Rempo Plombies: @Sadbot Don't know what the "chicken tendies poem" is, but I'm pretty sure that it's a good thing I wasn't able to listen to this at work.
 Thing Flumungo: @a robot Accurate.
 Rango Flungo: @Dr Awkward Chicken tenders, it's a...thing in these circles…
 Rorm Horpungus: @Sadbot What are "tendies?" I'm not sure that's something I want to google at work?
 Crimpo Dampuble: everyones an asshole in their own special way.
 Bert Rempongo: The blonde guy is actually a pedophile and has child porn on his hard drive. No one keeps a stupid looking grin like that all the time.
 Pert Drumomple: @a robot sounds good
 Parb Plemuble: Last time this was posted I think my feelings were something along the line of "you don't have to donate blood or give money to the homeless or do literally anything other than go to work and then walk your dog and go home and go to bed, and as long as you're not an aggressively awful asshole fucktard, you'll be fine." Opinion still stands.
 Frown Grungus: There was a guy that used to take the same bus as my girlfriend who would try and ask her out on dates and try and convince her I was shitty? We mostly just laughed at him.
 Crald Rempungus: This seems out of date, change the Doritos to "tendies" and the /b/ con to any alt-right/white supremacist meetup.
Image 227609   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Varm Flumungo
 Trirb Flumungo: American St. Bernard looks well-equipped for practically every American emergency.
 Beng Dampupert: No one else has dared to order. Will you?
 Virb Flumuble: Oh man, I should have stayed a barista.
Image 227608   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Crerm Flumopert
 Longo Dampuble: "Watch me pour some coffee outta my cup! Nothin' up my sleeve..."
 Dang Drumoble: "With enough practice, maybe someday i'll be good enough to be a Domino's Dog"
 Lown Albopert: will you please use a coaster
Image 227607   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Pumpo Plopert
 Frurb Dampumbies: @Ulillillia Sure, Hannity; whatever the fuck you say, you fuckin' fuck.
 Flelm Groble: you monster
 Darb Dampumbies: you seriously get Fox News alerts?
 Bimpo Horpomple: In my rifle missing seven bullets. Coincidence?
 Ralm Plemumple: Only seven? Why is this even news?
Image 227606   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Morb Albongus
 Peng Grunombies: your memories are mine, all mine
 Bampo Flopert: There can be only one
 Leple Morpongo: *CHOMP*
 Lomp Grunuble: A part of doge's good borkfast...
 Pump Horpungus: It's a dog eat dog...well, yea.
Image 227605   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Bald Plemungus
 Vorbo Plumple: Still waiting for IE6 to load a page...
 Thulm Drumombies: Yeah, I got the Web on my PC.
 Lerm Horpombies: Jeez, use a kleenex
 Juft Grunuble: Dialup AOL was sloooooow
Image 227604   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Hirm Horpongus
 Parb Floble: *push*
 Hilm Groble: This can only end in tears.
 Rort Grombies: Human females
Image 227603   01-18-18   Uploaded by    Lungo Bropert
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