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243895  Psymon: A bit like using a howitzer to hammer in a nail

243904  Psymon: That's how I discovered Joe was a host

243906  Psymon: To be fair, it's a really good restaurant and worth the trip.

243883  Not A Bot: As she watched neighbor kids up to their crazy shennanigans, she considered opening the window and telling them that the O'Dooles they had swiped was alcohol-free... but why ruin their fun?

243882  Austin: don't forget being an ass!

243896  dangerkeith3000: hahahaha

243889  Austin: The phaaaaaaantom of the opera is there, inside your mind. And what is with that airplane food?

243897  dangerkeith3000: Those look yummy. Call them whatever you want.

243894  Austin: Its too bad that the transgender people who make more attractive opposite sex versions are more accepted

243899  dangerkeith3000: Sick toast.

243901  dangerkeith3000: This is the content I came here to see.

243902  dangerkeith3000: Back in 1997 though, that was pretty fast.

243901  Austin: And his brother penis agreement

243901  Austin: And his brother penis agreement

243904  dangerkeith3000: Mr. Robot (2016)

243904  dangerkeith3000: Mr. Robot (2016)

243870  Astanapan: I see they found a way to market "pants that prevent crouching and squatting".

243903  glenalec: DIY kit.

243901  glenalec: He got a dick deal.

243894  Knice: She looks happier on the right.

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243841 White Rice: @fanny heh, I guess I was seeing it more as an arrival than a departure (also, someone mentioned it was the curved/angled apostrophes/quotation marks that stopped working, and that purely verticle ones work fine (which I found on my phone when holding over the regular ones, then selecting " ' " instead of the standard ones)). Note sure how to specify quotation mark/apostrophe types on a desktop, but at least I've got my mobile ones down.

243787 VeeKay: Fingerbanged in the ass by my own finger

243792 Ment Thorp: hahah @Wooden Spoon

243783 raditzu: @White Rice "I don't wanna talk about it"

243839 piranharama: Yeah, I passed out on parade. It was an interesting experience, the world just withdrew quietly like someone sneaking away from an uncomfortable one night stand. Next thing I knew I was having water dumped on me by a sergeant, just like an uncomfortable one night stand.

243778 Kaviri: CtllHAVlX is opening for Amon Amarth this weekend. I'm painting my face early so it will look extra distressed for the concert!

243786 Christina: For that, he needs cream:….

243797 glenalec: They lead to a big shed.

243638 XLY: holy shit

243805 Kaviri: And that was a short play by the cast members of the friendly spaceship. I hope you all have enjoyed tonight's entertainment and have a safe journey home. Goodnight!

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 Amy Housewine: wheeeeeeeeee
 Sadbot: I am constantly amazed at pictures of corgis doing things, because when I try to get my corgi mix to do things I'm rewarded with defiant barking
Image 223890   12-30-17   Uploaded by    a robot
 Teechur: Don't tell me there's fan fiction about Daleks, too. Does it include Cybermen? Again....friend.
 WTF: Please tell me this isn't a thing...
 ignatz: Justdalekythings
Image 223889   12-30-17   Uploaded by    sumo
 Felicity: Theres a better way to explain it
 sparename: PICNIC - Problem In Chair, Not In Computer. again, I like that one
 Spazstatic: Oh, those are phones. I thought it was some neck beard on IT Guy, and a weird ponytail thing on the other guy.
 Ulillillia: What's wrong with your neeeeeck
 Drump Porbs: Tech Support's lot in life.
 duckfarts: modern abbot and Costello is kinda dark
 LieutenantTofu: tech support cabin?
 Sadbot: Companies could spend less on IT if they didn't hire people who apparently just learned that computers are a thing
 a robot: Ok but what the hell is up with this "artwork"
Image 223888   12-30-17   Uploaded by    hosehorse
 Greifer: gross
 Bluetocracy: I see Comcast has really made an impression on you.
 Yurishiro: This is remotely...ah whatever.
 WTF: With new changes in the FCC, telecoms are now allowed to brand their customers as to not lose them to their competitors.
 VoR: Skin circles. Aliens did this to me too.
 dangerkeith3000: couch potato
Image 223887   12-30-17   Uploaded by    GoodSir
Image 223886 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by The Third Leg. Boo, The Third Leg.
 antipatterns: @jochenau Actually
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @LieutenantTofu some animals are more equal than other.
 LieutenantTofu: some people benefit more than others
 jochenau: I would argue that it wasn't particularly beneficial to the tens of millions who perished needlessly under communist regimes.
 Peter Pantsless: friendly spaceship
Image 223885   12-30-17   Uploaded by    wolfskin
 betamax: @Side Boob They'll be over at 3, but I'll warn you; this image is 35 years old.
 Yurishiro: Best face swap ever
 Side Boob: I want to play with both of them
Image 223884   12-30-17   Uploaded by    KEKOEKEOEK
 sparename: Fact:- Free-range breasts are healthier - SET THEM *ALL* FREEEE! (Sod it, I haven't been moderised for a while)
 Prostata: diagnosis is a *good* thing nowadays.
 Prostata: Map of misleading statistics, Unless the next chart is the map of death rates from cancer.
 dangerkeith3000: @WaffleIron that people in more developed countries die of hunger or infection before they can get breast cancer - if it is even diagnosed at all.
 VoR: Perhaps screening is better?
 jochenau: @WaffleIron Earlier and more pregnancies and longer periods of breastfeeding are correlated with lower breast cancer risk, for one thing.
 Peter Pantsless: Woo! We win! Oh God we're all gonna die soon
 Mr. Butt: @WaffleIron It appears that speaking English causes cancer.
 WaffleIron: Lets see what our above average education level around here makes of this statistical nugget.
Image 223883   12-30-17   Uploaded by    communist
 dangerkeith3000: Laika cosplay!
 well duh: Going to the moon, BRB.
Image 223882   12-30-17   Uploaded by    sir toke a lot
 jazzjunkie: I did this with my old phone's proximity sensor once, because otherwise it put itself to sleep instantly inside my rain-proof ziploc.
 addend: Put a band-aid on the problem, call it fixed, and move on.
 WaffleIron: Its a solution.
Image 223881   12-30-17   Uploaded by    melted plastic
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