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227772  Korrok: Korrok approves...

227778  Dr Awkward: @Dr Awkward I know I dik dik when I see it [snicker]

227721  Felicity: They have drive-through Subways?! That would be great! I just assumed it wouldnt be practical because how would you go along the counter and point at the ingredients you want

227778  Dr Awkward: @Teechur Actually, I'm almost 100% positive that's a dik dik.

227615  jazzjunkie: This poor dog always looks confused that someone posted his pic again

227787  Dr Awkward: Finally, they made a unicycle lane on the moving walkway.

227730  Felicity: V for Venti

227778  Teechur: @Teechur dik dik (*maniacal cackling)

227778  Teechur: @Dr Awkward And I suppose you're going to tell us that's actually a dik dik, too. I just wanted to type "dik dik"

227790  Hokie333: WE WIN. (#227760)

227778  funny in the wall: that's a chimp

227631  jazzjunkie: @Skaalar No! Khajiit is innocent of this crime.

227790  Shay: Incoming PETA disruption in 5...4...3...

227733  Felicity: @dangerkeith3000 Agreed! I radded it just for that

227783  Teechur: I would not like a baked pinata.

227736  Felicity: I wonder if thats a 1970s carpet pattern

227737  Felicity: They all seem equally happy for once. Rad

227786  Teechur: This telescope shows that something wicked this way comes.

227662  jazzjunkie: @Yurishiro Destroyed again 2008

227667  jazzjunkie: Sounds like something from the "nihilist Arby's" Twitter account.

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227731 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @jochenau HAL open pod bay doors

227684 jazzjunkie: Truck question; Nicholas Cage isn't capable of making a variety of facial expressions!

227609 Nothing: Hell yeah, Goofus and Gallant rules

227748 Felicity: MEAT. Its whats for dinner!

227742 wolfpk: Without the bread of life... your toast

227612 Science: Slutty-O's!

227720 jochenau: Look and feel more natural than...your natural shape? I don't get it.

227726 fanny: *drops off mother-in-law, doesn't even stay for reward*

227741 jochenau: This isn't a "leave a polite note" situation, this is a "find the bastard and fire him" situation.

227624 glenalec: Well, the mis-management and abuse of Australia's "Baby Bonus" got it the nick-name "Plasma TV bonus" a few years back.

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 dangerkeith3000: Age of consent in my state is 17, and it showed in 2017.
 wolfpk: As nasty as I am expecting this election season to be, this is very appropriate!
Image 223746   12-29-17   Uploaded by    Shay
 Robespierre: Cherbourg?
 sparename: " # I'm gonna rock down to, Rihanna Avenue.. # "
Image 223745   12-29-17   Uploaded by    bigjim
 Mexico: The world had been an uneasy place in those days. Now, in 1950, the world was no less uneasy. Assuming that the various temples had been burned down as a result of this uneasiness, what reason was there that the Golden Temple should not be burned down now?
 Robespierre: @charlemagne This was posted, what? 20 minutes ago? Then it already has.
 charlemagne: don't worry, it will be replaced by endless tower blocks and factories
 Robespierre: Johnny Storm's erstwhile dream home.
 bug: ...I think I left the oven on.
Image 223744   12-29-17   Uploaded by    crappypants
 Winterneuro: And the winner of this years greatest snowman contest all-expenses-paid trip for two to Maui!
 Robespierre: One hot date and he's done.
 bug: I've seen better
Image 223743   12-29-17   Uploaded by    ping
 Robespierre: @Teechur It always pays off to plan ahead thoroughly.
 Teechur: @Robespierre Just had to replace one on my car! It would have been more pleasant with a bottle of Cuervo!
 Butcherboy: Grinder and paint makes me the welder I aint @spydermon
 Robespierre: @Teechur Dammit! I never thought anyone else would have thought of this. Then I scrolled down, and ... Dammit!
 tib gubb: oh sure, *now* you know how to do some fucking work for a change
 WaffleIron: I can have this in a margarita in 3 minutes.
 Teechur: You got a lotta 'splinin' to do.
 Nope: Why bother?
 Not A Bot: I am guessing those are eggs on it's back. Still gross.
 sparename: Don't drink and drive-shaft
Image 223742   12-29-17   Uploaded by    Social Vegan
 Mr. Whiskers: Now stand still, Aunt Kory
 Teechur: Just when you think you have a lousy job, you see something like this.
 ignatz: Bulls are easy to please..
 sparename: If the van's a-rockin'...
 sparename: You'll have someone's eye out with that
Image 223741   12-29-17   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Darmstadtium: What have you done with the Blue Ox?
 Robespierre: @Mr. Shine Muffler Man appears to be CLUMSY.
 Mr. Shine: Muffler Man is RAD.
 WaffleIron: Theres a rattlesnake in my grill!
Image 223740   12-29-17   Uploaded by    Robespierre
 Robespierre: The One'ders, all growed up and doing that thing that they do - working in a warehouse together.
 a robot: Three different colors of pants, guy in middle didn't roll up his sleeves and guy on left;s shirt has a bigger pattern than the others. Good effort but sorry 3/10
Image 223739   12-29-17   Uploaded by    Paint Chips
 Sadbot: Tax Code Lyfe
Image 223738   12-29-17   Uploaded by    mackdaddy
 Dr. Bathroom: FBI still has jurisdiction over them. Female Body Inspectors, that is.
 Ulillillia: I see one in the upper-right.
 funny in the wall: I have to go back to the control center, aka my mom's basement
 Yurishiro: 668 Ftw? Really Oregon?
Image 223737   12-29-17   Uploaded by    Cyka
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